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  1. Eagles in Minneapolis

    The eagles on the DNR eagle cam have given up for this year. They lost all three eggs this year The eagles on the Decorah nest cam have hatched all three of their eggs and the eaglets are growing like weeds. The falcons on the DNR falcon cam have eggs and are incubating. Right now they are up to their knees and more in snow, with a whole pile that has blown into their nesting box.
  2. Eagles in Minneapolis

    Looks like the DNR eagles are going to fail this year. Likely none of the eggs will hatch; already two of them have been discarded and the third is being left untended for extended periods. This year better to watch the Decorah eagles. They hatched all three of their eggs in the past week, and are feeding all three of the chicks. Cute little suckers, too.
  3. Spring Is Upon Us

    First shypoke Sat evening flying down Minnehaha Creek toward Meadowbrook Lake.
  4. Spring Is Upon Us

    This time of the year, as ice outs on Harriet and the formerly known as Calhoun, the migrators assemble. Some of the rafts are huge including upwards of maybe a dozen species (or so I have been told). I just love to watch them. I get an especial kick out of the antagonism between the loons and the much smaller grebes. The loons never seem to be able to catch the grebes and they never seem to be able to quit pestering the loons. Isn't this quite early for woodies? If you want pictures once they get back, there are always quite a few of them on Powderhorn. The crew residing my house has pretty much kept the wildlife out of my back yard, but I know it is spring, because the snow is almost gone and the garlic planted last fall is already pushing about 3" out of the ground, tall enough to row all the varieties. There have been a pair of cardinals in my shrubs all winter long, hopefully they come back once the crew is done, supposedly next Tuesday.
  5. Snowy Owl in the Metro

    We certainly have enough crows in the Metro this time of the year. We also have a very healthy population of carnivorous birds; so they better watch their step or they become supper.
  6. Eagles in Minneapolis

    The pair of bald eagles on the Minnesota DNR Nest Cam are finally sitting eggs. Looks like at least three again.
  7. Snowy Owl in the Metro

    The big hawks I have been seeing around this winter, I think are redtails that are hunting metro pidgeons. I have not personally see the snowy owls myself.
  8. Id

    Feral black Swedish hen
  9. Eagles in Minneapolis

    The Eagle Cam is working and the eagles are starting to visit the nest.
  10. Hawk hunting pigeons

    At the KMart at Nicollet and Lake in Minneapolis, there is a flock of pigeons that numbers several hundreds. Last Thursday going home from the Super Market I saw a large hawk make a strike at one, but missed. This was a pretty dark bird overall and much bigger than a Coopers or a Sharpshin and heavy bodied not at all slender. The attack was a straight line shot from a street light roost on a bird sitting on the shorter parking lot light post. It seems to me that the attack was launched from a perch about a block away. The target flew off and there was no chase, the attacker just returned to its previous roost. I could not get over into the turn lane and go into the parking lot to get a closer look. The main flock of pigeons didn't actually seem to notice, and there were even some stragglers. Is it possible that goshawks are starting to come into the city in the winter? From a goshawk I would have expected a chase. There are certainly plenty of pigeons, and the local falcons have gone south... I know they are supposed to avoid human concentrations, but then so are loons and they are now common city residents and rest here when passing through in the spring. We are getting all kinds of wild life in the Cities these days and not all of it goes around just on two legs.
  11. Snowy Owl in the Metro

    About local birds of prey in the Metro, I know we have the falcons (my buddy and I got buzzed by one down by the Mill Ruins one evening), also coopers and sharpshins in the summer, but lately I have been seeing a large hawk (but definitely smaller than the eagles) that seems sort of brownish, but never seen in full light, mostly in shadow; so more or less brownish or grayish, but quite a chunky, robust type of bird. Do we maybe have goshawks coming into the Twin Cities like we now have loons doing from time to time? A friend lives on the 16th floor up on north Central and I have looked down on this bird a time or two but never at it from underneath. The back seems to be a pretty solid color, but like I said, I have never seen this bird in full sunlight. It strikes me as quite robust in part because I remember it having relatively short wings and it did not waste any time soaring either. I am not really a birder; so I am only guessing here.
  12. Snowy Owl in the Metro

    My weekend UPS pickup driver reports having either seen three Snowy Owls or one three times this winter already around the Minneapolis/St Paul international Airport. If the temp weren't enough, that is additional sign that winter is here.
  13. Eagles in Minneapolis

    Looks like the Twin Cities bald eagles are courting already. They lay their first eggs before the end of January. We saw them yesterday over the Mississippi River on HWY 35W. Looked like they were playing chase. The new camera has been installed for the DNR Eagle Cam.
  14. Inline reel reviews

  15. Inline reel reviews

    I have three Eagle Claws that I use jigging around docks for crappies on a 4' micro rod all summer for the last couple of years. With tungsten jigs and 1" plastic minnows on 2# line going down 20-25' is no problem and that eliminates jig spin completely. For the price I am well satisfied. I cast with the spinning reels, but for jigging the free spool on the Eagle Claws works just fine for me.