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  1. They are starting to pile up!
  2. Biggest ever for me!
  3. My brother advised to stay clear of the military surplus as well. Luckily he has a cabelas frame(not what I'm looking for), a Eberlestock, and a Mystery Ranch I can try so I will see how those feel. Just a heads up swamptiger if you're ever looking for a pack a lot of outdoor stores have bags of lead shot for reloading. That's what I used to rule out the badlands pack. Needless to say I got a few strange looks from the employees and customers when I was loading up the pack, and then when I was running up and down the stairs! It worked great though to prove that was not the one for me. I just wish there was more of a selection locally.
  4. Here's number 3 for the year! Not a bad find for a couple hours after work. It was so fresh it still had wet blood on the base.
  5. Number 2 for the year and well over a mile to get back to the truck! Hoping to match this one still.
  6. Not a monster, but I'm on the board for the year!
  7. That is a very interesting page! Thanks for the link.
  8. I am looking for a new pack to haul minerals/trail cameras around in the hills of SE Minnesota in the preseason. It will also be used for weight training(2-3 hikes a week with a sand bag or a few rocks in the pack). Lastly I would like to be able to strap my stand to the pack come September. I carry my stand in and out nearly every sit... my back did not appreciate that last year, so I would like to move the weight to my hips! As I am exploring further away from the parking areas my old backpack and standard treestand carry straps just aren't cutting it. I'm intrigued by the Horn Hunter main beam pack which they even advertise as being able to carry the stand, which I have never seen before. It also looks like it compresses down pretty small when you don't need all of the space. I am curious if anyone has ever tried these packs? I haven't found much info on them online. I'm sure many other packs could do everything listed above, so any recommendations would be appreciated. I would like to stay in the $200 dollar range if possible. I have a hard time justifying the $500+ price tag on the high end packs like Kifaru and Mystery Ranch having never got to try one personally. Thanks in advance.
  9. Well I decided to sit one more day to try and at least shoot a doe. Just my luck the little six that we've been seeing pushing does all over just pushed 4 off the clover. Had the bow in hand and everything. Hopefully 3 hours is enough time for another one to work it's way in. Good luck to everyone else trying to make the last hours count!
  10. Well this may be my last "view from the stand". It was a slow morning with only one doe seen on the way out.
  11. Well I'm switching it up for the last few days. I moved to a new area I've never been to before. It was a heck of a hike but I really like the spot. South facing slope behind me, and picked corn and beans just out past the crp!
  12. So I've been in the stand the last few nights, and there has been a little 6point pushing does. My parents have also been seeing him all throughout the day, head down, like he's searching for does. He's acting like it's the heat of the rut. I'm still fairly new to deer hunting, especially the late season, is this normal? It seems odd that he is the only one. All of the other bucks on camera are grouped back up and completely nocturnal. On a side note we also have a young buck that dropped it's antlers already. This is the earliest I have seen that.
  13. Well I took last weekend off to sit on the ice, but it's crunch time now. Only a week and a half left.
  14. My brother has the quiver and likes it, but he still feels he needs bungee cords to keep the sticks from popping loose. As a cheaper option I ended up tying loops of rope onto the platform of my Assault. They slip right over the same "round thing" as the straps, and then I throw a bungee around the sticks to lock them down. Its fast and secure, and I can easily carry up to 6 sticks if needed. It also keeps everything tight to the platform which seems to make walking through the woods a little easier, and leaves room for all the other junk I strap to the stand like extra clothes, saw, and bow hanger.
  15. Hoping to catch a buck cruising for one last doe tonight. This should be interesting considering I'm in orange, the wind is swirling, and unless the deer are out on the crp my longest clear shot will be no more than 15 yards... hoping for a dumb one!