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  1. hey guys i am going down to fl feb.10-20th i was looking to get some info on what i can do down there. I was down there one time fishing the winter of 2010 and went out on a short charter and got some smaller fish. Now im looking for a longer charter to go farther out into the gulf and want to catch some nice sized fish heres the problem. I dont know what i want to fish for or what is open to fish for keeping some fish would be nice when you look on the new you just get over loaded with info
  2. Lowrance did good

    they did nothing for me when my 334 c needed to be fixed they told me over the phone it would cost around 600 to fix it ....well we bought it 4 years ago for like 850 i said no way im a bird man after that one ......thanks lorance ....
  3. Humminbird 997cSI

    i have got the lornace 334 c igps and hate it for the gps but i was going to buy a 997 si this spring and was wonding if i could run them both side by side or will they infear with each other i dont want to sell it becouse i wont get any thing for it
  4. when to pull the boat out?

    NOW pool4 !!!!!!!its being fished
  5. Correct HP on a boat

    if its rated for a 40 go with 40 !!!!
  6. portable fish finders


    16.6 foot with a 4 stork merc 75hp and the merc pro kicker 9.9
  8. i just got a new house and the basment is not fisnhed out witch i like so i can make it how i want it what i want to do is to put in a gas fire place with a field rock mantle bult around it and there is going to be a wet bar at the other end other then the pluming for the fire place and the wet bar and and have the electrical work done do i need to the the election put a lot of pulgs ins behind where the fire place is going to go for the blower and a tv that is going to be put above the fire place ? the order i was going to have the stuff done is this ..... electrical work then pluming and then the the fire place and field rock mantle and then i am going to put the wood one the bottom half of the wall any info would be nice and ill post pics of ever thing befor and after and i am not doing most of the work my self lol just the wood working lol that is what im good at if im missing any seps here let me know
  9. Trolling Motor Batteries

    you can get 2 or 4 small fuse blocks and run all the wires to them and then just one wire from them to the bat
  10. Gulp Alive

    as long as your not fishing under a bober i think it works better (stays on you hook longer is what i mean by better)
  11. Catching eyes after dark?

    the lake that i have been fishing is really green and dark and deep for lakes down here i have been on a good eye bit dering the day but can i even get a hit at night at all ......i know the fish are there im marking a lot of them time they will bit come night thye stop ever day lol
  12. How do I get on teh mailing list for these tournament? i might join next year!
  13. So what's mono good for again?

    I use alot o f braid but up north this sprinf the eyes would not touch crystal vraid and went for the co- poly all the way!
  14. I live and do most of my fishing in southern minnesota but I am wondering what works for you for night fishing walleyes this time of year or even any open water time? After sun sets I cannot get a bite trolling cranks! I have tried some jigs and gulp with no luck. I tried throwing lip less cranks tonight with no luck either. Help please!
  15. Commorants!!!!!!!

    then we have the blue jays and the black birds .....they are eating all the walleyes !! lol