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  1. Who has said probably partially torn. We did x ray shows inflammation. Going on meds for ten days then re evaluate. Any advice would be great. Seven year old lab not overweight.
  2. Oh by the way seems to shift between 2wd and 4wd with no problem... and so everybody knows I do not mind putting the money into this truck, it is going to be with me for a long time, engine runs great and I have had it since 14,000 miles and less that a year old. I love it, just want to figure out if it is going to leave me stranded sometime soon...
  3. Well an update, Went and talked to the mechanic the day before yesterday, he says he is 90% sure it is the transfer case. So we found one out of a wreck and away we go. I go to pick it up and he says it is done but take it for a drive. He thinks there is still a little noise under there. So I drive it and to me it sounds exactly the same. So I feel like I am back to square one. So far this is what we have done -Pulled apart rear end and inspected gears, repacked seals -Replace u joint -Installed a new transfer case So does this mean I am sitting on a ticking time bomb for a transmission. Obviously after he was done yesterday I said I would just take it and see what happens. Seems to drive fine, just loud underneath...
  4. Ok Here is the details, any advice would be great 2003 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton extended cab 175,000 miles 5.3 litre v-8 The other day at work I went to back out of my parking spot and put it in gear and it immediately made a grinding noise in the back end, it even felt like it caught and jumped a bit as I went to back up. So I backed up and put it in drive and the grinding noise continued. So I took it into my local mechanic here thinking it was the rear end. As best as he could figure it was the rear differential so we where going to replace the whole works. He gets it opened up and says everything looks great, he puts two new seals in, redoes the u brackets and it still makes noise. He thinks now it is either coming from the transmission or the transfer case, not sure which, probably start with the transfer case. Does anyone have any experience with either of these..... As far as symptons goes, it makes a grinding noise, especially in lower gears, sometimes better sometimes worse. Only really made the truck jump a little going in reverse the first time. The service 4wd drive light came on the first time and has not come on again after that. Also once in a while, and this has happened for awhile, I will start the truck and it will show the selector for the drive with a red dot, not selected in 2wd or 4wd or 4wd low, not sure if that is related or not. It might make a little more noise when turning corners but kind of hard to tell. Also sometimes you can hear a part spinning at a high rpm before shifting then it kind of spins off and gets a little quieter.... Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated... Thanks
  5. Trailer Brakes

    Guys, Thanks for all the good advice, this HSOforum always amazes me when I have a problem. I will double check the connections and keep all the plugs connected when backing in. I also have the D plug to mechanicaly override so that will always be my back up. Thanks again for all the replies. I am hoping the solenoid is not shot otherwise I will try my mechanic skills soon. Since we are on the subject of trailer brakes how often do you all adjust those brakes, I read in the manual you can adjust them but not sure when or how often this should be done??? Thanks.
  6. Trailer Brakes

    I will check the ground tonight, is it possible it is something with the piston, it seemed like the last time it would back up just fine then there was a small ridge on the ramp I had to go over and as soon as I would hit the uphill side of the ramp the brakes would lock up.... it was pretty embarrasing, lucky I was the only one at the launch, it took like six times until the brakes did not lock up,,,,, Yes I use the fifth pin, sometimes when the water is cold I will unhook it and just leave the fifth pin connected so I do not burn out my hot lights with cold water...
  7. Trailer Brakes

    Ok, here is what I got 2005 shorlandr trailer, single axle with haudrilic brakes. The kind where the boat slows down because the piston in the trailer hitch actuates the brakes. Anyway recently I am having an issue where the brakes lock up when trying to reverse. I know there is a signal sent on the brake harness from the truck to the trailer as a safety override, atleast I think that is how it works, but recently it is catching. Today at the ramp it worked perfectly fine backing up and then it rocked over the concrete and locked up, I can go forward just fine. But this intermitant problem is getting old quick??? any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated....
  8. Wood for woodworking

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I found some on C list just outside of Watertown. thanks
  9. Wood for woodworking

