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  1. Bear Head Lake state park!!

    WOW!! Looks like you had a good week... We will be up in August so hopefully we will have some luck as you did. I just got into mushrooms about 3 years ago so I'm fairly new, only eat the ones that are easy to identify. Sounds like the kids will have fun with the sunnies. Thanks for taking time to comment I'm pretty excited for this trip!! Thanks again..
  2. Mississippi Backwaters

    Thanks for your reply! I will check with the DNR I just thought if I found an Island that maybe it would be public grounds with some rules of some kind. Thanks again...
  3. Bear Head Lake state park!!

    I appreciate all the help! I will check out the trout lakes we'll be up there for a week so that should give me some time to explore!! Thanks again
  4. Was curious if you can camp in the backwaters anywhere or is there a rule to that? This is my second year of the kayking world and love it!! I would like to go for a few days in the backwaters and rough it! It would probably be around the Winona area or Wabasha.. Thanks in advance..
  5. Bear Head Lake state park!!

    I finally got a campsite at bearhead and just wondering about the fishing there or around that area? I wanted to try the BWCA but this is about the closest I can get my family to there for there first time.. We have kayaks and my wife and daughter like to just sight see and my son and I really like to fish. Any help would be great and any advise on the campground itself. Can't wait!! It looks like a very nice area... Thanks in advance!
  6. Just wondering if any lakes have opened up or started to near the Turtle Lake or Cumberland area. Appreciate any information that anyone might have. Thanks again!
  7. Lyme disease shots.

    I was offered the blood test but I didn't do it. The vet told me that ticks start to show up around 40 degrees I wouldn't have guessed that just thought I would throw that out there. I had no idea that they were out at that temperature. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Lyme disease shots.

    I just had my lab neutered and dew claws removed "poor pup" but was curious about who's gotten the lyme disease shot for there dog and if they still put on frontline or if they just trust the shot that it works. I was surprised that they offered this so I went ahead and did it. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the updates! Hope to get up there this weekend near Turtle lake. I was just wondering if I needed to bring the snowmobile up or maybe be able to drive my truck out there. Hope I can catch something been to busy and haven't even drilled a hole yet this season. Really appreciate the updates.
  10. Favorite pheasant recipes

    My favorite is to cut into cubes and wrap bacon around and toss onto the grill. Or just put in the crock pot with cream of mushroom soup.....
  11. Smokehouse Build

    Sweet build!! I would like to do something like that, do you think those electric burners would work to get it warm enough to cook? I'm fairly new to all this smoking but I just love to sit by the smoker and watch football!! Thanks for sharing....
  12. First Hunting Trip!!

    Thanks for all the replies... I think I'm just gonna keep working with him and maybe if we don't have a ton of snow in December I might take a little trip and see what happens. Really appreciate everyone's advise.
  13. First Hunting Trip!!

    I appreciate all the info, and what a awesome story!! Maybe I'll just keep working on his retrieving and maybe hit a game farm in the spring. Thanks again.
  14. First Hunting Trip!!

    I completely understand he's not going to be out ahead zig zagging in front of us, I was just wanting your input on shooting around him. I figured he'd be right at my ankles for most of the time just wanted to bring him with just wasn't sure if he's to young or wait till next year. Thanks for your comments.
  15. First Hunting Trip!!

    Could I get your hunting advise for a new puppy on his first hunt. My lab is now 3 months old and retrieving pretty good now but I'm concerned about the gun fire.I have shot a cap gun the last few nights around him as he retrieves and doesn't flinch one bit. Do you guy's think that's good or should I step up to .22 then .410? What are your thoughts.. Thanks in advance. My son has all his stuff layed out ready for opener😀 This is his first year! Good luck to all who hit the fields. Thanks again