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  1. Masterbuilt Electric smoker questions

    Thanks for the additional info guys. I think the back right corner is where mine were too well done also. How about your experiences with Collagen casings - I used up some that were a year old, and they seemed to fall apart a bit or almost get a little mushy. Should I stay away from old ones?
  2. Bear Hunt Application

    Thanks Zach, we'll try!
  3. Masterbuilt Electric smoker questions

    Thanks for all the help guys. Sounds like experimentation and getting to know the quirks of your unit is the way to go. Zach, is Maverick the brand name of the dual probe? Eyeguy, is Insta Probe the brand that you use? Or are they both just generic descriptions you both gave? I'll add the foil as well to that drip pan at the bottom.
  4. Bear Hunt Application

    Zach, always surplus in 46 too? I just got this reply from DNR about how drawing your second choice or choosing to buy the license or not if you are drawn, affects your preference status: "Whether you get picked for your first or second choice if you buy the license you lose all your preference points. If you don’t purchase the license by August 1 you do not gain a preference point for this year and you stay at what you were at before applying this year". Assuming we don't get an excess tag, and we do get drawn for our second choice but don't buy the tag, it would be two years yet (level 4) before we would even have a chance at 46. Wow, too popular over there. Would just be really convenient for us.
  5. Hey all, I picked up the MES in late winter and this weekend I thawed, ground, stuffed about half the venison trim I had. Half went into breakfast sausage and burgers which I froze, with the other half I made two ten pound batches of sticks..This was my maiden voyage on the smoking and was hoping you guys could set me straight on a few things. First of all, the instruction booklet seems a little lame and leaves some detail out but here goes: 1. I added one cup of water at the beginning, and didn't add any more. Should I have? I was afraid to open the door and lose the heat/smoke but I did later to test the temp and the pan was half full of other juice/drippings it seems, so maybe didn't need to add more water? 2. How often should I add wood? When it seemed like there was little or no smoke coming out the vent, I added another batch of chips 3. How do I run the vent - open, partially, or closed - for things like sticks and summer? 4. How many racks do you fill with meat, and do you feel like they all cook evenly? I did about 10 pounds per time, and used all 4, but they seemed to all come out with a bit different look, some more "well done" than others. 5. Do you trust the meat probe completely? At one point it read 167 so I though I better check (going for 160 internal) and when I opened and stuck another thermometer probe in I only got 150, so I kept going for awhile. Do you worry about opening the door too often, or is a couple few times okay? 6. What rack level do you like to put the probe into a piece - high or low? 7. I used one of Reinhard's recommendations for heat and time - 110 first hour, then add wood and set to 130 for second hour, then add more wood and set to 140 for hour 3 and 4, then set to 190 until it reaches 160 internal. Others I've read say go with say 225 from the get go. Your thoughts on the process? 7. Other than cleaning the pans and racks, anything you do to the inside walls of the smoker itself, which has some brown or black stains it appears that are not coming of I don't think. Thanks from a rookie!
  6. Bear Hunt Application

    If I'm reading it right, it sucks. 46 is the new number for the zone and has one year under its belt, but last year 0 level 3 got drawn. Ouch. Even if you go back to before that when it was 44, some Level 3 got drawn, but not all. So I probably shouldn't bank on it. Knowing that, we are more likely to get drawn for our second choice. If we do, and don't buy the license, does anyone know whether we retain our points by not buying, or since we got drawn to we go back to square one?
  7. Bear Hunt Application

    Thanks for posting that info Zach, it's a start. Unless you have knowledge of the number of applicants and say the average number of preference points, you must be saying our odds are good based on anecdotal or gut sense? i guess that's really all I was looking for was the anecdotal experience of a few guys saying "last time I got drawn for this zone I was drawn on my second try", or "I've hunted this zone 3 times, took me two years twice and three years once" or any of that sort of thing.
  8. Does anyone have experience how many preference points (years) it generally takes to get drawn in zone 46 (north of 87 to Bemidji area)? My daughter and I each have two points. Is there a place on the DNR web site where it shows how many licenses are given for that area? Thanks
  9. Ata show 2017

    One big boy just left Elite and went back to Mathews. Elite is a good shooting bow.
  10. Ata show 2017

    Their, there. I was. Not overly excited by anything I saw. Did get to shoot the Gearhead bow and was fairly impressed. Some uniqueness to this bow, and completely reversible right to left so dealers should like that as far as reduced inventory they must carry. And the lightest crossbow out there. The new Halon shoots extremely well but like its predecessor just too heavy for my taste. The Bowtech Reign felt pretty good, but again nothing special. Everyone makes a roto molded cooler, trail camera, and broadhead nowdays. Liked the cast aluminum tree stands from Rivers Edge at a better price point than others. Hawk is making some neat treestands and accessories. Goldtip was doing a demo bending their arrows vs other brands and was quite amazing how much farther theirs would bend before breaking, and how much their arrow recovered (would not take a set) after bending vs the other brands. I might switch just because of the durability and straightness factor. Got to hold the new world record Tennessee non-typ. That's a lot of horn.
  11. Wow, you went to a lot of work to put this together back then. I've tried clicking on several of the links, and I get a "Page not Found" notice. Anyone else have this problem, is there a way I can still view them? Otherwise I am looking to get a smoker this year for venison sausage. Won't be doing tons of the stuff so smaller may work, and don't want to break the bank. Just planning on making sticks and some summer, could cook them in the oven but my oven doesn't heat evenly enough to do the job properly. Let's hear your recommendations and where to buy. Thanks
  12. Degrease a new baitcaster?

    Got it, thanks guys. After doing a few reels over the weekend, I guess you can pretty much tell when you want to dump vs trying to re-use it.
  13. Degrease a new baitcaster?

    RK, I got a us cleaner. Wish it was a little deeper but I'll make it work. How do you reclaim or reuse either the Simple Gree/water or the acetone once you've done a reel or two and have all that crud in the liquid? Can you strain it thru a filter of some sort?
  14. Revo Toro Winch

    Let's back up a bit and help me to understand your like or dislike or use of the Saltist. That is your big blade reel. Are you saying you don't care to use it except for burning big blades only? Because aside from big blades, then the Winch would not be my choice for the other baits you mention. And you certainly don't need to go to 6 or 7:1 ratios for those other baits, but you do want it faster than a winch. Bulldawgs, pounders, and jerkbaits no matter how big have very little resistance on the retrieve. You don't need to go with a low speed reel to feel comfortable retrieving them. Same for many crankbaits depending on the lip and specific bait you're talking about, though some will be high resistance. I would not consider a Lexa, I've worked on a disproportionately higher percentage of those. If inded the Saltist is your problem and you don't like it, I would consider a Revo Toro S size 60, or a Revo Toro Beast 4.9 size 60, with the power handle, though that is not as comfortable to use for jerkbaits. That's where I'd use your other ABU.