    This might not be the right place to post this, and if it isnt please point me in the right direction but I am trying to find a place west of the cities that sells rough sawn and dried wood for woodworking projects. I grew up in southeast minnesota and we where very spoiled with all kinds of places but now I live in Delano and I am having trouble finding some black walnut for a new peice of furniture I want to make. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to save myself a trip to drive back home and buy some material. Thanks Jon
  10. Ok fellas, time for new tires on the truck here is what I am looking at... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado extended cab half ton 4x4 5.3 litre. I have a fiberglass topper and pull a 18 foot Lund Pro V with a 175 Optimax (pretty heavy) Majority of my driving is highway, a little off road at work (construction)and hunting, I do ice fish and pull the boat quite a bit..... I have only ever purchased Bridgstone Duelers a/ts and gotten 70,000 miles out of each set, I am currently at 142,000 and scheduled to go in tomorrow and get a new set of Duelers. Last time I got tires at 70,000 miles I went up from stock to load range c and I have been happy. Not sure how much or if at all I need the extra weight range but I did it anyway and it made me feel better. So I can go with what I know or I might possibly jump up to the new Bridgstone Dueler at Revo 2's. More agressive tread, only problem is that they only come in stock or load range E which is way overkill for a half ton truck. Anybody tried the newer Revos and have luck or should I stick with what I know??? Thanks
  11. Hey fellas. We had to request a new title to junk the old lumina but something happened when I went to my mechanic to tow the car home in the meantime, it started and ran all the way home. About two miles and the last few blocks it started to die out but it limped home. I guess I am not sure of the mechanics assesment now, is it truly the fuel pump or just a clogged filter or something else all together. So recap 1993 chevy lumina 3.1 litre v6 246,ooo miles Sometimes starts and runs fine, sometimes has trouble starting. Once running will die out after short distances. Seems to be not getting enough fuel when dies or fails to start. I guess what I thought is that when a pump went it really went and did not pump any fuel. Is it something all together different, or is it pumps will quit when it gets warmed up?? The shop checked the fuel pressure and it was insuffecient, do they check these before or after the filter?? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  12. I am going to look at a 1999 Nissan Sentra manual transmission with 140k miles on it, anyone driven one of these.
  13. Well you got me thinking more about gas savings Conservative estimate is about 60 miles per day for 260 work days Total of 15600 miles a year, assuming gas stays at $2.75 MY truck 16 mpg's spend about $2681 Go to 35 mpg's car $1225 Save about $1456 a year. Cost of insuring another vehicle and maintenence probably almost a wash. I will however greatly prolong the life of my truck. This mileage estimate for me is EXTREMELY conservative. If the company I work for switches my communities it would go from 15,600 miles in a year to double or triple that. I used to drive from Delano to Hugo everyday. Then the savings would really kick in. I am sure inside the life of the car I want to buy this will happen. Personally the more I think about it the cost of another vehicle is worth the savings in gas, and I get to keep the truck longer and use it for the fun stuff. It always has the portable in the back now and in the summer cleaned out and ready to hook to the boat and go.
  14. Thanks for all the responses everyone. So far I have found a few to look at. -Buick Century 2003 it has a previously salvaged title it has 93k miles on it and he only wants $2995. I am a little worried about the salvage title but if I plan on running it forever and also having my mechanic look it over prior to purchase I am not that worried. Not great gas mileage but big and comfortable. -Chevy Aveo, I have found some nice used ones I am going tomorrow to drive some and see if they are big enough I am 6'3" and 275 so we shall see. I have read some good things and I cannot find anything else with low miles and cheap like a 2009 with 28k miles at a price of $8500. Obviously great gas mileage and all the reviews say super safe. -Hondas, Toyotas, and everything else. I have found a ton of these with high mileage like 125k to even 200k miles for $3500 on up. I am just trying to come to grips with paying that much for a vehicle with that many miles. I am not in a huge hurry but I am having a real dilema about wether or not to pay cash for something under 4k or go newer and have a small payment. I have done a great job on paying down almost all my debt except for my lund boat(The only payment I have ever made with a smile on my face) so I am not to keen on picking up more debt on something that is supposed to save money on gas and mileage on my truck. I will keep you all posted, right now I am leaning towards the aveo with a small payment, that I could get through quickly and run for a long time.