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  1. K9 season so far

    made mine last season, but you can buy it from Minnesota trapline products
  2. K9 season so far

    Buy or make yourself some waxed dirt, its really easy and not very expensive to buy, its the only thing that I would use
  3. K9 season so far

    no one catching any yotes? 3 traps in the ground for coyotes and pulled another one last night, up to seven now. No fox yet but caught a coon in one of my fox sets
  4. K9 season so far

    How has everyones K9 season gone so far? This is my first season trapping, bought 1 dozen MB 550's and started setting traps on opening morning and have had iron in the ground for 12 nights now anywhere from 3 traps to 11 traps on 4 different farms. So far I have caught 6 yotes and 2 badgers. I have my eye on a few fox that I will set heavy for tomorrow since I have pulled my coyote sets tonight for the deer season. Will try to post a few pictures
  5. Wolf Lottery

    I got drawn for late season trapping, first year I have applied.
  6. going to be a great year!

    Prices are the best part, hoping I don't run into any other trappers!
  7. going to be a great year!

    Good luck all getting your fur.
  8. Non resident trapping

    NR can trap in Minnesota! have you read the regs?
  9. Question for you wolf men

    You only have a permit to catch 1 wolf, how many traps do you put out to catch that one wolf? Is bait better than lure, Or do you use both like catching yots? Leaning towards leg holds so I can release one if I need to, but does anyone use snares?
  10. Question for you wolf men

    Going to try to get drawn for trapping wolves this year. I have 3 questions for the guys that have some experience with trapping wolves.
  11. Non resident trapping

    I would be all for a 7 day non resident trapping license but against a season long license
  12. Non resident trapping

    They must be thinking we have enough trappers to handle the amount of fur they want caught!
  13. I need help tracking down some info, I have been handed down some wooden duck decoys that I believe are hand carved. The have the initials A W C carved into the bottom of them. The A and W overlap so the top of the A makes the center of the W and the C is directly below. I have done many searches on google and hsolist without any luck. I would like to know who may have carved these and what era they may be from. Thanks Josh
  14. WHY

    There is too much habitat getting taken away in southern Minnesota. We need to reduce hunting pressure or bring the habitat up to sustain it! Right now public lands are a joke for 75% of the deer season (I hunt all private land). Peoples groves around their houses hold more deer than public hunting lands do. I would like the DNR to do a survey on how many hunters south of State HWY 94/10 hunt public land and how many hunt private land. There is a huge problem with how our state handles the licenses and permits. They should take a page out of the turkey success book. I honestly believe not everyone should be able to hunt in Minnesota (including myself and my family) each year. No more over the counter licenses!