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  1. PACKERS!!!!!!

    Sweet. Rodgers was on fire.
  2. Any suggestions on boat seats? I have a 16' Lund so I am looking for the fold down pedestal style seats. I'm tired of replacing the $50 FF specials. I have some family members that like to think the seats recline and they always end up bending the hinges. Plus I would like somethng high back and more comfortable. Probably in the $100 range. Looking at the Temptress Navistyle right now.
  3. Great French Toast?

    The cinnamon bread idea is spot on...however, if you find yourself heading out I-94 west, stop by the Clearwater Travel Plaza and pick up their fritter bread. It's pre-sliced and in their freezer case. It's awesome and you don't really have to doctor up the egg wash if you don't want. And as mentioned, real maple syrup.
  4. Thanks for the response Jim. I think it's a combination of things that are causing my problem. We had a water freeze in our cabin last year so the water softener is brand new. I expect when it was installed there was no science behind how it was setup. I'm going to be heading up there to do this the right way by taking water samples and verifying correct softener settings. I did also buy a bottle of the Crystal Clean and am going to give it a shot. I see that some Culligans, Kineticos, etc carry it so there's got to be a little bit of a reputation there. P.S. the water at my home is rusty also. It had an Iron Curtain filtration system already installed which I lease. I gotta say, those things are expensive but they do work. Too expensive to justify for our cabin.
  5. Friday Lent Fish Frys

    Oh yes!! Crank up your volume and get prepared to be sent to the looney bin.
  6. My cabin water has always been pretty bad. But lately the rust stains have been ridiculous. I'm thinking about trying this Crystal Clean stuff and am looking for any insight on this or any other suggestions. I know we have a fairly new water softener but I would guess I don't have any rust filtering installed. There is a filter but my guess is that it is a standard sediment filter. My house has a system called an Iron Curtain which works great but is a bit spendy for our cabin. Plus its a major plumbing install. Cabin is about 11 years old.
  7. Never been a fan of McKinnie. A speedy DE or blitzing LB/DB will eat his lunch almost every time. Need to help him or cut him. Of course QB will be the biggest hole if Favre retires. you think the pass protection would've been much better with Mr. Harvard in there with his ability to recognize defenses and call protection schemes? Not disrespecting Sully but it might have made the differnece this year. Just a hunch.
  8. Looking for fish taco recipes

    Great recipes. I've got to try them. I've always struggled with the white sauce so I'll give these a try. Sometimes I add that green Tabasco sauce on my fish tacos. Adds a good flavor to them.
  9. Pro Bowl

    Pretty good stats from a guy that was under duress most of the year. You will learn to fear the kid from CA. My crystal ball says he will play for the Pack for 16 years.
  10. Packer Moves in the Off-season

    I have not analyzed this at all so this is all gut feel. It seems the Pack were lacking in the following: O line could use some shoring up. They definatley improved throughout the year but still need work. The non-blitzing pass rush seems to suck pretty bad. The DBs are pretty good but when you give the QB all day to throw they'll find an open guy. Was it just me or couldn't the Pack get the ball past the 20 yard line on a kick return? Multi-purpose guys are invaluable. Need that Reggie Bush, Percy Harvin, Ray Rice kind of guy. Oh yea, throw Josh Cribbs in that mix also.
  11. Referee's Bad Call Effects Vikes-Saints Game

    I'm going to have to agree with that also.
  12. Williams promises more cheap shots

    I think most people will agree that hard hitting is part of good football. Especially when you are trying to derail an effective passing game. Pretty much how the Giants beat the Pats in the SB. If he is traininig assassins then I agree that is pretty bad. The interview I heard he basically was stating that he trains his guys to play hard and when you do that you sometimes end up with calls against you. He wasn't going to let a penalty "tame" his game plan because that just makes everybody tentative and they don't attack. I think we're just interpreting his intentions in different ways. I in no way condone premeditated injury infliction. Probably going to hear about it but I also think fights in hockey are a joke. In my opinion, you fight, you get ejected. On the otehr hand, a good slam into the boards is part of the game.
  13. Referee's Bad Call Effects Vikes-Saints Game

    I agree that this could've been a no call. Especially in the playoffs when you're supposed to "let them play". The only thing I can think of is Leber's foot does contact the receivers foot before the ball gets there. Not sure how the rule reads whether this is considered incidental. Is it only incidental when the defender is looking for the ball? I don't know. After a closer look. It's my opinion that the ball was uncatchable. Leber's foot made contact but the receiver was already laying out to attempt a diving catch that wasn't even close. If the receiver was sprinting to the ball and not laying out for it, maybe (big maybe) it could have been catchable. In this case Leber do not impede the receiver. Again, just my opinion but I watched it over and over again.
  14. Williams promises more cheap shots

    My fish eat your fish for lunch