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  1. Anyone running these tires in the winter? How well do they work for deep snow? Need a good all season/deep snow tire for a sportsman 500
  2. I bought my wheeler last year and put chains just on the back. I was questioning throwing them on the front also year. Do you run chains on your front tires also? I have a 05 sportsman 500 if that matters.
  3. Night Crankin

    Heading to Mille Lacs October 6-9th to do night fishing. I will post a report on how it goes. Going to be my first time there.
  4. mille lacs/ 2013 HB lakemaster chip?

    Thanks. forgot I ended up posting this on here. I called hb and they said the same thing you just told me
  5. Don't have my graph anywhere near me right now. Does my 2013 lakemaster HB chip have mille lacs on it or do I need another chip?
  6. Looking for a 2-3 person sled type insulated portable. PM me with price and details.
  7. Tires

    thanks for the info guys chasin i will get in touch with you
  8. Tires

    For those who have different sets or have replaced what ATV tires are your favorites for the money? I need of new rear tires badly. I barely ever ride during the summer. I am looking for something that is designed much more for winter snow/ ice fishing. I will also be running chains on the tires.
  9. are any better then the others? dont plan on selling the atv ever so I dont want a junk mount for the winch. Do any come set up with the roller guides for the cable or is that always another separate purchase?
  10. Electric Fillet Knife

    We go right through the ribs also. I guess what I am trying to say with the flexible blade is you dont have to be precise holding the handle completely straight when the blade has penetrated through the top and bottom of the fish when you are trying to run the back bone. Its seems the ones that dont flex as much it is easier to cut right through the back bone and really hack up a fillet. specially on smaller fish like crappie and sunnies. A three pound fish and above I dont think you would experience this problem with what ever type of electric knife you are using. you have so much more meat sticking up and you dont have to nearly get the knife as flat to the table. I have used the electric to come back and remove the ribs also. takes some practice but it can be done. most of the time I am fishing with someone else. one of else will run the electric and cut the fillet and skin off, and then a guy with a regular knife is de-ribbing
  11. Electric Fillet Knife

    From what I have seen from the brands the Mister twister is the best. I know guys that have used electric knives for a long time and have tried different brands over the years and still stand by the mister twister brand. For what ever reason when I bought mine I got a set of very dull blades right out of the pack and had to replace them from the get go. Mister twister also makes a set of long blades that work great for filleting pike. From what I have seen and what my friends have seen is the blades in the mister twister knifes arent nearly has stiff as the Rapala brand electric and others. This flex in the blade will help you maneuver close into the back bone way easier then others instead of cutting through areas you dont want too. A small extension cord is a help also. it is a pain have the knife plugged in right in front of you and you having the cord from the knife wanting to pull it the opposite direction you want to go. always try to keep the cord pulling out behind you and you will like the knife a lot more.
  12. best way to patch coat?

    Bought a striker ice suit last year. burnt a tiny hole about the size of a pencil eraser in the sleeve. Whats the best stuff I should use the patch this? If I contact striker do they have a patch kit I could purchase?
  13. ATV junkyard/used parts?

    If the price is right I'm willing to travel. I have some time off coming up. Might just make alittle ttrip out of it
  14. ATV junkyard/used parts?

    Any place to buy used parts reasonable in MN for a ATV? specifically a 05 sportsman 500. Looking for the grill cover and the top to the box.