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  1. Rod Builders - Wrap Designer Software

  2. Direct to Dish

    I do have an existing subscription at home, thus the $7/month for the tailgater sub. From my experience Direct and Dish both manually align/aim the same so should not matter.
  3. Direct to Dish

    Just as easy with Dish as Direct, as someone else mentioned I would look at the Tailgater from DISH, It will automatically lock onto the sats. I bought mine from DISH, it included a receiver and was about $300. Then it is $7/month when you want to use it, they also prorate that $7 for a part of a month or day or week. We use it fishing and at hunting camp.
  4. What heater are you using

    We have an OLD 8x16 ice castle and put the 30K BTU Williams in it from Menards, I think it was $800 delivered. It works great, we just framed a 2x6 area when we installed it so it fit as it should.
  5. We bought a 2004 vintage 8x16 Ice Castle (No V front) that had a non-vented heater we want to replace with a Venter one. Any recommendation on BTU size and sources to buy a new heater? Thanks
  6. Bunk Bed

    Also try Clarkfield outdoors, just picked up 4 foam mattresses wrapped in camo for $85 ea
  7. Foam Cushion/Heater for FHouse

    We bought a used house and need to get new bunk cushions, I remember lots of good suggestions on here in the past but my searches came up empty. Where is a good spot to get new bunk cushions? We also are pulling out the non-vented heater and want to install a direct vent wall heater, any suggestions on a good spot to buy these is also appreciated!
  8. Window screens

    I ordered replacements from Home Depot for my Anderson windows, cheaper than direct from Anderson also
  9. Furnace recomendations?????

    Our 90% Efficient 25 year old Trane died this winter, we had a 96% eff. 2 stage, variable speed Lennox (and a whole House Humidifier)installed on short notice for just under $4K. New unit is quiet, works great and heats our similar sized house no problem, no regrets on this or the installer. We had Ron's Mechanical out of Shakopee do the work and they did a good job, they showed up when they said and did nice work. We did save some money by paying in full with a check vs. financing or CCard.
  10. If you turn it to Pilot, hold it down and wait 1.5 - 2 min, then 'click' the igniter a few times and it will light. Turning it to high won't do anything until it lights and you satisfy the safety of the thermocouple keeping the gas valve open. With the small amount of gas needed for the pilot it takes awhile to purge the air from the hose. This is where patience comes in and guys don't have much of that!
  11. No marcum updates this season ?

    I'd like to have full graph and zoom graph together like you can on the LX-9
  12. Ice Conditions in the metro

    Spring Lake in Scott County still had a lot of open water as of yesterday!
  13. Marcum?

    No you will miss your old mechanical flasher... You will miss the LOUD noise of that motor spinning!
  14. ice conditions

    Snow not even melted off the lake yet, thus I highly doubt any ice has melted!
  15. Marcum?

    I've got an LX3TC and LX7 and both are great. The LX7 improved my fishing and a few people I fish with bought LX7 after seeing/using mine and they are happy also. The 7 is easy to learn and can be simplified if you have an inexperienced user (wife) with for the day, they can quickly pickup what is shown on the screen.