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  1. Lowrance 332 not finding Satellite ?

    I called her a few weeks ago...she did return an email and a phone call. But she was not able to help due to personal issues at the time and was not working. So out of courtesy I would suggest not bothering her at this time. I waited on the phone for customer service...about 70 minutes, but I eventually did get thru.
  2. One dynamic quarterback from glory

    And it appears he also smokes crack
  3. Lowrance 334 problems

    Thanks. Since I got my current 334 from Lowrance(replacement), I unfortunately don't have a dealer to help me out. I guess when I send it in I'll just request another model, and hope they can remedy my aggravation. I like the locator, but really wish I could have one that worked properly.
  4. Lowrance 334 problems

    I would actually like to try a hard reboot right into Lowrance's hind end.
  5. Lowrance 334 problems

    So did Lowrance replace it with the 332? At your request?
  6. Lowrance 334 problems

    I have a 334cIGPS that has been factory replaced, last spring($200). Bought a ice-ducer, etc and have been using it this winter. Now this replacement unit is acting up...cannot even access the main menu. There's a list of malfunctions actually. I finally got thru to customer service by phone. Took forever on hold(over an hour). They gave my a repair # and told me to send it in. My question is...has anyone had one replaced(by Lowrance) with a 520 series? After 2 junk 334's I'm ready to tell them I want one instead.
  7. Strike - Lite is AWESOME!!

    Sounds like you need a new blade on that Jiffy! Have had my Strike-Lite for 3 weeks. Drilled around 75 holes. So far it is excellent in EVERY way.
  8. Which Ice Auger do I buy?

    Just remember to let them warm up good. I see guys on the lake fire them up and want to cut holes right away. And again on the oil/ old SM liked it 40:1. Not sure about the new 2 strokes though. If in doubt call SM and ask for CY. You won't get put on hold for an hour and he'll give you the straight answer. Alot of guys have gone to AMzoil and swear by it. There's some threads on that topic too.
  9. Plowing your way out

    I buy the plow, and plow a road away from where you fish. Like bunching flies.
  10. Nils Augers Made in the USA! really?

    My ancestors aren't from finland...Norway, Germany, and Denmark Actually I'm sure the Nils are great. I just happen to have good luck with the SM's and I'm trying out the new Strike-Lite this year. So far it's been awesome. I do try to buy as much as I can USA, but it's getting harder and harder all the time. As for the Raps...I've got a few(boxes)!
  11. Which Ice Auger do I buy?

    Ya that's my "old one". He even got my old Marcum. The new Strike-Lite is even better. I see you're a PO in Moorhead? My first cousin is a Sarg up there...Steve L. Isn't Cliffy a cop there too?
  12. Which Ice Auger do I buy?

    SM doesn't offer new 224's anymore. k&k Sports handles refurbs I believe.
  13. Nils Augers Made in the USA! really?

    I suppose I could have bought a Nils, but I chose to keep some of the money home. Hardly anything is totally US made anymore, but every bit helps.
  14. A monster

    yep, good work on light line. So what type line were you using?
  15. Childress FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got me too. Dang you.