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  1. Devils Lake First timer

    thanks! how deep?
  2. Devils Lake First timer

    fishinnut, how were you getting on at Doc hagens?
  3. Salted Dead Shiners

    we caught alot of fish on the coke minnows. ussually only use the head anyways so dont think it matters at all.
  4. Milk crates for your ATV

    I will have to check them out. Have been looking for the good ones for a while now but can only find the cheap ones. thanks
  5. Salted Dead Shiners

    I freeze minnows in coke. using salties after handling big walleye and having knicked up fingers from hooks/gill plates/fins/teeth all weekend sucks.
  6. where is a good place to head out with a truck now? Might come up this weekend.
  7. If you were going to head out this weekend with a truck, what area would you hit? Heard east side (Balsam harbor) is easier getting around but havent heard how the fishing is there. any advice is appreciated!
  8. Lake Winnipeg

    fished saturday and sunday. 2 guys caught about 45 fish. half over 20" with a couple 27's and 28's. Spoons caught a few more fish but the bigger ones came on live targets. didnt move around as much as we wanted on sunday because of stuff breaking down on us. It wasnt fast action but we caught some nice fish. got on at prudence creek and tried near the mouth but couldnt find much. NE of the creek was better in about 12'. it is still winter up there. TONS of snow and -26° sunday morning.
  9. Lake Winnipeg

    Great tip for keeping bait on a barbless hook. I am going to try that!
  10. Lake Winnipeg

    the minnow frozen in coke were obviously not alive. Maybe he missed my previous reports stating that I stopped at Pro-Am in winnipeg which is where I got my minnows. Thank you for your concern. MNS, great report and pictures!
  11. Lake Winnipeg

    I dont think it makes it any more or less appealing. Just another way to preserve the bait. If you froze the minnows in water it would be solid and hard to get them out. Coke does not freeze solid like water. it is easy to break out the minnows individually from the coke. Small ziplok with a dozen or so minnows and just enough coke to cover them. lay them flat on a cookie sheet to freeze.
  12. Lake Winnipeg

    We were using the silve/blue in the smaller size. that and a spoon was all I used. if we marked a fish it would almost always hit the LT. If it wouldnt, I dropped a spoon and a minnow head down and more often than not it would be a tiny eye or sauger.
  13. Lake Winnipeg

    Live bait is a pain in the but up there if you ask me. alot of people use salted minnows but after a couple days of handling these big fish getting poked and scratched by gills and fins and hooks my fingers have little nicks and scratches all over them (I also have dry skin this time of year and sometimes have cracked skin on my hands). Handling salted minnows is not fun when you get salt in the wounds. I take those little snack size ziplock bags and put about a dozen or so fatheads in each bag and just a little bit of coke to cover them. Lay all the bags flat on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer. The nice thing about coke is it does not freeze solid so it is easy to grab one out of the slushy coke while fishing. only down side is your fingers get a little sticky but I can deal with that. when I am fishing then, I will take a few minnows out of the coke, rinse them in water so not sticky, pinch them in half and put them in a bait puck with just a little splash of water (enough so they dont get dry and stick to the puck) and put the puck in a pocket on my bibs so always have bait handy even when out hole hoping. last weekend, I was using minnow heads and the tails . at least one piece of meat on the front and the back hook of a live target because they fall off easy with no barbs. Those greenbacks CRUSHED it!
  14. Lake Winnipeg

    also, we stopped at pro am for our licenses and other supplies. that guy is great and knows his stuff. Next time I will skip getting live bait and just use minnows froze in coke. they worked just as well as the live ones and easier to deal with. Might be heading up again in a couple weeks.
  15. Lake Winnipeg

    we were up there last weekend. there was a ridge a mile or so NE of the mouth that had some slush. also fished balsom bay and did not see any slush there. cold as hell but we did alright for not being able to move around as much as we would have like to due to the weather. Live target with a minnow head or even a whole minnow under it. those hogs just crush it!