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  1. Brewster's House For Sale

    I'd guess he is moving to a bachelor pad, from what I heard.
  2. Vibo Lifts?

    Go with a screw leg, for adjusting, by all means. I have a Floe vert. lift and while I like it I would like to have one of their newer models w/ the screw drive lift mechanisum vs the winch style I have. Also get a wheel kit if it can be pulled out of the lake. Another thing to think about is putting a chain or cable bridle on the lift, as low as possible, and the letting the bridle sink into the bottom. I secure mine w/ some light nylon sash cord and just pull the bridle up out of the bottom b/4 hooking and pulling.
  3. Victory Kingpin ???

    After looking and thinking hard... I think I'd buy a new H-D Fat Bob , but more than likely will go a late model Dyna w/ forward controls.
  4. Leggy and white discribes 1/2 the Shorthairs I see these days. I have Rawhide stuff heavy in the 2 I have left. Sadly I had to put down my leggy white 12 yr old male a couple of weeks ago. He came at the wrong time in my life. I had quit trialing for what I then thought was going to be a year or 2. He needed an owner that would either spend the $$$ on a handler / trainer or for me to get back in. Neither one happened but I did get what I wanted frfom him; carriers of genetics. What ever Dr Kline did, he did it right. A true breeder. I've been told a lot of stories by breeders, other handlers, and owners over the years. They do stay with me though; other wise I never would have been told them. Not just about GSPs either. No name to this, the man recently died, but riding along judging once he told me "I crossed Brittanys with Pointers. It worked but by the time I got them looking like Brittanys again the Pointer wasn't working." Not a knock on Britts; he just wanted tall leggy dogs that had a lot of high pointing posture and would back easy and bang around the prairies for an hour+ in front of a mounted handler.
  5. Victory Kingpin ???

    After not having a bike form .....oh....32 yrs or so I'm leaning hard towards a Victory Kingpin bagger. I had Triumphs before anmy last bike actually was a 750 Norton Interstate Commando w/ the combat engine. I'm way to old for the litttle bit of cafe racer still in me to buy a crotch rocket BUT Moto Guzzi Norges, BMW T1200s feel like a bike should. I've also Looked at the big Triumph triple (Rocket? That's what they used to be called.) The big Yammie / Star V Twin has had me sit on one since I have had phenominal preformance from my well used Yammie main motor and kicker on my pike boat. Last but not least I will look at H-D. The thing is is that when I walked into a custom chopper retailer, by mistake and / or curiousity, where every thing on the floor had the H-D based S&S motors for power, the salesman said, "Go Victory. Very reliable, lots of power, and they handle well for a big cruiser." Having gotten to the point in my life where I can buy a "toy" like this from being a union tradesman I feel like Victory or H-D is the way I'll go . I really want to hear truthful experiances on Victory. Thanks.
  6. Doing father to daughter, then granddaughter, then great granddaughter, w/ Moesgaard Ib is how Dr Kline fixed the Moegaard (Danish line is what many people call them) line and then they did the same thing w/ his son Fieldacres Ib. It is in the book The New Complete GSP written years ago. It was way before my time & I started in '75 I may have the Moesgaard Ib vs Fieldacxres Ib backwards, but the important thing was the Dr Kline did not worry about making $$$. He made a line. Some people say he used Pointers. It was long before my time but he made the breed into romping stomping go get'em birddogs. I have bred that tight and know of others also that have. Size of the individual animals may decrease. If the pups look right and act right, and you are willing to put the dog down or nor breed in the future if a problem is manifested, go for it.
  7. Buy the pup whenever. Take the dog out and if nothelse get it on hens late in the year. I spent my 1st winter in the Cities living with my future wife in an apt. on 64th & Pleasant. Had one, my 1st, GSP gyp and eventhough she was 4yrs old I got her on pheasants over by the airport and back behind the ice arena north of 66th and east of Portland. Make sure the fences are good. It would be a shame to have your 1st birddog get whacked by a car.
  8. I always tell people that have not had a pointing dog to start w/ a GSP and ONLY SHOOT POINTED BIRDS and they will almost train themselves. I started out in NAVHDA in the mid 70's and eventually left it because for me it was not what I wanted to do. I ran horseback AKC and Amer. Field field trials but I would strongly urge you to join NAVHDA. The program is solid, I just wanted more go. The force training work and Bodo Winterhelt's training table work have been modified by a number of other guys, like me, but the idea is so solid that you just have to use it. Sharpshooters has been around a long time & foot dogs are what they do.I know there are other GSP breeders that do a good job. They Call Bill Jensen ( last # I had for him was PLEASE READ FORUM POLICY BEFORE POSTING AGAIN, THANK YOU) in the Dalbo / Milaca area. He was the founder of the 1st NAVHDA chapter in Mn the 70's. He and his late wife were into WPG but he could give you GSP breeders he respects. I can not think of anyone that is better qualified to direct you. Tell him Brian B. sent you his way and that it's my fault that we haven't seen each other in a long time. I will be calling him some day soon since I RETIRED today!!! Remember though that you BUY the instincts & then train what you have bought. I think that for a begineer, which you are until you have had a min of 1 finished dog, bidability and LOTS OF POINT are very important. Good luck and let us knoiw how things go.
  9. shock collars

