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  1. Pictures of you snowmobile!

    The 600 and 800 polaris widetraks have a radiator and a fan they will run with no snow without over heating.
  2. Pictures of you snowmobile!

    The snowmobile is a 2018 550 lx widetrak it has high and low range. I get new widetraks every winter. I have been running 600 widetraks in the past. This is my first fan cooled snowmobile . I was worried about the power but it pulls my alumalite easily.
  3. Pictures of you snowmobile!

    Just got this sled a week ago. I think its going to be a great ice fishing sled.
  4. Ice Around Morson?

    This was over by juinper shores I'm not sure you could go anywhere. I was over to brule , fox islands and pork point. I found 9 to 11 inches of ice . The biggest issue is cracks with big temperature swings it seems to open them up. I'm not encouraging anbody to head out onto the ice. I may be headed back up to morson this weekend.
  5. Ice Around Morson?

    I was up fishing out of morson ontario thanksgiving weekend. Found 9 to 11 inches of ice. Fishing was a little slow.
  6. Any Morson Reports?

    Just got back from morson last ice fishing trip for the season. Walleyes were bitting like crazy.
  7. Any Morson Reports?

    I was up fishing at morson over the weekend. Walleye fishing was good but struggled catching crappies.
  8. Polaris 6 wheeler

    6x6 is way better for climbing. You would be surprised at what you can climb with a 6x6.
  9. Max Step Height Into a Skid or Wheelhouse ?

    I built this little trail groomer for 56 dollars. I only used it when we had really deep snow. Before I pull my house out I always go empty no fishouse to check breakers or slush. Now I have the option of pulling my groomer first and making a trail. I looked at a older alumalite that had taller skis I didn't like fishing that far off the ice. So far this has worked for me.
  10. Max Step Height Into a Skid or Wheelhouse ?

    I have a 6x12 aluma lite with the v front I have the older style skis. I have the center ski which seems to help. This winter was the first time I had any issues moving it. Before the melt we had 2 feet plus of powder snow that's the only time I had issues moving it. I move mine with a Polaris widetrack. My question is are you having issues moving it no matter the snow conditions? I had the same thought building different skis when we had really deep powder this winter. What I did was build a little trail groomer .
  11. Your fishouse looks awesome. I would like to see some inside picture's . This winter was the first time I had issues moving my fishouse. Before the melt we had 2 feet of powder snow. I ended up building a little trail groomer to pull behind my widetrak. It worked great. Made moving my house easy and smoothed the bumps out some.
  12. I normally pull my 6x12 alumalite with a polaris 600 widetrak. From what I have seen I use low range a lot. Right now i have been pulling it with a 2008 polaris 500 widetrack. I usually get a new widetrak every year.
  13. Northwest Angle Lakers

    If your headed to whitefishbay it has to be artificial bait and pinched barbs. I have had the best luck using white tube jigs red tips on them.
  14. Any Morson Reports?

    I have Been fishing out of morson the last couple days. Walleye fishing has been good. Definitely some rough ice in spots makes for slow going. I had lots of equipment problems. I didn't get to try as many spots as I wanted to. Looked for some crappies no luck.