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  1. Pickled beets

    I couldn't find a recipe anywhere online for pickling raw beets (unless just refrigerator beets) so I must have been mistaken and will just cook them first! Love them pickled but not so much just cooked! Thanks for ALL the comments!
  2. Pickled beets

    Rebel....that's a good recipe. Thanks. I think I'll pass on yours Leech! I could have sworn we did one without cooking the beets!
  3. Pickled beets

    We can't find our recipe for pickled beets. Haven't done this for a couple of years. Wife and I both certain we didn't cook the beets.....we just packed them in hot jars, poured the brine over, then boiled the sealed jars for 15-20 minutes. I can't find a recipe that says you don't have to cook beets. Does any one have such a recipe? Our brine contained cinnamon sticks and cloves. I imagine we could just add these ingredients to any regular vinegar/sugar/water brine though. Mostly just wondering about using raw beats vs uncooked beets. Thanks...Jim
  4. Erratic Internet speed

    This certainly sounds similar to what is happening to me. I still haven't replaced the modem but that will be my 1st step and then check with the phone company. I think they will come out and look for no cost if they think that might be the problem.
  5. Erratic Internet speed

    Thanks guys! It has been fine for a week or so and now slower today! I think I'll try that new modem too!
  6. My internet sometimes and sporadically slows to virtually a stop. This seems to happen when I've been away from it for a few days. I monkey around trying to clean it up and turn it back to a previous date which sometimes seems to help but usually it seems to just start up again on its' own, and then faster than ever! I talked to my provider, Century Link, and they said my modem is 10 years old so they (and I) assumed this was the problem. Before I got my new modem, it started working again, faster than ever so I haven't installed the new modem yet. What gives? Any idea? Should I install my new modem or wait until it goes slow again? I am happy with my current speed right now and my feeling is why fix if when it isn't broke!!
  7. My wife wants one of these so she can record some programs and replay them on the player. I suppose something like a DVR player for radio. Is there such a machine? She wants it portable. Thanks! JIm
  8. Siding questions.

    Thanks a lot for all the replies. We will probably be going with the LP smartside but I think we'll wait until the spring. We are going to put two front windows in yet this coming fall. I will post a picture when we get all done. Our cabin is not the most "Northwoodsy" looking but has served us well and is only 50' from the water.
  9. Siding questions.

    Also wondering if the Georgia-Pacific Polypropylene siding is any better than the vinyl. I know that it is a type of vinyl but, according to a friend who put it on his home, it's supposed to be a lot thicker and better.
  10. Siding questions.

    More things to think about. I appreciate everyone's input. I'm awaiting prices from Menards right now but will also check other than Menards. Thanks.
  11. Siding questions.

    Floyd: Do you think the cement fiberboard is a better option than the steel log siding? Ole: I will check out LPSmartside... Thanks
  12. Siding questions.

    I want to re side my cabin with a maintenance free siding. Anyone have any experience with types? I am considering steel log siding by Tru-Log. Anyone have any experience with them. I will look into ABC siding too but I think they install and do not just sell the product. How about vinyl? What is the difference between Georgia-Pacific Cedar Specturm propylene siding and Certain-teed vinyl? (from Menards). Also looking into the cement fiber board (30 year guarantee and that will do it for me!) Lots of questions but any advice or experience with this will be very helpful. Many, many choices. Thanks. Jim
  13. Using Printer Ink too fast

    Thanks for all the good advice. I will go with the Brothers in the future, but for now, I figured out how to turn off the color ink and just use black and white which seems to work well.
  14. Using Printer Ink too fast

    The $189 Brothers printer on Amazon is the MFCL2740DW and with the toner bundle it is $220.70 so the toner cost would be about $30. Another question. There are color laser printers for sale for less than $100. Not sure what the color toner cost is though. Would these be cheaper and better than the ink jet? Oops...might be wrong about the color laser printer for less than $100. I think I was looking at an ink jet printer. There are Brothers b&w laser printers though for under $100 with good ratings on Amazon. Anyone have any experience with them?