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  1. THANKS so far (50 miles) am really pleased
  2. Thanks for the input . I pulled the trigger yesterday and bought a 2017 570 sportsman 6x6 . Seems to have much more stability than my regular bike . Goes up hill well, but on frozen ground it is not as hard to climb as it is in summer so time will tell ..
  3. Triline xl
  4. I am thinking that a 6 wheeler will be better than 4 wheeler for hill climbing and snow plowing . Can anyone confirm this for me ? I have a steep incline from the lake to my house on uneven ground , I can do it with a 4 wheeler with weight on the front rack but am close to the limit
  5. looks good ! Get the seat repaired before it gets to bad and you end up replacing it with a mismatch replacement .
  6. they
  7. 2 American gold finch spotted north of border 2 days ago.
  8. Thanks I didn't realize there was a difference since it is all melted down anyway
  9. aluminum is worth $
  10. bigger is always better
  11. Butt the 2 sheets tigh and leave the gap against the side walls of the boat where it will be less noticeable and get no foot traffic . A thin strip of aluminum riveted or screwed on the underneath side of the plywood helps to hold the seam tight
  12. I also bought a bunch of bulbs on sale at Menards. They advertised 20 plus years of service and justified the high price because they last so long and use less power . They came guaranteed , but I didn't bother to save the package or receipt my mistake ! They didn't last any longer than regular bulbs, about a year . No name or model on the bulbs so not much recourse and Menards don't Cary that brand on the shelf . Seems these days it would pay to take a digital photo of every thing you purchase along with the receipt .
  13. automatic vs shifting makes a big difference as I learned fist hand years ago . We had 3 bikes out on an overnight fishing trip about 10 miles back in the bush on an old portage trail . On the way in it was easy going for all 3 bikes ,snow was hard and traction was good , but overnight things went south ! The weather changed and the temps warmed up as the snow fell . My buddies had big bikes (at that time 500s where big ) and I had a 2 stroke 350 but mine was automatic and theirs where both manual sifters . I had to break trail and tow the manual bikes because they couldn't get going them self's. The manual bikes would get going in first gear but then as they shifted to second gear they lost all momentum and got stuck . With my automatic bike I could run circles around the and I was loaded with all the heavy gear as well .
  14. would it work in below freezing temps ? I like to use set line and hand over hand them so the line ends up laying on the ice and is subject to tangles and freezing
  15. go to a local furniture store and ask for a plastic bag from a couch or mattress ,they probably throw out lots in the garbage .