    I have a Tri-tronics 200 that i used when I had a string of field trial dogs and to me KNOWING that when I wanted to nick that I truely did nick when I pushed one or both of the black (nick function) buttons is important. For example, if I wanted to just "touch" the dog for committing a minor sin (back casting I.E.) vs when I wanted to grab their attention for a major infraction (popping and the chasing a deer). The worst thing a collar can do is to go off when you don't want it to. The 2nd worse is not going off when you NEED it to. My collar was in the basement on the maintain setting for years and when the son in law asked to use it it worked fine and has continued to work for the last couple of years for him. As a pointer guy if I had to buy a new collar it would be one be that had both nick and full time buttons and having a beepber that you can turn on and off from the transmitter would be just perfect. Switch grass has swallowed up more than one dog on point & thus the beeper option. I had 4 dogs on my hunting string in past years that were all broke to w/s/k & sometimes finding them on point was a challenge when you were on foot. Thus the beeper option. I'd look at Tri-tronics 1st but I've heard good things on the others. Innotech....was bad back when I trained.
  10. Egress window well

    Concrete retaining walls will last ..... as long as the house foundation. treated wood (ground contact rated wood has a higher level of preservative than non-contact ) will also last a very long time. Metal should give your 30yrs + for a life span. I'd make sure of a couple things: 1) Have the surrounding area have positive drainage away from the well. 2) If #1 is not possible FOR SURE run a piece of 4" min. PVC tile or pipe out to "daylight". Positive slopeing for storm run off. I have heard form someone who knows (former work partner that is a ins. adjuster) that a window well that fills w/ water is considered a flood and most ins. will NOT cover the damage. 3)Make sure there is a way for critters to get out. They will get in.

    $.75 cy is a very fair price BUT the accounting will all be done by the ton. Pits keep track by running the trucks over scales so there is a conversion factor. I'd have that, conversion factor, up front.
  12. Backyard Breeding definition?

    "Backyard breeders" will be kennel blind and find a way to justify ; A)Breeding dogs that should not be bred in the 1st place & then; Allowing poor quality pups into the market place vs culling both them and the parents that produced them. It is harsh but the way breeds improve. As for selling; I'd give pups to the right owners. Ones that would do right by the dogs and be able to give me accurate unbiased feedback on how their dogs developed.
  13. Backyard Breeding definition?

  14. Do people rent out dogs?

    I've had friends who were experianced hunters with dogs take a couple of mine with the strict provisions of: A) Shoot only pointed birds. B)Don't loose them on point. C) They were broke when you got them; bring them back the same. These guys knew what they were doing and the dogs they took were also not my highest powered. Being a begineer why not see if an experianced dog man will take you hunting? Be ultra safety concious, pay for fuel and do not go back to private ground that you learn about. See if you like it and who knows , you may have a dog or two of your own someday.
  15. Best Movie Quotes

    "This ain't Dodge City and you ain't Bill Hickock." Bad men and Matthew Quigley draw. Three shoots ring out and the bad men a laying in the dust. "I said I never had much use for one. I never said it didn't know how to use one." Quigley Down Under