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  1. Pushbutton start

    Not sure with Hyundai, but Ford has a backup slot if the key fails to work wirelessly. A good reading of that owners manual will tell you.
  2. Dozer issues

    I don't think your "clutch" is a dry clutch like in a manual transmission in a car or truck but a wet clutch like in an automatic transmission. The clutch is drenched in oil and fluid pressure aplies and releases the clutch. So in theory if there is no fluid pressure there is no coupling between the tracks and the engine. This is just a quick Google search of your dozers drive system. If it's broke it's broke. Putting oil in it and a new filter is not going to make it worse. Fix the wire charge the battery and see what happens. Remember that most oil filters have a bypass built in so if pressure increases beyond a point you'll just get unfiltered oil. Tipicly the oil filter is not crushed though. Darn them "sticks" slash small trees.
  3. TPMS. OMG!

    The thought may have been that when they remove it and break it they then force a 30 Buck repair to a new sensor. So instead of getting your hopes up they just estimated the sensor. On the same note the options should have been on the table.
  4. TPMS. OMG!

    I guess I'm a little different. I like TPMS. My 2016 taurus has the sensor style tpms. My 2011 jetta before it watched wheel speed. I paid good $$$$$ for good tires. I drive to work and heard the typical tick of a rock stuck in my tire on the way to work. No big deal. I had a dirt drive way. Get to work 20 mineuts later. Work ends drive home. The light came on. Looked at the tires one was flat. I worked at a dealership and just made it out the shop drive way. Break down the tire and I had already destroyed the inner liner. It was a low profile tire so it's not as easy to tell it's flat. I think I wasted 200 bucks on a tire with 200 miles on it. Come back to my Taurus. It has the sensors in the wheels and also has 20 inch lower profiles. On my way home on the freeway the light came on. Wasn't too far from home so I drove the rest of the way. Btw my car doesn't have a spare at all. So if it's trash I'm s.o.l. no matter what. Got home and none appear low. Checked the tire pressures one was 10 psi low. I plugged it and got it repaired later. That 150 dollar sensor saved me 300 bucks on a new tire. I'll add that the oem rims for my car are 1000 each if they also were damaged due to a blow out. I think it's worth it. It's really hard to look at your tires when your driving. The system does it for you. But I agree a quick look before your trip is a very good idea. Preventative maint. Is always good. To each their own. Yes you may be able to put in a regular valve stem if the hole isn't corroded out. You would have the light on because it doesn't see the sesnor at the corect pressure or the sesnors at all.
  5. Def Pump

    Google how a fuel pump nozel works. Ford uses a plastic def filler assembly. The pump we used at the dealer had no faults. There is no need for a metal object near the sense port of the nozel from my understanding how the novel works. But if the sensor port is blocked it may be a slow fill. That or its not venting properly?
  6. Def Pump

    Federal, no unless it's an off road use vehicle only. (Racing) Locally, if they don't have emissions and you never get caught.....
  7. Things that once where but are no longer....

    Cup holders and the lock rods. And soon, interior door handles to open the door.
  8. On high the blower motor resistor is bypassed. With it working on high the power and ground are good. This leaves the switch and the resistor. My money is on the resistor. Remove it and ohm out 2 and 3, 2 and 4 then 2 and 1. If you find an open replace the resistor.
  9. Bucket List Cars

    I checked one off the list. 2016 SHO with performance package. 3.16 gears, summer tires, HD cooling system and little better brakes. It's a fun D.D.
  10. Upholstery cleaner

    Your best bet is to pay to have it steam cleaned. It will pick up everthing and make the carpet look new and smell newer. A spray will not pull the fluid out of the carpet as a steam clean will. You may even get away with renting a unit from a local hardware or grocery store. Sometimes the owners manual gives you a good direction on cleaning the carpet. You may be able to ask your local dealer or detail shop what they use. I was partial to ZEP products. Before taking it in vacuum it out very well. As for cleaning the hard plastic/vinyl windex works great followed up by a leather/vinyl restorer 3m or armorall works wonders.
  11. Tire slime in car tire?

    Yes slime can damage the sensor. Your are putting an electronic device in contact with a liquid. Don't put it in your tire. The shop (speaking from expirinece) does not like green surprises. That 10 bucks usually costs a lot more down the road. It probably says in the owners manual not to use it or that using it will damage the sensor. If you don't have tpms sensors in the tire and you do use it you'll have an upset tech. Also. Once you use slim you can't repair the tire. From my expirience again the slime causes the inner liner to get to a point where a rubber cement will not adhear to the tire.
  12. Building the N-Scale layout

    Any updates Jer?
  13. The owners manual fuse information. All* trucks usually have the trailer fused separate from the truck to prevent your trailer leaving you stranded without lights. The running lights prove that you have some power and a good ground to the adapter. It may be worth while to get a trailer adapter that has LEDs for testing the plug to determine if there is a truck or trailer fault. Sometimes the plug cover will say what the pins are for and you can get a test light to verify function of the adapter. Place the alligator clamp to the ground pin turn on the right blinker and place the probe on the right blinker/brake pin. If the cover doesn't show the pin out, Google will.
  14. Building the N-Scale layout

    Any update here Jeremy?
  15. Battery drain

    Good to hear!