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  1. New Boat!

    I'm looking at getting my first boat (new or slightly used) next year. Does anyone own and have any feedback on Stratos boats....specifically the 385XF? Paul
  2. Outerwear

    I'm looking for some product feedback on jackets and bibs you use during the deer firearm season. I'm new to hunting and looking for a good product. I've been doing some searching, and outside of Gor-Tex, I'm not too familiar with some of the materials. I'm wondering how dry these jackets stay. Has anyone come across a jacket or bibs that said it's waterproof but still ended up soaking wet? Or am I better off opting for Gor-Tex gear? I was looking at Cabelas and some of the materials feel like they would absorb moisture/water even though they say water proof. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks for the feedback! Paul
  3. World Cup

    I generally compare soccer to hockey when I explain the strategy of the game to friends and family. While watching hockey, you'll hear the announcers talk about 'fore checking' and 'maintaining the offensive zone'. In soccer, you'll hear the cliché's of trying to keep the ball on the offensive side of the field. "Centering the puck for a shot on net" is just like centering the soccer ball for a shot on goal. Think of "dumping the puck in the offensive zone" like the ball being kicked behind the defense and the players running after it. I see these concepts/strategies/plays being similar. In hockey, you'll hear something like "maintaining the bluezone" or "maintaining center ice." In soccer, you'll hear "maintaining/winning center field." They're the same concept of trying to keep the puck or ball on the offensive side of the ice or field. That's my general analogy between the two sports.
  4. See ya Later Jared Allen

  5. See ya Later Jared Allen

    I don't think that's true. Here's an article stating Winfield received "7.5 million with performance clauses." Here's another article with Peterson's 100 million deal and Daunte Culpepper's 102 million dollar deal which he only received 72 million due to "escalator clauses, performance standards..." Performance clauses are very common in the NFL. They're used to get the most out of players. Another example off the top of my head was the weight clause put into Pat Williams contract. Griffen may not get the full $42 million, even if he's here for the full five years...he has to perform at a certain level to get it. We just don't know what they are yet; if they even get disclosed.
  6. 270 or 30-06?

    I haven't picked out ammo yet but it seems like there's a lot 150 gr. available at the stores; I'll probably go with that. Should be plenty for whitetail. I won't be shooting 400 yards where I hunt.
  7. See ya Later Jared Allen

    Keep in mind the 17 sacks you're using is based on limited playing time as well as being asked to drop back in coverage instead of being asked to rush the passer. Now that Jared Allen is gone, Griffen will be the starter. The $20 million ($4 per year average) is paying him to be the starter at DE. $4 million per year isn't a lot compared to other right-side, 4-3, defensive ends. Griffen's stats should go up just based on more playing time / more opportunities to make plays. The $20 plus million in incentives the Vikings gave him makes it sound like this is a 'prove it' deal. IMO, the Vikings made a smart deal.
  8. Next years draft?

    Good video! I like how he gets off the line so quickly, splits the blockers before they get their hands on him, and is in the backfield so quickly. If they can't find someone foolish enough to trade up for Watkins, I'm fine with Donald at #8. Forget the mock drafts, his production is good enough to support he's a top 10 talent. I say forget the mock drafts because he wasn't getting noticed during the college season like he should have been. If you trade down too far, you run the risk of a team that wants him to move ahead of you. Trading down to the right spot is tricky and difficult; teams have to be willing to move up. Everyone talks like it's so easy to do. Hagemann is a good player but I think his best fit in the NFL will be a 3-4 DE; that's not with us.
  9. Next years draft?

    He reminds me of John Randle too. The release of L. Guion is a sign of making a roster spot and salary cap for an extra DT. I think the only DT on the Vikings roster is Floyd. We haven't seen how good Floyd is going to be yet but I can image those two playing next to each other on 3rd and long passing plays. They could be really good together.
  10. Next years draft?

    IMO, the best player available at #8 will be DT Aaron Donald. He outperformed Clowney at the combine. Running a 4.68 40 yard dash for a guy that's 285 lbs....beast! He also outperformed Clowney in college last year with 11 sacks and 28 tackles for a loss; that's a true sign he's beating his blockers regularly and getting to whoever has the ball. I think he'll be a better pro than Clowney just because he plays harder.
  11. 270 or 30-06?

    Just wanted to say thanks for the feedback. I bought my first rifle; a 30-06 Weatherby Vangaurd S2. Now to find a scope to put on it. Paul
  12. 270 or 30-06?

    I've never shot a 30-06 or .270 before, so I don't know if recoil is going to be an issue to me. Having something to reduce the recoil, if needed, would be nice. Are the BOSS systems only for Browning or can they be placed on other brands? Do other brands have something similar? I'm looking for a versatile rifle that I plan on using in an open field environment while sitting on a stand using a scope as well as being able to walk with through brush and all. The variety of bullets available to the 30-06 seems to make it the better choice. I'm looking at bolt action 30-06's, now I have to find which bolt action seems to be the easiest/quickest to use. I looked at a Remmington 783 which was nice. Any other suggestions?
  13. 270 or 30-06?

    Wow, I'm looking for my first rifle and I'm trying decide which caliber to get as I'm new to hunting. A .270 and a 30-06 are two that I'm considering as well. Does a 30-06 have more recoil using a 150 gr. than a .270 using a 150 gr. or is it the same? Also, do you get more recoil as you get into heavier ammo with a 30-06? Paul
  14. Vikes 2013 Draft

    I hope the Vikings don't take a single MLB in this draft. I just don't think any of them are good enough. Teo is too slow to cover so they'd be just as well off moving Henderson to the middle and drafting a WLB this year. Then draft a MLB next year. I'm hoping they go CB and DT (in that order) with the first two picks.
  15. Vikes 2013 Draft

    After the draft, I wouldn't mind signing Duran Carter...Cris Carter's kid. If he's talented enough to be recruited by Ohio St. and Alabama, he's good enough to start off on the practice squad and see what he can develop into.