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  1. It's always nice to find something after many miles traveled, but I never like finding dead heads.
  2. I'm not a ton of help on the outfitter side of things, but I took of advantage of the readily available MT tags this year to join my brother and dad for a DIY hunt. I'm still waiting for results from the draw, but it sounds like odds are pretty good this year! If your interested in doing it on your own on public land my best advice would be to find an area with large areas of public land without roads, or at least minimal roads. At that point get in the best shape possible, and be willing to hike a long ways once you get there. When we went to WY a few years ago this was the strategy, and we were seeing more and better deer than many of the guys we talked to who had resorted to plan B and C after their legs were too burnt up to continue hiking back into their primary areas after just a day or two. Faribault is close enough to the big hills in the river bluffs of SE MN... start hiking hills as much as possible. If you can do it with a loaded pack even better! A bag of water softner salt works great. No matter how good of shape you're in, the hills out west will kick your butt every time. We are lucky to live in a the area we do. Take advantage of the training opportunity we have in SE MN, it will pay off, and start now. Rushing it right before you leave never seems to work. I tried it the first couple trips I took out there, and I paid for it big time.
  3. Well I thought I would give an update... I ended up finding that Mystery Ranch had the Crew Cab in large with the older frame(NICE frame) on clearance. A little more than I wanted to spend, but now that I have it I couldn't be happier! I have put on just shy of 20 miles in the last few days with it loaded up with a 40 pound bag of water softner salt, and the pack feels great. Every pack I tried on the cheaper end was very uncomfortable for me when loaded, because they just couldn't be fitted to my fairly wide frame. Sure the pack is a little on the heavy side, but when you already weigh 250(hopefully a little less by Montana in the fall) I don't think you notice that weight as much. I was also pleasantly surprised to find my Lone Wolf Assault2 fits in it very well. I pack my stand deep into public land every sit, and it was always tough packing in the stand, gear, and bow all in one shot with out it being a very awkward load. I don't think the standard treestand shoulder straps were ever really meant for that IMO. The pack should make this year much easier.
  4. I shoot the 7 pin IQ micro on my Hoyt and it is a nice sight for sure. I don't know if the money you will spend on it will be worth it if you aren't trying to make considerably longer shots than 32 yards. I personally think for tight quarters a single pin would be easiest. You could probably shoot 30 yards without moving the pin depending on your setup. A few pros -The "IQ bubble"(I find myself only useing it when making 40+ yard shots) -Easily adjusting all the pins at once to accommodate different tips. -Very bright pins in low light The only real con would be that the thumb screws rattle really bad when you shoot. I did fix this with a couple O-rings, but I shouldn't have to do that. Last summer I was able to shoot 90 yards pretty good and out to 80 I felt very comfortable. Whether this was due to switching to the IQ I have no idea. It certainly could have just been that I was practicing way more since I have the potential to shoot 40-50 yards in some of my stands. I don't plan on ever shooting at a white tail from that far but it's nice to know I could, and it sure makes 20-30 yard shots seem easy.
  5. They are starting to pile up!
  6. Biggest ever for me!
  7. My brother advised to stay clear of the military surplus as well. Luckily he has a cabelas frame(not what I'm looking for), a Eberlestock, and a Mystery Ranch I can try so I will see how those feel. Just a heads up swamptiger if you're ever looking for a pack a lot of outdoor stores have bags of lead shot for reloading. That's what I used to rule out the badlands pack. Needless to say I got a few strange looks from the employees and customers when I was loading up the pack, and then when I was running up and down the stairs! It worked great though to prove that was not the one for me. I just wish there was more of a selection locally.
  8. Here's number 3 for the year! Not a bad find for a couple hours after work. It was so fresh it still had wet blood on the base.
  9. Number 2 for the year and well over a mile to get back to the truck! Hoping to match this one still.
  10. Not a monster, but I'm on the board for the year!
  11. That is a very interesting page! Thanks for the link.
  12. I am looking for a new pack to haul minerals/trail cameras around in the hills of SE Minnesota in the preseason. It will also be used for weight training(2-3 hikes a week with a sand bag or a few rocks in the pack). Lastly I would like to be able to strap my stand to the pack come September. I carry my stand in and out nearly every sit... my back did not appreciate that last year, so I would like to move the weight to my hips! As I am exploring further away from the parking areas my old backpack and standard treestand carry straps just aren't cutting it. I'm intrigued by the Horn Hunter main beam pack which they even advertise as being able to carry the stand, which I have never seen before. It also looks like it compresses down pretty small when you don't need all of the space. I am curious if anyone has ever tried these packs? I haven't found much info on them online. I'm sure many other packs could do everything listed above, so any recommendations would be appreciated. I would like to stay in the $200 dollar range if possible. I have a hard time justifying the $500+ price tag on the high end packs like Kifaru and Mystery Ranch having never got to try one personally. Thanks in advance.
  13. Well I decided to sit one more day to try and at least shoot a doe. Just my luck the little six that we've been seeing pushing does all over just pushed 4 off the clover. Had the bow in hand and everything. Hopefully 3 hours is enough time for another one to work it's way in. Good luck to everyone else trying to make the last hours count!
  14. Well this may be my last "view from the stand". It was a slow morning with only one doe seen on the way out.
  15. Well I'm switching it up for the last few days. I moved to a new area I've never been to before. It was a heck of a hike but I really like the spot. South facing slope behind me, and picked corn and beans just out past the crp!