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  1. echo2010

    Lawn weeds... Pics. Help!

    I guess I could look that up... Last year he applied it during a sprinkle and it later poured.. I called and was worried since DIY ones always say try to apply it without forecasted rain in 24hrs.. The gal answered the phone said 'Rain is good!, it will help it soak in!" I kinda thought "Huh?" I don't know.. I know there are very good and honest companies out there... and mabye I will hear back from them with a good solution to this.. Now where is that Bill at?.....
  2. echo2010

    Lawn weeds... Pics. Help!

    I think I have a 1/4 acre lot. If I go find my bill I can tell you what they spray and percentages. The first couple years we lived here we did all our own fertilizing and weed control until we got crab crass.. and then instead of putting a preventer down and guessing for times, I figured I would just hire out the crab grass part which includes fertilizer and weed/crab grass pre and post emergent and then take care of the rest with my trusty Trimec. He has a truck with a long hose.. I dont feel here is getting good coverage due to the patches appearing in a pattern. My mother also uses this place and has rows? of crab grass and creeping charlie. When she signed up last spring, she told them she wasnt going to fight the creeping charlie and they said they could take care of all of it for her.. She gets 5 sprays and a core aeration... she too, is quite unsatisfied.. I only know of one other local place and they use granuales... I fear for my dog since those seem to take a while to dissolve. I am going to email the pics I have posted here to the lawn people... maybe see if I can either forget paying my last spray bill... Or maybe they can throw a free spray in or something.. I realize it has been about 4 weeks now since the spray... but there should be no reason for Crab Grass! Ill update ya when i get a reply
  3. echo2010

    Lawn weeds... Pics. Help!

    I had figured that was crabgrass... it is in huge patches... Worst of it is... it has only been 4 weeks since spraying.. I will do something... but we have had constant rain it seems I am so tired of paying $57 a spray... and having results like this. Last year they started spraying on time and I still had this stuff 2 weeks after. I will look at what they are using.. but even the worst stuff should be able to control dandelions and clover (however, I am not complaining about the clover..i kinda like it)
  4. echo2010

    Lawn weeds... Pics. Help!

    Ok, I hired out 2 sprays this year. One for weeds and a crab grass preventative... and the second a post emergent crab grass and other weed killer... They "forgot" me on the first spray and came late.. However, my neighbors have the same problems as i do and they are on their 4th spray... I took some pics. Im pretty certain there is some crab grass in there along with dandelions etc... One is a viney like ground cover... Im irritated and not sure how to approach this next year. Im wondering with the right stuff, can I do a better job?
  5. echo2010

    Totally irritated with my lawn company

    Its pretty bad... Could be worse. It could look like my neighbors... But I would say 8 patches... about 2 feet wide.... maybe 4 feet long throughout my yard. I have been cutting my lawn with mower half height....
  6. echo2010

    Totally irritated with my lawn company

    I guess it could be worse.. My Mom uses the same company and shes got lines of creeping charlie
  7. echo2010

    Totally irritated with my lawn company

    The poa images show grass that is... daintier looking then what I got. And the fox tail looks similar but I don't get the wheat looking top..
  8. echo2010

    Totally irritated with my lawn company

    Mine looks like this
  9. echo2010

    Totally irritated with my lawn company

    Yeah I kind of figured a pre emergent wouldn't work yet this I have a crab grass killer waiting for a good stretch of dry days I do have some quack grass near my driveway and the road. I don't care all that much as it blends ok with the color of my lawn. I have been told it is crabgrass by a passing neighbor... but of course they aren't professionals either. It seems from the patters in my lawn, no matter what it is... his chemical obviously controlled it in some areas and not others due to the lines in the yard... He didnt seem to overlap or something I will have to look at the other 2 in google images.
  10. echo2010

    Crab Grass

    Mine is light green in color. The blades are wider the the other grass and it is kind of ....spreads to the side... like fingers out.... in areas where it got into my rocks... it does look like stalks... like little corn stalks
  11. echo2010

    How To Buy Ribs.

    I make ribs a lot. My husband worked in a restraunt in his young age that specialized int their ribs. We make them a lot, and they are fantastic. I worked in a grocery store meat room for a while. Most ribs actually come in vacuum packs. DOn't be afraid of them as they pink up nicely after opened and the vacuum helps maintain the flavor. However added solutions alter the flavor a bit and Im not a fan of the texture so i stay away from added solutions I use Spareribs. Call me crazy but I love the brisket on the bottom. I cook it on the ribs and it makes for a nice chunk of meat. Cooked slow, it stays tender. I sprinkle Lawrys and SandP.. Cover it in italian dressing with a few sprinkles of liquid smoke and then wrapping it in aluminum foil. Bake at 350 for about 3 hours turning every hour. Throw on the grill and smother with your fav BBQ sauce! Enjoy!
  12. I used to maintain my lawn with Trimec classic , and always used as directed. Well a couple years ago, it wasn't enough and I got a lovely visit from the crab grass gang. I dealt with it and decided the next year to hire my law spraying out. That was last year. Thye came and put a preventive down... and several weeks later, a post emergent. These were the 2 sprayings I bought because I actually like having control when my lawn is sprayed. well last summer, I had large patches of crab grass in the back corners... I called and told them, and they had mentioned coming back out. I don't think they did as I hasd crabgrass after. This year.. I did the same thing but told them about my crab grass issue last year. She stated she would mention it to the guy applying it and to make sure he applied it evenly etc.. Well they came really late this spring. Later then they should have I am sure. But I paid for my 2 sprayings and hoped for the best. Well, I have lines of crabgrass.. Like 2 foot lines where he obviously missed.. about every 5 feet. I live in a town quite small. I have 2 options for lawn care, one uses spray, one uses granules. I prefer the spray since once it dries it is supposed to be safe. I have a dog I walk to a field for a few days to be safe... but the granules can sit forever. After calling last year about the crabrass and them doing nothing... I am doubting they will do anything about it this year. Can I get good results doing this myself? I have seen preventives in granule forms. DO they have liquid preventer? I have trimec crab grass killer all ready to go... if I can get 24 hours without any rain!
  13. echo2010

    Crab Grass

    Mine looks a lot like that..... but is in clusters... or bunches..
  14. echo2010

    Anybody planting veggies yet?

    im holding off because our temp is supposed to drop below freezing tomorrow night