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  1. Vacuum Seal Bags

    Yup.....those are the ones I use also. Work just fine. 1 con.....the rolls are 50 ft. long and don't fit into a machine with bag storage, so you have to cut them by hand. But the price is excellent.
  2. Air Fryer?

    Fish are the only thing I still deep fry. And I also put tin foil in the bottom to make cleanup easier. My2 air fryers sit on the counter all the time.
  3. 2018 gardens

    Go to any of their websites and ask for a catalog. They are all free. Do lots of comparing. Some specialize in certain vegies. Some in others. I order from Jungs pretty much every year. I also order quite a bit from Pinetree out of Maine. I really don't like having to order large packets with enough seed for a couple years.Pinetree has smaller packets that cost less. So I can order fresh seed every year. Usually I order 5-6 veg. from NDSU to trial and compare 2 different varieties for .50 a packet.
  4. 2018 gardens

    I have a lot this year. My 10 year old grand daughter will be helping me. I am a test gardener for NDSU and she will be picking the trials and judging them in the fall. Burpee Seedsnsuch RH Shumway Jung Gurney Garden Trends Twilley Harris Veseys Seed Savers Johnny's Neseed Henry Field's Territorial Pinetree Park Farmer
  5. Summer Sausage ? For Ken w

    Yeah too cold to use the smoker. The only way I have been able to use an electric smoker when it is this cold is to bring it into the entry way for an hour to warm it up. I will be making a bunch of sausage and hot dogs next week. So I will be using powdered or liquid smoke and either cooking them in the oven or turkey roaster in a hot water bath.
  6. Air Fryer?

    Sorry wrong name above for the fryer.....should be Della not Bella.
  7. Summer Sausage ? For Ken w

    I haven't used liquid smoke for awhile.....I now use powdered smoke. Gives the same taste every time instead of guessing how much and how long to smoke sausage. Nowadays almost all sausage commercially made is made with liquid smoke. For them using a smokehouse is fooling around. Easier and much faster than using a smoker. Plus pollution is cut way down. You need to add 1 tsp liquid smoke for every 5 lbs. of sausage. Add it to the water you add,then pour it in. I still use my smoker but only for cooking it. Let us know how you do with it.
  8. Air Fryer?

    I have a 3.2 L Cooks Essentials digital that I bought first. Not big enough. So I bought a 5.2L manual Bella. You definetly want to get a bigger one. As for manual or not.....less to go wrong with a manual. My Bella holds more food than the smaller one and works great. I use the Cook's Essentials only when I have 2 things to make. Plus the manual costs less. The Bella sells for about $75. Digitals will sell for over $100. Four other members of my family now also have them.
  9. Air Fryer?

    I have had 2 of these for a year or so. They work great for fries, tator tots, onion rings, shrimp,chicken strips.and basically anything breaded when you buy it. And they don't need any oil. Only OK if you bread them yourself. For those I spray Pam on them. The only thing is breaded fish fillets are only so so. I still prefer deep frying them. Fish is the only thing I still deep fry. I indulge my self there. Just not as good as deep frying. Pretty much everything else I air fry.
  10. It's going to be a Hot Garden!

    Actually,I didn't use the word darn.I can't imagine trying to eat a pepper with 2,000,000 Scoville units. 2,000 is to hot for me.
  11. It's going to be a Hot Garden! can you guys eat that stuff....Jalapenos are to hot for me.
  12. Fall radishes

    I have never grown that variety. I always grow Daikons. White and 1-2 inches across and 12-15 inches long. They are the mildest radish I have ever eaten. They keep for 3-4 months in the fridge. Anyway.....I planted mine about 10 days ago. You can plant them now.
  13. Air Fryer?

    I have 2 of them. A large one and a smaller one. One at the lake and one here at home. They make excellent FF,tator tots, onion rings, mozz sticks, chicken,etc. For fish.....the best breading for fish for us is the oven bake from Shore Lunch.
  14. Mulch for garden

    If you haven't planted your tomatoes yet......plant them laying down on their side. Pick off all the branches up to the top.Lay the plant in a trench and cover the stem up to the top. Put a soil pillow under the top. Just be careful not to break the stem (I have). Tomatoes are the only plant that will send out roots from the buried stem. You will wind up with a large root ball to feed the plant. This also puts the roots closer to the surface where the soil is warmer instead of deep where it is cool.
  15. Mulch for garden

    I also use grass clippings. But straw works just as well. Not hay......full of weed seeds. Put the mulch around them after the small tomatoes and peppers start to appear.the mulch helps keep moisture level and helps prevent blossom end rot. Right now they need heat .