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  1. What are some good dip baits to use?

    I find that Doc's catfish worms dipped in Ol' West Dippin' Sauce gets the big boys on the hook. Sometimes a rattle lizard tipped with Double Luck.
  2. What's your catfish setup?

    I have owned several king kats as well ... They're pretty decent sticks. The ugly stick catfish rod is a decent choice as well, will handle flats, channels, and sturgeon. Both would be okay as entry level rods paired well with an okuma avenger or epixor baitfeeder, or larger baitcaster such as an Abu 7000 or the like. Don't skimp on the reel, but if you're on a very tight budget, okuma makes a decent level wind called the classic xl300 that can get the job done for around $40 bucks.
  3. Catfish Ice Out

    Rumor has it they're biting on shad ..... And ringworms good luck. They're biting light, and almost exclusively and decisively after dark. The itch got too bad to handle a week or so ago. Go scratch yours ... Let us know how you do.
  4. new wording on chumming in '13 regs

    I hate it when I go carp fishing and accidentally drop corn in near my boat. It's very frustrating.
  5. Sturgeon Spearing.

    I'd try it. Looks like a blast. WDNR seems to know what they're doing.
  6. x2! Crappie fishing with a foam bobber is about as simple as it gets ... Definitely a learning curve, but the more time you spend at it, the more you'll be able to read that bobber! Cool topic!
  7. closing flathead season?

    Good post Brian. Thanks for sharing
  8. closing flathead season?

    Who in the heck said snagging a flat kills them?!? Sure, if a guy were to snag them with a harpoon or richter anchor ... But we're talking walleye jigs folks. Give me a break ... Talk about arguing for the sake of arguing ... Starting to sound like my ex-wife. The problem is that you can snag a flathead, in the winter when they're vulnerable and inactive, and harvest it, claiming it "bit". Closing the season is not going to affect anything except prevent this from happening (the harvest) whether intentionally being caught or not ... I'm all for it. Perhaps it's time to step off the soapbox and go whine somewhere else. Cripes, its not like the dnr wants to take your guns away.
  9. Sounds like the salesman knows what he's talking about. The 19 is a fabulous choice. The ruger sr's (9+40) are GREAT as well, kudos to brad b for mentioning them. Te only thing I don't especially care for on them, from a defensive standpoint, is the magazine safety. If you accidentally activate the mag release while drawing or firing, the gun is inoperable until the mag is reseated. This safety can be removed, but its just one more thing to worry about if your life is on the line. In my opinion, the fewer external controls the better (defensively speaking), and glock has proven to live up to their nomenclature of "safe action pistols". No need to worry about an AD (accidental discharge) as long as your booger hook is off the bang bar until ready to fire. Good lik in the search friend, and congrats on the future purchase!
  10. Glock 19. Can use as a plinker, hd weapon, and carry gun. Reliability is amazing, and accessories are cheap as EVERYWERE should you decide to buy some down the road. I'm personally not a huge fan if the m+p lineup ... But I have not shot one of the newer ones yet. I didn't care for the triggering the 40 and 9 I shot.
  11. I've shot one before in 9mm. Wasn't a huge fan of it to be quite honest. Something about the grip and trigger pull didn't do it for me.
  12. Bottom left is a Taurus Millenium Pro PT-145, top right is a diamondback db9. The db9 is th smallest, slimmest, lightest 9mm on the market. The Taurus is a double stack subcompact .45 auto. Db9 holds 6+1 and weighs 11 ounces and is .80 inches wide, the Taurus holds 10+1 (12+1 if I use 24/7 mags) and weighs over 20 ounces. Guess which one I carry more often? If you guessed the db9 you're wrong. In my galco king-tuk, the .45 Is waaaaaay more comfortable than the smallest 9mm on the planet. I have literally slept with it on (falling asleep on the couch by accident haha) and literally forget its there. The proper holster makes or breaks your carry option. Don't go out and buy a handgun just because someone else says it would make the "perfect" carry gun. Find something you are comfortable with, can shoot comfortably, and you're way more likely I carry it. Bigger isn't always better, and on that note, neither is smaller. Your holster choice will make up for the size, or lack thereof, of your carry piece and will complete the package.
  13. Ice fishing

    I know exactly where you're talking about. Shoot me a pm, your inbox is full so I can't send you one.