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  1. CarlWBL

    Jig Trailer--Chunk, Craw, Beaver, or none of the above?

    Chigger craws and yamamoto twin tailed grubs have been working well for me.
  2. CarlWBL

    Smallmouth Spawn

    Also, how does the current affect spawning areas? Are smallies looking for current breaks to spawn around? I guess I would picture rocky, shallow flats outside of the main river flow..
  3. CarlWBL

    Smallmouth Spawn

    Quick question for you river rats... In a river situation like our infamous Mississippi here in MN, where would you look for the smallmouth to spawn? Hard or soft bottom? Thanks!
  4. CarlWBL

    Trokar hooks

    The biggest downfall in my opinion is the point of the Trokar's folding over. What I like about Gamma hooks is that I can sharpen them to extend their life.
  5. CarlWBL


    With regards to what plastics to use, try the 5.5" finesse worm by Tonka Tackle
  6. 1 & 2. I shot at 1 grouse this weekend and it didn't fly far. I went in after it with my GSP and we never saw it again. It was very fun though just to feel the anticipation if it was still around. 3 & 4. First weekend it was busy, last Sunday in same area, not very busy. Hunting pressure is sporatic. I love hunting Sunday mornings.
  7. CarlWBL

    9/24-26 SECRET WORD!!!

    Nice fish Bob!
  8. CarlWBL

    First time out w/ GSP

    My breeder wanted to get him in this fall, but I haven't talked with them as I think they are prepping for a VC competition soon. I'll probably just get him out and put him to work. Thanks. Carl
  9. Sunday will be my first time out with my GSP. He passed his NA this spring and now I will be taking him grousin'. Any suggestions as to how to get him to get the grouse scent? Should I buy grouse wings and get him into the scent? My walking 8 month son has kept me pretty busy recently. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks, Carl
  10. CarlWBL

    ? for dock skippers

    I use 8 lb for finesse dock fishing to clarify. If I'm using jigs or t rigged plastics, I use 50lb braid with a 15-17lb fluorocarbon leader.
  11. CarlWBL

    ? for dock skippers

    8 lb FC.
  12. CarlWBL

    MNBFN 2010 State Tournament

    I'll be a non-boater as well. Can't wait. Very curious to see how the top finishers end up. Carl
  13. CarlWBL

    Elite Series

    I feel lucky right now... my 4 guys are 1st-4th...put kriet in the last minute...[PoorWordUsage]
  14. CarlWBL

    what to throw when.....

    Funny how swim jigs are getting a ton of attention now...darn I like to rip rattlebaits in the deeper weedlines for those that are still deep, throw salamanders at spawners, and swim jigs in nice vegetation in the 2-6 fow range
  15. CarlWBL

    Bass Boat Starting Battery

    Quick question... My dad recently boat a used bass boat. The cranking battery is not holding a charge as it is 8 years old. Should he replace it with a cranking battery or a Deep cycle marine battery? It will be starting a 150 yamaha and running 2 sonar units. Thanks! Carl