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  1. Wild Offseason 2017

    I don't know about that but I will certainly not write him off, if he can be a steady vet I will be happy.
  2. Wild Offseason 2017

    Ya saw that yesterday, glad to have him back, should shore up that 4th line or put him up on the 3rd if Ek isn't ready. Everything I saw last year from Ek has me thinking he is ready but time will tell. Need to sign Foligno yet, probably won't like the numbers I see but maybe he can surprise us. Forward group should still look really good this year, obviously the D took a hit when we traded Scandella and let Folin walk but we could still be ok, sometimes team D can make up for it. Oloffson looked good last year too, not sure about Quincy but hopefully they can form some kind of decent bottom pair.
  3. Wild Offseason 2017

    Well Granny at 3 years and 5.75 - probably a safe play here, he just had the one big year so he gets paid well and if he can prove he is a high scoring winger he will cash out big time in 3 years. Then again if he falls back to earth we aren't locked into him forever, only downside is he is a UFA in 3 years so that could sting but those fins seem to like MN so hopefully all goes well. I don't know we will get Koivu for Staal money but something between that and what he makes now could work out just fine. Staal was a huge risk as the time, it just happened to pay off extremely well for us.
  4. Wild Offseason 2017

    Ya no luck with Parise and Suter, we are stuck with them forever. Koivu has been great and aged well but we should remember he is still 34 and usually good things don't happen to players between 35 and 40 unless you are super human Jagr. Still I could see him stepping back a bit from that 6.75 cap hit, hopefully we can keep it a reasonable term as well, 2-3 years seems like a good deal as he ages.
  5. Wild Offseason 2017

    Numbers look good so far, lets get granny and the new guy signed and start the season already. I wouldn't count on a stud, have to resign dumba and zucker next year, they are due raises. Koivu will need a contract too but hopefully he is ready to take a little bit of a haircut. However we should have some decent cap space to work with so bringing someone in is at least a possibility.
  6. Apple tree food plors

    I would say your results speak for themselves, we often do things that don't make sense or trade short term gain for long term trouble. Nature does things for a reason that we often don't understand, why try to fix what isn't broken?
  7. Wild Offseason 2017

    Ya not an entirely exciting off season, cap strapped but we kept most of the team together through expansion. The product on the ice will tell us more than anything.
  8. Wild Offseason 2017

    Well looks like we are signing a bunch of nobodies on two way contracts to fill out the team so far. Let Folin walk and he signed with LA for 750K, he could at least be a decent and cheap 3rd pair. He must think Granny and Nino will cost a lot. Still holding out hope we pick up some NHL depth.
  9. Wild Offseason 2017

    I don't think Hanzel was the problem at all, he scored at a clip about what you expected out of him, was good in the D zone and on faceoffs and generally did his job without much excitment. We just couldn't score in the first round so that doesn't really fall on Hanzel, heck he was one of only 5 guys to actually score a goal in the series. Our offense let us down but also credit to the Blues, they played us perfect.
  10. Wild Offseason 2017

    I don't know, you could say those guys along with Zucker and Staal carried the torches last year. They were the only reason we did anything last year, safe for the playoffs where we all mostly sucked. Koivu had a nice year but for the first time in his life had a lot of help from his linemates, Parise was off. Yuk, still don't like this trade. The only way it ends up good is if our new wingers have career years (prob not going to happen) or Ennis is retiring and on LTIR for cape space and Foligno signs for less than he made last year.
  11. Wild Offseason 2017

    Man kind of a brutal return on that trade. Ennis is a good player but has had concussion issues that last couple years and has put up terrible numbers and only makes a million less than Pommers. Foligno looks like a decent/big 4th liner with some hustle but nothing special. Nice to have some cap space, maybe we dabble in free agency a little with this move but overall we gave away the two best players and didn't get much back. swapping 3rd and 4th round picks is about nothing. It won't kill us by any means but not a fan of this trade so far. Now just sign Granny/Nino and see if we can't find a decent 4th line center.
  12. Wild Offseason 2017

    I think last year was probably the best/first year we should have gone for it at the deadline so no regrets on that one. We got Pommers at the deadline as well but he had some years left and we were able to resign him and overall he has produced for us so no biggy there either. I'm sure we all wish we could take back the Matt Moulson trade back, that was the only bad one that cost us a couple of 2nd rounders and he looked terrible, but again hindsight is always 20/20. The rest were all minor deals that didn't do much either way. Someone will get moved at some point, we just can't fill out a team and or sign Grandlund & Nino without it, at least not that I can see. Sounds like we had a deal for the Canadians first but their guy was there so they kept the pick, no problem with Fletcher being patient on the trade front, might have to wait until some teams don't fill their needs via free agency before a move happens.
  13. Wild Offseason 2017

    Just a guess but we are probably giving it a year or two with the team we have to see what they can accomplish, I know that isn't as sexy and making trades and some big moves or blowing up the team but of the last 5-6 years last year was the first time we could be consider a true cup contender. That one other year we got Dubs and went on a late season run I think a case could be made for being a dark horse contender but of course we got booted by Chicago so ya they were just better than us on every level that year. Eventually Pommers will be gone, Staal's contract will be up and who knows what happens with Koivu and we will be forced to re-tool and get younger. This season will be very telling if we can sustain the level of play we saw for a good chunk of the season last year or if we go mental again. The positive to the mental side of our game is if we get hot at the right time we can be a force, the hard part is lining that up for the playoffs when we just can't seem to get it all together.
  14. Wild Offseason 2017

    Well looks like the draft came and went without much fireworks, sounds like Fletcher didn't like any of the offers so he is going to wait to make a move. Hard to see us fitting under the cap or filling out a full team without moving Scandella or Pommers so we will see what happens. Of course drafting from the 3rd round on doesn't lead to many super exciting players but it sound like we got a couple midgets with some skill and several projects. Our big off season move might have been keeping everyone through expansion.
  15. Wild Offseason 2017

    That Drouin contract at 5.5 is kind of bad for us right now. Nino is far more proven than him and Granlund has had the beast season out of the 3 of them. Hard to see anything under 5 for each of them.