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  1. From the wonderful world of animated gifs.
  2. Good season Wild, onto next year. Should be some changes but I don't expect us to do anything crazy. Need to sign Granlund and Nino and that will use up a lot of our cap space. Can't afford Hanzel and possibly Haula and Vegas will be taking a player off our hands. I'm more interested to see who can sustain or step up their scoring next year or if anyone regresses. Granlund, Coyle, Nino, Zucker, Dumba, Spurgeon and Brodin all had career years, those are good problems to have. They showed us a lot but I think they still have room to grow and that is what we need. We have a nice cast of vets but they are likely too old to lead us to a cup, they would be in more supporting rolls. Hopefully our now seasoned young core and continue to build on their impressive seasons. Always disappointing to lose, even worse when you can't score against your old coach but I like the our team and hopefully we can keep getting better.
  3. You realize we beat the Blues two years ago under the exact same circumstances right? We were hot at the end of the year riding the Dub trade and the Blues were one of the top teams in the west that year. Blues had the best record in the NHL since Yoe took over, they are doing what they need to do to win games, just like we did when we upset them. Yes it was an upset because we were not on their level that year but we found a way to win, then of course got swept in the next round because we were good enough yet. Somehow you expect deep playoff runs out of past teams who squeeked into the playoffs and expect a cup because we finally have a good team. You realize there are 9-10 really good teams that don't win a cup every year right? EXPECTATIONS!!! Everything is going to be a let down and look terrible if you keep setting yourself up for failure. Do you also think the Vikes are going to the super bowl every year? I would keep CF until he is clearly not doing a good job. You have to remember when he was hired we had Koivu, Burns and pretty much nothing else of value, oh and zero prospects, that is when you get fired. Look at us now, a bunch of solid vets, a pile of young guys hitting their primes, great goalie and a very good prospect pool full without many top round picks. Ya we traded away some picks but that is what teams do, take a chance and see what happens in the post season, it sure beats DR sitting on his hands every trade deadline. We have a bright future, even when the vets have moved on we have the potential for a very solid team for years to come. You either be patient and let the chips fall where they may or you freak out and blow it up every year, but how many professional sports teams start a rebuild after finishing 5th in the league standings? Just think about that for a minute. Only the Hawks, Pens, Caps & Bluejackets finished ahead of us, oh and two of those teams are already out of the playoffs.
  4. I've said this before but signing Parise and Suter showed me exactly how far away we were from a cup but I recall some here thinking the cup was ours that year. Sure we made the playoffs but got smoked by a cup winning Hawks and rightly so because we weren't even close to ready yet. Finally this is the first year (outside of some cinderella run) that we had a legit shot at a cup and you guys want to blow up the team and start over? There is at least 10 other team as good or better than us and people just expect a cup? Get some perspective, this is not something that comes easy. The young guys are just hitting their primes and the old guys have some gas in the tank. We have a quality coach and a very solid roster, Fletcher has done nothing but improve the team since he has been here. A little patience is needed, EVERYONE wants to win a cup that doesn't mean they hand them out like little league awards. Also don't worry about signing Hanzel, we don't have enough money to bring back Haula let alone Hanzel. JEE will be our 3rd line center next year, book it. Darn those Preds, take out the hawks for us when we were busy digging a giant hole. Disagree with this, he might have been bad against the preds but I didn't watch any games, but he had two cups and has been amazing against us in the playoffs. Praying Dubs can find a playoff gear close to Crawford.
  5. I think it was a calculated risk we had to take, Suter is worth every penny, just ask Dallas and Winnipeg about needing D, he does so many things so well we probably take him for granted. Parise was never worth that money but we needed him to get Suter. We also made the playoffs every year since they were here, hard to call that not successful. Now if you just take a million away from Parise and give it to Suter those salaries don't look so bad. However 5 years from now they will be just terrible for us, lets hope something good happens between now and then, Parise was already looking like a 3rd liner for much of season, lets hope it was just an injury and not a sign of things to come. Oh and stupid 2:00 Saturday game, I hope its a blowout one way or the other because I need to be somewhere at 5:00 and the thought of missing the end of a close or OT game makes me want to puke.
  6. Essentially what this means is if we buyout 2 years of Pommers it saves us nothing the first year because we have to spend a million on a guy to replace him. He's lost a few steps but still put up some points this year and is a decent bottom 6 option with some skill. After next year is a whole new story when the buyout doesn't hurt so bad for only 1 year, so is trading him and retaining some $$$ but that might be easier said than done.
