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  1. kitchy


    Sweet. Rodgers was on fire.
  2. kitchy

    spring bobbers

    Sneaky bobber. Attached it to one of my cheap rods and I can fish as good, if not better, than my St Croix or Quiverstick. To me the key is to angle the spring out to the side of the rod tip. I do this for the very, very light biters.
  3. kitchy

    MarCum VS625SD?

    Mines brand new. Hasn't been field tested yet. Based on the specs I'm guessing it needs to be charged after about 8 hours of use. There's a few variables to consider so that is strictly a guess. Lights can be turned on and off so that will impact battery drain. Screen also has a heater so it depends whether you are outside or in a nice and toasty shack.
  4. kitchy

    Vexilar FL-20 or Hummingbird Ice 55?

    I love these conversations on electronics. I too am of the opinion that all will help you catch fish. I have a FL-18 and a 55. Can catch fish with either. I fish with a group of guys that have everything from FL-8s to LX-5s and I have my 55. The guy that ALWAYS outfishes has the FL-8. Just goes to show you that electronics are great but it takes more than that to land fish. Buy a flasher you can afford and like and learn how to use it. Presentation and technique are far more important than what flasher you have. Interesting note on the 55..used it for the first time last week. Actually got interference from nearby auger noise. Screen lit up like a christmas tree. Anybody else ever see this with the 55 or any other flasheer? I guess the frquency was just right to cause interference. Never had that happen before.
  5. kitchy

    MarCum VS625SD?

    +1 on the charging system. I'm going to see if I can add the dual blade terminals to the battery so I can leave it connected and still use the charger. Even though this is a pain the quality of the camera and the packaging (carry case) make up for it.
  6. Any suggestions on boat seats? I have a 16' Lund so I am looking for the fold down pedestal style seats. I'm tired of replacing the $50 FF specials. I have some family members that like to think the seats recline and they always end up bending the hinges. Plus I would like somethng high back and more comfortable. Probably in the $100 range. Looking at the Temptress Navistyle right now.
  7. kitchy

    Great French Toast?

    The cinnamon bread idea is spot on...however, if you find yourself heading out I-94 west, stop by the Clearwater Travel Plaza and pick up their fritter bread. It's pre-sliced and in their freezer case. It's awesome and you don't really have to doctor up the egg wash if you don't want. And as mentioned, real maple syrup.
  8. Thanks for the response Jim. I think it's a combination of things that are causing my problem. We had a water freeze in our cabin last year so the water softener is brand new. I expect when it was installed there was no science behind how it was setup. I'm going to be heading up there to do this the right way by taking water samples and verifying correct softener settings. I did also buy a bottle of the Crystal Clean and am going to give it a shot. I see that some Culligans, Kineticos, etc carry it so there's got to be a little bit of a reputation there. P.S. the water at my home is rusty also. It had an Iron Curtain filtration system already installed which I lease. I gotta say, those things are expensive but they do work. Too expensive to justify for our cabin.
  9. kitchy

    Friday Lent Fish Frys

    Oh yes!! Crank up your volume and get prepared to be sent to the looney bin.
  10. kitchy

    Ice auger 8" vs 10"

    The older Jiffys are fairly heavy. With auger advancements the new models from Jiffy and SM are pretty sweet. My guess is that most people are just upgrading.
  11. kitchy

    Ice auger 8" vs 10"

    As you can see from the posts so far it really depends on what type of fishing you do or want to do. Tell us a little more about that and the advice will be more direct.
  12. kitchy

    The importance of correct knot placement

    Great tip Bobb-o. Knot placement can also make a difference on vertical jigs. If you have tough biters, try moving your knot completly over to one side of the eyelet so the jig hangs at an angle. This gives you better jigging action and may be enough to trigger those finicky fish.
  13. My cabin water has always been pretty bad. But lately the rust stains have been ridiculous. I'm thinking about trying this Crystal Clean stuff and am looking for any insight on this or any other suggestions. I know we have a fairly new water softener but I would guess I don't have any rust filtering installed. There is a filter but my guess is that it is a standard sediment filter. My house has a system called an Iron Curtain which works great but is a bit spendy for our cabin. Plus its a major plumbing install. Cabin is about 11 years old.
  14. Never been a fan of McKinnie. A speedy DE or blitzing LB/DB will eat his lunch almost every time. Need to help him or cut him. Of course QB will be the biggest hole if Favre retires. you think the pass protection would've been much better with Mr. Harvard in there with his ability to recognize defenses and call protection schemes? Not disrespecting Sully but it might have made the differnece this year. Just a hunch.