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  1. storm smash shads?

    Hi guys I bought a few of these. I have yet to get a fish on them they look good any body else have good luck with them?
  2. Graph in front

    I feel your pain I had the same problem. I too put it in the back. My wife pinched the cable and ruined mine. Personally I would leave it in the back.
  3. Defective Rapalas

    Same here also the new shadow raps have actually filled with water and are junk.
  4. Thoughts on a 11 ford escape

    Thank you so much this helps us very much. the Jeep we went to p/u the tranny went out on them when they drove it. doing searching on the net a lot of people had tranny issues on the Ford but it's so hard to know with what you see on the net. this one is a 3.0 with AWD thank you so much value your opinion.
  5. Thoughts on a 11 ford escape

    Thanks Jeremy are the transmissions ok?
  6. Looking at one of these do these have any bad flaws thanks
  7. well we bought a 08 liberty went to pick it up the tranny slipped in gear needless to say they can keep it. so any way looking at a 11 ford escape awd I know and realize that 4X4 is the way to go but I hear many people really like these and they get around good I'm finding trucks almost untouchable for price any thoughts
  8. 08 liberty pulling small boat

    Jeremy,this just made my day from you thank you!! I tried very hard to find a vehicle that would work for us. is there any thing I could do to help the truck trans cooler etc. thanks for your honest info I have taken lots of advice from you and it's appreciated
  9. 5.4 spark plug question

    Sadly I new the man who owned it new. He was a old guy who had every thing fixed on it. only reason I bought it was because I knew him well. Personally almost any one I talk too says this was the worst body style they had I agree.
  10. I got a 08 liberty 4x4 it does not have a tow package. best I can find is it has a 2000# weight max. OK I pull a 14 foot boat it weighs 1100# this includes gas tackle anchors everything I had it weighed. I only go maybe 30 miles round trip and I drive like a old duffer should this work Ok. I needed 4x4 but did not want a truck again. any thoughts
  11. 5.4 spark plug question

    Hi guys I no longer need to worry about my truck. my heavy duty 150 tranny shelled out at 111,000 miles. I will never buy a truck again. I have had cars that pulled a boat better than this truck thanks for the help though
  12. 5.4 spark plug question

    So is this fixable? I'm I looking at new heads if it needs it?
  13. My 2000 ford truck has a 5.4 motor noticed lately it seems slightly rough idle at stop signs and idling in gear and driving seems fine. Has 110,000 miles on it was told the guy who had it had everything done to it what ever thats worth. I have heard if you change the plugs they break the heads and you need a new motor. don't know if I need plugs or not. when I bring it in if they say it does should I just try to trade it quick or is it not that big of a deal thanks.
  14. Ok, I had a 15 hp Yamaha just traded for a new 20 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor. I always buy non oxy gas and used to put marine stabil in and yamalube ring free. When I bought this motor I was told i need to use these 3 additives Yamalube fuel stabilizer and conditioner, Yamalube ring free plus fuel additive, and mercury Quickleen fuel system cleaner. I have a 3 gallon fuel tank I usually mix all the above ingredients in a 5 gallon plastic can and add as i need it. so 1. do i need all these? 2. having a hard time figuring out how much I need in ounces for each one some say 1 ounce to 5 gallons and I'm only mixing for 3 gallons. I didn't think that every time I needed gas. I have to turn into a mad scientist mixing all this together any advice or help would be great.
  15. hp Ratio Help

    thank you very very much!!