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  1. Well, had a great time fishing round for the first time. Got out Friday evening from 4-7, set up in 18 fow and caught 3 and lost one (16", 14" & 11"). Caught them on a shiner dead-stick and a chub head on a swimming jig. All action was between 430-6. Went out the next day from 9-3 to a different spot and set up in 29 fow. Marked a few but never even got a bite. The weather was quite wicked with high winds, temps hovering around -6 and windchill around -30. Being alone, I made the decision that I would not be moving as getting set up in the wind once was enough for me. I did throw a tip up near me in 32 fow but had nothing on that either and the tip up drifted over in about 20 mins anyways lol. Biggest surprise was when I happened to glance down the hole at one point and realized I could see the bottom in 29'! Really a beautiful lake with hardly any fishing pressure (I saw one other fisherman each day). Wish the weather had been more cooperative to be mobile on Saturday but still had a blast. At least now I know why this forum is so DEAD. Not many people fishing!
  2. Well, I'm heading up to Hayward on Friday and going to fish Round on Saturday. This will be my first time ever on the lake and not sure what to expect but looking forward to trying to figure it out. Would appreciate it if anyone could provide any advice? Is anyone else fishing? Thanks!
  3. Anyone out ice fishing yet? Ice reports? Is the lake ok for sled travel yet?
  4. gas mileage

    Guess I needed to clarify by "real time read outs" I meant instantaneous but ALSO the vehicle gives you loads of other fuel consumption info like an average over the course of a tank/trip/etc all via a slick screen. Was simply referring to an on board computer being more accurate potentially than some people's math skills and memories.
  5. gas mileage

    I call slight bull on most here. I get around 9 with my 2011 F150 doing 70-75 with the 5.0 V8 in tow mode. Granted I usually have my sled in my 8x16 castle, but still. The difference here probably being I get real time fuel consumption read outs while folks with older trucks may be doing their own math. I know these last-gen engines are not out-performing current gen engines, regardless of make. Everyday driving, I average 18-18.5 mpg for comparison.
  6. Lake Nipigon

    Does anyone have experience ice fishing this lake? Thanks in advance