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  1. Used Honda question

    I would look at both. Providing they are both in excellent shape I would go with whichever you can get a better deal on. There were very little if any change from 2006 to 2012. Without seeing them I would go for the 2006 because it has less miles. But both are pretty low for a Honda. I personally have a 1997 Foreman 400 and I would never part with it. Honda makes the most bullet proof quad on the market PERIOD!!
  2. What is the max length you can do this? What if you have a Class A CDL does this change anything?
  3. RV Antifreeze Question?

    On the bottle it states good to -50. To test I put a full gallon of 2 different brands outside last night. I had -12. One brand was just about solid actually had the bottom pushed out. and the other was slushy. What gives? I usally blow out my lines and just pour it in traps and a little in each holding tank. But for those that run it through lines I am not sure I would.
  4. buddy heater and 5lbs tanks

    I will be building a few small box blinds for my father in law and sister in law to keep them warm next year. Anything I can do to keep him hunting... I bought a new hunting parka this year from the big C store. It has the new thinsulate and I was quite surprised at how warm it is. Sunday morning it was 7 degrees when I went out and sat until past 11 when we had to get going. I wasn't cold at all. I do not think a propane heater would be an issue at all. I would say we are much more smelly and out of place than propane. A deer will smell us way sooner than a heater.
  5. ATV Cart?

    I am looking for a pull behind cart to haul some gear through the woods. I have been looking at a few on the internet but dang are they expensive. Some as much as $800. Anyone have one they bought for closer to $200. Would you buy again? Thanks!!
  6. There are many good synthetics out there including Amsoil. If you are going to use Amsoil the best way to buy is directly from their HSOforum. Become a preferred customer with a small fee and you get the products discounted and delivered to your door. You will save a bunch of money this way. The dealers will charge you a couple bucks a quart which adds up in a hurry. That is how I buy all my amsoil products.
  7. Anyone own one and what do you think? I currently hunt in the rifle zone but I have the itch for a new Slug gun. What do others think of this gun? What are some of the best performing slugs out of this gun as well? Thanks
  8. ATV's no problem, that what we used on the 3 different lakes we fished. Most of the access's were truck driveable last weekend so ATV's will be fine. You may have to drive around the main access points a bit with the quads though.
  9. Quote: To the clowns from Minnesota that were fishing off of the Kanago access, if you would like me to drill a hole for you please just ask, I will be happy too. Sneaking into the area I just drilled out on your ATV and using one of my holes no more than 45 seconds after I drilled it is rude and frustrating, especially when there is a grand total of 2 other people on the entire lake. Quote: Creepworm, Though I understand your frustration with the terrible fishing on Sunday, your accounts were not exactly accurate as to our Clown like behavior... We too were all over the south bay on Sunday ariving at noon after fishing another un-productive lake. After drilling around 50-100 holes and moving many times throughout the day on the south side of the island. We decided to give it a try in one last spot where you were installing tire chains by. We picked this spot because of the success in the past. Not because we watched you catch fish or thought we would steal your holes. We set up 100 yds away from your truck. You did not have any fishing equiment on the ice, nor were you drilling holes while we snuck on in to fish your holes. We had no idea you were even fishing after watching you play around with your tire chains for over 10 minutes. We thought you just stopped to work on your truck. We fished one of the holes you drilled not knowing you even drilled them. We drilled all but one of our own holes again 100 yds from where you were working on your truck.. Also you forgot to add when you came over to us we offered to leave. You said it was ok. After fishing not more than 5 minutes we moved anyway out of repsect another hundred or so yds more to the south away from your fishing spot. We are again sorry for intruding on YOUR fishing area.
  10. is that the Micro SD or SD. You looking for Lowrance or Humminbird?
  11. Lindy 360 jig

    Anyone try these, if so how did they perform. I seen these on my last at my local sporting goods store. They looked interesting but didn't know if I wanted to give them a try or not.
  12. Lindy 360 jig

    Walleye18 did they out fish other lures or are they all that was needed that day? I seen them on Fish Ed also and they mentioned them as one of the best lures for negative to neutral fish. Is that what you found.
  13. ATV Tracks

    I have a honda 400 foreman and if I bought tracks for it and then upgraded to a new atv would the tracks work on both wheelers? I just don't have the room for a sled and want to be able to get places icefishing when there is deep snow. Thanks
  14. When is the Joe's Sporting Goods sales?

    right now they have 20% off of all fishing hear. Killer deal on all electronics.
  15. 6 month old pup with severe seperation anxiety.

