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  1. I went all over the board on this one hope it works out A. Christie B. Palaniuk C. Powroznik D. Browning E. Biffle
  2. Have any of you guys tried the Stanley ribbit frogs? I picked up a couple of packs at my local wally world for a $1 a pack. On a side note I saw a video of Jacob Wheeler talking about using a buzzbait and putting a biffle bug on it instead of a skirt, he mentioned that they hit it better and hold on to it a little longer since there is some mass there. I wonder if a zoom horny toad would work for that as well since the biffle bugs are expensive.
  3. HAs anyone here used this software to map your lakes? Has anyone downloaded the lakes that are on the shared cloud? I have a hook 7 and some of the lakes around have been mapped, it would be nice to download them and use that instead of the other map.
  4. So this is my first year playing Bassmasters Fantasy Fishing, What does the Own % mean and does it have anything to do with the points you would earn if that person is on your team? Or is it a % of people that have picked that person. Thanks
  5. I set my lineup last night and here's who I'm starting as of now A: J. Christie B: KVD C: Powroznik D: Browning E: Roumbanis What about you guys?
  6. I made up quite a bit of ground with my T bend picks, but I'm still sitting in 12,350 place. Ended up with 4 guys fishing day three and 2 guys fishing on the last day. Has the Bassmasters Elite ever fished on Ross Barnett? I see some guys have fished an Open there, sounds like a good skipping, pitching lake.
  7. Wow I have 4 in the top 20 right now, keep it up boys. Sounds like sight fishing is going to play more today with less wind predicted.
  8. I changed up my guys a little ended up going with these; Defoe Faircloth Kennedy Palaniuk Zaldain Have to see how they do, no changing it now.
  9. I keep going back to bucket B there are so many good names in there that either have won a Toledo or have consistently been in the top 10. Still hoping that Montgomery will come through with a top 10
  10. Well totally changed up my lineup, It seems that Faircloth has always done really good on this body of water. A: Montgomery B: Faircloth C: Kennedy D: Palaniuk E: Jordon
  11. Here's what I have so far and probably will change it up also, A. Wheeler B. Rojas C. Ehrler D. Powroznik E. Zaldain Man it would be so much easier if there were only 2 guys you had to pick from in each bucket, then I'd have a chance.
  12. I think that Lee is going to keep the momentum going and he proved that he can catch fish when others struggle. It also seemed like he was more open minded to fish where the fish are and not stick with one pattern that seemed to fizzle out for some of the other guys.
  13. Yeah my team didn't do good outside of Ike, none of them were in the top 25.
  14. Man Jordan Lee had a huge bag today to win it. Good for him wish he was on my team though.
  15. Bass Pro Excel (you can get their 1500 yard spools right now for $7.49) also you buy 2 you get one free and free shipping after $25 order. I use it on all of my spinning rods now after a guide I fished with last year told me that after years of using Trilene, he switched a couple years ago and has great luck with it.