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  1. Lowrance 332 not finding Satellite ?

    I called her a few weeks ago...she did return an email and a phone call. But she was not able to help due to personal issues at the time and was not working. So out of courtesy I would suggest not bothering her at this time. I waited on the phone for customer service...about 70 minutes, but I eventually did get thru.
  2. One dynamic quarterback from glory

    And it appears he also smokes crack
  3. Lowrance 334 problems

    Thanks. Since I got my current 334 from Lowrance(replacement), I unfortunately don't have a dealer to help me out. I guess when I send it in I'll just request another model, and hope they can remedy my aggravation. I like the locator, but really wish I could have one that worked properly.
  4. Lowrance 334 problems

    I would actually like to try a hard reboot right into Lowrance's hind end.
  5. Lowrance 334 problems

    So did Lowrance replace it with the 332? At your request?
  6. Lowrance 334 problems

    I have a 334cIGPS that has been factory replaced, last spring($200). Bought a ice-ducer, etc and have been using it this winter. Now this replacement unit is acting up...cannot even access the main menu. There's a list of malfunctions actually. I finally got thru to customer service by phone. Took forever on hold(over an hour). They gave my a repair # and told me to send it in. My question is...has anyone had one replaced(by Lowrance) with a 520 series? After 2 junk 334's I'm ready to tell them I want one instead.
  7. Childress FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got me too. Dang you.
  8. My springer spaniel bit my daughter.

    Same situation with me two years ago. Dog be gone.
  9. Pat Williams To Return Sunday????

    They need Pat to play and win. He's one big bad mf.
  10. Vikes VS> Giants

    Although the Giants are decent, they are no super-team that can lay down and still win this game. To think their backups can breeze by any team is rediculous. This ain't high school ball. However, I don't think they'll be needing their entire playbook. Vikes managed an interesting season at best. Hopefully Santa brings them a new QB and playbook for X-mas. Giants 34 Vikes 20
  11. Cougar sighting

    That was a really nice way of calling me a liar, Bag. Your subtle jabs/sarcasm are much appreciated. BobT...I guess when you said "crying wolf" I took it as meaning you didn't believe that a cat was even seen. Your stats are most likely right on, but I don't think they're much reassurance to my friend as he walks into his stand anymore. And your right, MOST of us have much more important things to worry about.
  12. Cougar sighting

    So I'm crying "cat"? I don't lie and neither do people I consider true friends. Rest easy? Go right ahead. My friends' brother and kids won't be. The cougar I originally posted about here was seen three times this fall. First time it was hunting rodents along a field about 100 yards away. The second time one of his boys was in a stand when two deer were coming in...until a cat waiting in the brush took one out. Was about 75 yds from his stand. The third sighting was a week before rifle season. His youngest boy was in a stand when the cat walked right up on him at 20 yds and was growling(not purring)at him. The kid pretty much s**t his pants. The cat wouldn't leave. So he started throwing anything he could at it, until he finally fired a warning arrow at it, and only then did it take off. And I do have another report from my bro-in-laws' father...talked to him at T-giving. He saw one SE of Crookston during the rifle season. Attacks may be statistically rare, but it's only a matter of time before you read about one here in Minnesota. Somewhere someone will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  13. Muzzleloader results?

    if I recall a fawn is still a deer! Congrats and enjoy the vittles.
  14. Muzzleloader results?

    Zip. Didn't see a deer. I am beginning to believe there was some kind of alien abduction on Nov 7th. Unbelievable.
  15. Not too shabby!

    If you deduct 2 inches due to drying from your net green, that means you underestimated around a half inch....sharpen your pencil man! Again nice buck. How has the rest of your season gone?