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  1. Carlos Avery

    I shot this guy at Carlos Avery a bunch of years ago. It's the only deer I've ever seen there bowhunting, so I wouldn't really recommend it as a great place for numbers due to the pressure it gets. Since it's walk-in only you can get back a ways and get some space to yourself, though. Big Eight
  2. I just picked up the Eberlestock X2, Badlands Treestand, and Tenzing 2220 to compare and contrast, and I went with the X2. To be honest it wasn't really close (though admittedly the Treestand is meant to be a different kind of pack). The X2 is very flexible, can carry tons of stuff, and the way it can be opened up to hold large/bulky items is ingenious! I plan on using it to carry my Heater Body Suit and other bulky clothes out to the stand along with all of my regular gear. Check it out - I think it's top-notch!
  3. MN good bucks

    Might stay kinda quiet in here - it's hard to compete with those ridiculous deer in the first post! I'm heading down to SE MN next week in search of a big fat doe - I'll post a pic of her here if I get one.
  4. The iPad has to be an LTE version to have a GPS. That's one of the many reasons I prefer my Nexus 7 - GPS, nicer screen, great form factor, and half the price! I've got the navionics app on it and it works great!
  5. I have both Navionics and the chip - they seem identical in resolution and accuracy to me. If it wasn't for needing a dedicated GPS for BWCA and other trips, I probably wouldn't even own the chip. Navionics is that good.
  6. I really love the dead silence of my LX-9 - an under-rated feature of the new digital screen flashers IMHO. Zoom is nice for sure, and the camera just makes everything a lot more fun!
  7. Best Lake/River Depth Contour App for iPhone 5??

    Navionics looks the same to me on both my iPhone 5 and Nexus 7 - works great and you can't beat the price! 1 ft contours on most popular lakes.
  8. late season/cold weather gear.

    Merino wool long underwear & socks, Cabela's MT050 Whitetail bibs, Heater Body Suit, and Cabela's Predator Extreme boots are the ticket for me! Neck gator/balaclava is mandatory as well.
  9. Ozonics?

    Picked up one of these to keep in my Heater Body Suit - we'll see how it works. I'm not paying $400 for a contraption with a fan that I have to haul everywhere, that is for sure. This seems like a good compromise.
  10. Rut

    Amen to hot does! I'm taking next week off, too. Should be a great week to be in the woods - good luck!
  11. Finally got my mount back!

    I gained 8" on my buck last year when I had it scored by a professional - I guess I suck at scoring, though it was a nice surprise.
  12. My brother's Halloween buck

    Nice! I shot my buck last year on Halloween as well! I guess I should be in the woods this week instead of next. I love that big woods chocolate rack!
  13. Warm Bag?

    Not HSOList, but you get my drift. The Bay to the e.
  14. Warm Bag?

    If you are only shooting deer 100-200 yard away just get a sleeping bag. Otherwise used Heater Body Suits come through on hsolist fairly regularly, though they go for a premium. I was just outbid on one last night that went for $330. Gives you an idea of how valuable they are. I love mine! That's why I'm looking for a second one for my girlfriend...