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  1. H.B. showed yesterday North of Inl. Falls, they are 2 days late!
  2. Tom is it the birds preference that they be white ?
  3. So are you saying what happened to me did not happen ? We not talking about a 4 inch concrete slab , it is a thin layer of gyp crete that covers the pex , it has the consistency of water when poured and sets up fast, it is self leveling and any movement in the pex shows up and cant be undone . Yes if it was fastened continuously it could not move but that would be ridiculous . As so this discussion !
  4. I had the fasteners they recommended but it still needs to be filled to prevent floating . I don't recall what spacing I used but was told later I did every thing correct except for the water .
  5. If you end up pouring your own make sure the pex is full of water otherwise it will try to float and you gyp crete will look like corrugated cardboard
  6. THANKS so far (50 miles) am really pleased
  7. Thanks for the input . I pulled the trigger yesterday and bought a 2017 570 sportsman 6x6 . Seems to have much more stability than my regular bike . Goes up hill well, but on frozen ground it is not as hard to climb as it is in summer so time will tell ..
  8. Triline xl
  9. I am thinking that a 6 wheeler will be better than 4 wheeler for hill climbing and snow plowing . Can anyone confirm this for me ? I have a steep incline from the lake to my house on uneven ground , I can do it with a 4 wheeler with weight on the front rack but am close to the limit
  10. looks good ! Get the seat repaired before it gets to bad and you end up replacing it with a mismatch replacement .
  11. they
  12. 2 American gold finch spotted north of border 2 days ago.
  13. Thanks I didn't realize there was a difference since it is all melted down anyway
  14. aluminum is worth $
  15. bigger is always better