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  1. Navionics iPad update is awesome

    Are you running the actual ipad app or the iphone app installed on your ipad, just wondering about the differences between the two and if the ipad app is worth the extra money.
  2. Which verizon lte phone?

    I'll give that a shot, I think Verizon is thinking hardware problems also
  3. Which verizon lte phone?

    Bought a nexus dec 26, like the phone but I am having major connection and reception issues with my e-mail accounts and internet mostly in buildings. Verizon is on it but it had better get fixed soon. Was at Bemidji State hockey game Friday night in the Sanford Center and had 0 internet and emails while in the arena. Other droids and i-phones around me were full service. Other buildings like various big box stores and my work place is spotty at best.
  4. Opinion - V Front vs. Flat Front Wheelhouse

    tt, has to be some more opinions than one, help us out.
  5. 2009 Shorelander Brake Acuator Squealing

    I have a 2006 EZ loader carrying a gx235 Glastron, had a major squealing noise from actuator when brakes were applied and released, it is a ufp actuator and after much aggravation from dealer telling me it was the way it was supposed to be to ez loader saying it was the brake manufacturers problem not theirs finally with the help of ufp we traced it to the emergency cable being routed wrong and creating the noise. The actuator had to be disassembled to correctly route the cable but no noise since. I hope this helps
  6. 520C issues

    I picked up my new boat a little over a month ago, I had the dealer install my existing 330C and 332C, as we were doing the walk through of the boat on delivery day I turned on the units and they came up with the dreaded gps module not responding message, having installed the units in my previous boat I knew what the problem was, no power to the gps module. The tech that did the rigging was gone that day so another tech came out and started checking things over, was under the dash for about a half an hour and double checked and triple checked the wiring and could'nt find anything wrong, all of a sudden it was like a light bulb came on in his head and he reached up and turned the key on, no more problem. Everybody got a pretty good laugh about that one.
  7. LMS 330c - Opinions

    I have a 330 and a 332 networked together, you need to have the most current software in the 330, the 332's pixel count makes for a clearer picture but the 330 is very acceptable. It has been a good unit for me.
  8. Chevy truck limited slip rear end

    General Motors uses a locking differential option code G80 manufactured by Eaton, it is not a limited slip differential. It will engage when it feels a 1/8 to 1/4 difference in the revolution of the rear wheels and you will hear a noticeable snap or clunk, it is a complete lock of the two rear wheels not a slip situation like a limited slip type setup. It releases between 18-25 mph it is a GM exclusive.
  9. Anchoring

    Amanda: Jigsticker is right, the more rope(rode) the better, it is also important to keep in mind how much freeboard or distance from the water to your connection point on your boat is, a 3:1 rope to depth ratio will probably only work in extremely calm conditions, the rule of thumb is a minimum of 5:1 and up to 10:1 or more depending on wind, bottom conditions and waves. I use a Guardian G7 anchor which weighs about 4 pounds with 6' feet of chain and up to 200' feet of line, I generally try to use a 7:1 ratio to anchor my 21' fiberglass runabout while fishing on Lake of the Woods, I very rarely cannot make a good hook.
  10. Marine forecast

    Kingfisher: Try type in the town ie: warroad,baudette, williams and go to the forecast tab there is a selection called windcast that is pretty accurate.