  7. Well we didn't get swept, need to see another win or two before I believe in any kind of come back, the more convincing the win the better. We need to light them up one game and get in Allen's head, scoring first in this series seems to be the key even though it shouldn't matter. Good teams can dig themselves out of holes when it matters. Have to say the Blues "4th" line of Reaves Brodz and Upshall are as absolute handful, thank god they can't score.
  8. The way I understand the Pomminville situation is that the cost to buy out two years of his control makes replacing him with a cheap player a total wash so we gain nothing unless the new player is better which despite is decline isn't a sure thing. He did have some nice stretches this year when he did produce. After next season is a whole new ball game and we would only have to buy out one year of his contract. But that whole vegas thing clouds everything else right now. I'm just going to sit back and watch us come back in this series and win the cup. Then wake up and not worry about any of it.
  9. Yep not a good deal either way but we just can't protect him so if he doesn't waive we might have to buy him out. After next season Vaneks buyout comes off the books and buying out pommers 1 year doesn't hurt as much, then again if he waives we might have to honor his contract so who the heck knows. Whoever vegas takes will also get some money off the books. Koivu is in the last year of his contract next season, I don't see any young guys ready to take over his spot yet so maybe we can sign him to a Staal like contract and save some $$$ there too. The cap will be tight but not unmanageable in the future. Eventually that Parise contract will be an anchor but hopefully he can still contribute.
  10. They pretty much have to ask pommers to waive or buy him out, no way he gets picked by vegas. Then you protect Koivu, Parise, Staal, Nino, Granlund, Zucker, Coyle. Then Suter, Spurge and their choice of Brodin/Dumba/Scandella.
  11. Wowza 4 teams down 3-0 right now including Chicago, can't remember that ever happening before but it probably has.
  12. I just think we are setting ourselves up for failure by expecting anything, if there is one thing MN sports has taught us it should be not to get our expectations too high or we are doomed. I was certainly hoping this would be our year but the last month of the season threw up plenty of warning signs this wasn't our year. What do you do, its just sports, it doesn't really matter. I'd love to see a cup in my lifetime but if we don't win one there isn't much I can do about it other than come back next year and try again.
  13. I think tempering expectations is the key, even if we won the presidents trophy which we have never done those teams don't win the cup most years. Look at the Caps, they have had amazing teams for like 8-10 years now and got nowhere. San Jose has been among the contenders for what feels like 20 years now and have one final to show for it. There are a thousand examples of great teams doing nothing in the post season, it would be amazing to win one but these things are out of our control. This is the first year I would ever call us anything close to contender status based on our 2nd place finish in the west, even then we were one of 8 or 10 teams you could give that label to, it takes a special team to win one and right now its looking like it's not us again, nothing wrong with that. Yes it sucks but we have a lot of talented young players and some decent prospects coming up, even the vets have some gas in the tank so all hope isn't lost if we don't figure it out this year.
  14. Lets not get too down on the team, they are sucking right now but this is the first time in a long time we have been favored to win a series. Many of our players in the past have shown some capacity to step up in the playoffs, we are just not seeing a lot of them do that right now on the offensive end. The blues have one line to worry about and Yoe has them playing extremely well, they are not some juggernaut we can't handle. Lets not forget we took the Blues out under reversed rolls in 2015 when they were heavy favorites, this kind of stuff happens every single year, only one team can win. Sure it would be great to finally win the cup but we can't freak out every time they lose, there are 29 other teams trying to win and we clearly weren't playing well at the end of the year when we needed to be. If anything those handful of wins at the end of the year gave us some false hope that they team was back when they were just beating up terrible teams. Lets hope the extra days rest is spend cleaning the cobwebs out of our mental game, hopefully something happens in game 4 to spark this team but I'm sure we all won't be holding our breath. If we were to ever win cup and get that monkey off our backs we might as well make it special and come back from a 3-0 deficit to really make it special. Like I said, not holding my breath but fingers crossed. This is the best NHL team (Wild or North Stars) that we have ever had based on wins, points and probably a few other metrics, if they get their stuff together anything is possible.
  15. We are so mental and getting progressively worse each game, this team can only play up to their own confidence level and when they lose or don't have it they are toast. 2nd leading team in overall NHL scoring and we get one goal a game. I was worried about Dubs and the defense this series but they have been pretty good. Allen no doubt is playing well but we have to be better. We are the longest of long shots now, if somehow we make the greatest of comebacks we might break this funk but it would take a miracle at this point.