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  1. Best Baitcaster under $100

    Bought a LEWS last year and love it. My brother had picked one up prior and sold me on it.
  2. Mounting a GoPro on a rifle?

    I saw on tv an iPhone scope mount system. I believe Jeff Foxworhty was talking about it.
  3. Go Bison!

    And people questioned coach Bohl and the rest of the team if they could play through the distractions, I guess they are showing everyone.
  4. trimming lilacs

    If you cut about 1/3 of the oldest growth out every year it will continually be rejuvenated. However if you wish to go more severe I have cut everything to about 6". Doing a dramatic trimming will often cost you flowers next spring since yes trim right after blooming is the correct method. If you want them shorter I would trim to about the size you want and trim out about 1/3 this year then get on a maintenance routine of light trimming with takin out some of the oldest growth yearly.
  5. We are looking at possibly moving to the Omaha area. We are use to driving about 40-60 miles to the Detroit Lakes mn area and having a ton of fishing, skiing/tubing and boating. We enjoy fishing for walleyes, northern pike, muskies, bass, crappies and panfish. What is the icefishing season like? Most of what I have been able to see is no-wake or non-motorized. I assume the river can be good for fishing. Thanks for any help.
  6. First ever recorded treed cougar in MN

    Just remember they are all just moving thru trying to find a home territory. That's what I always hear in ND. You would think one might stick around every now and then. Of course now with a season on them it is hard to say there isn't an established population. I believe MN also has an established population.
  7. Herring.

    Making my mouth water I'm going to have to try to make some. But I first have to keep some fish since I have this habit of just sliding them back into the lake right away.
  8. Crawlers in the winter?

    tried them never had any luck
  9. spear -vs- angle

    they also changed the law after july 1 this year to allow out-of-state spearers. You need to also purchase a $40.50 license thou.
  10. cutting the spear hole?

    Try checking out a flee market, my father-in-law picked up 2 last year at one by Sallie. The saws are awesome compared to trying to simply drill enough holes to make a spear hole. This year my brother hooked the blocks and then I had to pull on him because we made the chunks too big.