    The dog will need to be crated until the speration anxiety is under control. A few things I have done in the past for some of our foster dogs we have had. Put a piece of clothing or blanket that the Master has worn or slept with etc... Leaving a radio on in the room while away helps. As does covering the kennel with a bigger blanket while away. All 3 of these things help calm them.
  16. is expensive dog food really worth it???

    Yes they are worth it. Nutrisource is a great food for a good price. What kinda Purina are you talking here. You definitely get what you pay for in pet food. Cheaper foods substitute grain like corn or soybeans for meat. Grains have very little nutritional benefit to dogs. The cheaper the food the more you will have to feed. Example Nutrisource you will feed 3 cups a day. To get the same nutritional value on a cheap food you may have to feed 5 cups. Not much savings. And what goes in comes out. So as long as scooping [PoorWordUsage] is a hobby go for it.
  17. hunt 176. seen more deer than the last couple. I personally saw 3 bucks and 3 does in 2 1/2 days of hunting. I passed them up to get bigger though as I am still bow hunting near home.
  18. So I lease 80 acres in northern MN. I get a call from the adjacent land owner on sunday morning asking permission to track a deer on my land. I say "Sure go ahead hopefully you find him." Well later in the day I venture to the Back 40, (as we were hunting the front 40) where he was going to look for that deer. To my disbelief he has posted my property no where near the property line, but right down the middle 10 yds from one of my stands. He is close to 20 acres deep on my property or over 600 feet off the property line. I want to be a good neighbor and resolve this the right way. What should I do? I would like to add I am a surveyor, so I understand boundries. And in the day and age of GPS, Google Earth, and County GIS maps, I just don't understand how he could be so far off. My stand he posted is in the dead center of one of the 40's we lease. It is at the end of a trail that is plain as day on the counties GIS maps that can be accessed by anyone. Again, what is the best way to resolve this?
  19. Thanks all for the input. He finally called me back. I talked to him a bit about it. He mentioned his son told him he put up some signs but wasn't sure where. He said he would have him take them down. He also agreed that we could walk it together in the spring to agree on something. They just bought the land about a year ago, only have 20 acres, and probably had no idea where the property line was I can understand that. Though I wasn't to thrilled about them posting my land, I can accept a honest mistake.
  20. I am trying to get ahold of him to ask him about the signs, maybe meeting to discuss etc... He must not be up on technology though, as when I called his cell number there was no voice mail set up yet. So that may explain why he is so off on the boundry.
  21. There are also many forest roads that are open to them. Because one is lazy or they saw someone else do it does not make it right! I own and use an ATV myself, but tend to follow the rules and walk to my hunting spots parking at the designated places. So I agree with Original Post.
  22. F-150 New Tires

    I Had the A/T 2's On my last truck and they were phenominal tires! Very quiet and smooth on the highway, and excellent off road. IMHO they are every bit as good on the road as the ltx's with much more traction off.
  23. Safety Harness

    When I bought mine last year it was between the tree spider and the Gorilla G30. I bought the G30 and really like it. Hardly know I have it on. And very easy with the buckles.
  24. E Collar(s)

    Dogtra all the way!
  25. Golden Retrievers

    [pease read forum rules before posting again: thank you] Give Roz a call. She is awesome, one of the best breeders I have ever met! She happens to specialize in Goldens. I know most of the golden breeders in the Midwest. She is one of the best! This is who my Golden came from, and where my all of my dogs will come from. All of her dogs are hunting machines, and un believable family dogs.