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  1. Crash?

    Two years ago I bought my first bike and crashed it the first day I owned it. I had logged about 14 miles when 2 deer ran out in front of me, missed one but got the other. I hit it at an angle with the front end which caused me to go over the bars and land on my head/shoulder. Luckily I had on a helmet and leather jacket, both of which were pretty tore up. Ended up with a dislocated shoulder and some torn ligaments. Who knows what the outcome would have been without a helmet, but after looking at the damage my helmet incurred, it would have been bad. I know a lot of guys won't wear a helmet but I won't ride without one. Way too many people die of head injuries that would have been prevented with a helmet.
  2. Go out today?

    Not until the roads are cleaned off. Perfect weather for fishing anyways.
  3. Looking for advice on a starting point

    Either bike would work great for your intended uses. The magna is really a muscle cruiser and is very fast for it's engine displacement. It will run toe to toe with a VTX 1800 in the quarter mile and is faster than most stock V-Twins out there. The only draw back is that to put out that kind of power it does run higher rpms and will have less low end torque than a twin. It will cruise nicely but also provide some serious fun if you get a wild hair while riding solo. The C50 is also a great bike and has some advantages over the magna, ie: shaft drive and EFI (some might debate whether EFI is a plus). I don't think you could go wrong with either bike but the magna has a lot more power on tap and can be picked up a little cheaper than the C50. For your purposes (shorter trips)a big twin is not necessary.
  4. Bald eagle irruption?

    Nice pics. I was in the boat fishing pool 2 of the Miss this weekend and there were tons of eagles along the river. Counted 7 sitting in one tree. I am not sure how many total there were in this one area but it was impressive.
  5. Need advice on hard starting Honda

    If it won't start with the starter motor but fires right up with the rope start I don't think it's the carb. Sounds like your starter isn't turning the engine over fast enough. Weak battery, bad connection with cables or weak starter. My motorcycle wouldn't start last year but would turn over. I cranked on it for quite awhile with no luck. Hooked the charger to the battery, barely hit the starter switch and it fired right up.
  6. Looking for advice

    I am looking to get set up for catfishing. I purchased a cat rod a few years ago that has just been sitting in the basement. After reading through a bunch of the posts I have an idea of what to buy but still have some questions. I will be fishing for both Flats and channels with the same rod as I'm on a budget. 1) If I buy an Okuma Avenger series and plan to use mono line, which model reel should I get>? 2) What size mono to use? 3) I see people mentioning they purchased over 7 different size/styled hooks. I suppose it has to do with live bait vs cut bait and the actual size of the bait. If I was going to order just a few sets of hooks, what is a good "average" size to start with? 4) Does anyone have pics of their weight, swivel, hook set up they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance!
  7. The top of my radiator has a small area (size of a 50 cent piece) that is green and hard when the radiator is cold. When hot the green material gets soft and there is coolant leaking out. I'v owned the car for over 10 yrs and never noticed the "green" spot or never paid attention since it wasn't leaking. Maybe someone repaired it before? Can I clean the area up and use some type of JB Weld or what is recommended? It's not a huge leak but I have had to add coolant recently and don't want to get stranded. Thanks in advance!
  8. Reducing trolling speeds

    How much do those trolling plates slow the boat down?
  9. Painting the body on a wheeler

    If you take it to a body shop the cost will be very high. You could try and find someone that does painting on the side. Try posting an add on c-list.
  10. Is it ever too cold for outside dogs?

    One of the biggest things is to be sure the bedding is dry. Animals can take some serious cold as long as they can stay dry. I would always let my lab sleep on the entry porch floor when it gets cold like they are predicting. The floor was always cool and she never seemed uncomfortable to me.
  11. Looking for a Polaris Mechanic

    If you disconnected the oil line to drain the tank you should always bleed the line to be sure there are no air bubbles.
  12. The other day I was driving down the freeway and watched a hawk drop down off a utility pole and grab something in it's talons and fly off. I couldn't tell what it caught but I am guessing it was a mouse or something of similar size. Not that I like to see things being eaten or killed but it is amazing to see these powerful birds in action. It made me wonder if anyone has pics or a sequence of pics they would be willing to share. Thanks in advance.
  13. Blackout Update

    I'm still trying to recover from post traumatic loss syndrome after the 98 playoffs. I wake up in the middle of the night screaming d@mn you Dennnnnnny Greeeeeeeen. That's why I can't go to a playoff game
  14. winter riding

    Captain, you are correct in the 4 stroke is bigger. I was quoting the 1 litre 2 stroke.
  15. pic of a deer i think hit by car

    What's legal isn't always ethical and what's ethical isn't always legal. I would put that animal down without even thinking twice.
  16. In this situation lets say the hunters were trespassing. You go down there and they get agressive towards you. The only sane thing to do at this time is to leave and call the CO, not raise your gun and let the stand off begin. Besides, I can't imagine you approached the hunters in a polite manner and explained they were on private property and whammo, they pull their guns on you. Come on now, obviously both parties played a part in this escalating to this point and it could have been avoided. A simple call to the CO and you get the same result without people pointing guns at each other.
  17. Vikings vs. Eagles Predictions?

    Poll from ESPN on who will win. 60% Eagles 40% Vikes 60,676 votes
  18. Nice pics Jay! I always enjoyed watching the feeders at my grandparents place and looking at the pics on here is making me think I might have to take up a new hobbie . Just what I need is something else to spend $ on. As a side note, is Hawk Ridge in Duluth a popular spot for you guys in the fall? I went up their once but there were too many clouds to really get much from it.
  19. Another newbie..

    Keep in mind that low mileage doesn't necessarily mean it's a good sled to buy. If you are new to sledding it would be a good idea to try and find someone who knows sleds to go look at prospects with you. Another good idea would be to take along a cyclinder compression tester. Only takes a few minutes to pop out the plugs and get a good reading on the health of the engine. You could test run a machine and have it run fine but have a week cyclinder, ie: might need a rebuild sooner than later. Also, depending on your trailer set up reverse can be a huge plus. I know its hard but don't pull the trigger until you find the "right" machine.
  20. Bird book suggestions

    I'm looking for suggestions on a quality book for identifying bird species and hope someone can help me out. I have looked at a bunch of options online but first hand experience would be helpful.
  21. Peyton Manning MVP

    He's a great player but I can't stand the way he stands on the sideline and looks like his mom just died when they are losing.
  22. Vikings vs. Eagles Predictions?

    Maybe if the wonderful windy city fans weren't so quick to pay big bucks to watch terrible teams the owners might get the hint and give the fans a decent team. Bottom line, your bragging about how fast your tickets would sell if you were in the playoffs. Your not, ha!
  23. Vikings vs. Eagles Predictions?

    If they can't sell the remaining 8k tickets before the deadline maybe some company will step up and buy the remainder so it gets televised. It's happened before but with the economy most companies are tightening up their belts a bit.
  24. What size line are you guys using to hang your decoys? I really don't want to loose a decoy but I imagine there is such a thing as too big of line?
  25. I am looking to buy a relatively inexpensive digital camera and was hoping for some suggestions. Looking to spend $2-$300 tops. Thanks in advance. By the way, some sweet photos you guys/gals post on here.