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  1. Winter Riders ?

    Good tip on the exhaust. I went 8 years without a bike. Can't see leaving it in the garage for several months now that I have one again.
  2. Winter Riders ?

    Apparently not.
  3. Winter Riders ?

    Any Winter riders on this site? Thinking about cold weather riding as long as the roads are free of ice.
  4. Sleeping in a hollow log.

    I thought the same thing, but look at his ammo vest. 10 Gauge shotguns were common back then. Could it be a single shot lever action?
  5. Sleeping in a hollow log.

    I am guessing it is a 10 gauge shotgun.
  6. Sleeping in a hollow log.

    Can anyone ID that rifle?
  7. First deer in years!!!

    Wait a minute! I am an old timer!
  8. First deer in years!!!

    How did the old timers ever manage to exist without experts?
  9. First deer in years!!! has a good article on this subject. "Why Hang Deer/Age Meat."
  10. First deer in years!!!

    Aging makes a big difference. Where do you get your information?
  11. First deer in years!!!

    Weather permitting I hang them with hide on about a week. I know others who hang them the entire season.
  12. This is called "Buck Fever". Your eye was not lined up with your scope. Also,you probably exhaled on your lens fogging it up. NEVER shoot unless you can clearly see your target.
  13. Shot a big one today

    Take your time. Move slow in a pattern, not all over the place. I think you will find him.
  14. Does deer urine go bad?

    I don't trust any of it. Not worth risking a mature deer.
  15. 25-06 or 30-06??? Undecided

    .25 Caliber or .30 Caliber? 30-06 If you are in the woods.