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  1. Getting kids into fishing

    Great ideas everyone, I have done all the above, except the video games/movies. I am looking for an outlet to get away from that. A scoop of minnows and a small bucket, or a cooler of ice go a long way with them for sure. I guess maybe persistence and sooner or later it will or will not catch their interests. Thinking about it they just want to have fun. Until I can get them to think of it as fun instead something we do before they have fun. Maybe, giving them a choice to Join me or stay home. With the idea when I come back in we will go do what they want to do. Or go have fun and try fishing in the evening In the end just looking to make fishing something the whole family takes part in rather then just me.
  2. Getting kids into fishing

    Long story short I have a 7year old boy and a 4 year old girl. I have been trying to get them into fishing. They will practice with their pole in the yard for hrs it seems. They seem excited to fish but when you put them on the ice or Get them in the boat and 10 min later they want to go home. It does not matter if the fish are biting sometime we barly get on the water and they are done.???????? looking for ideas to try as they love to be out on the water, swimming tubing etc. which is great but Daddy would also like to fish and have those memories as well.
  3. 2007 Impala Oil Leak?

    Airjer, I hear what your saying and fully understand. I have herd about the oil dye's before have never seen one though. I will have to look into it. Thank you for the IDEA... I am not sure how to perform a crank case presure check I will look into.
  4. 2007 Impala Oil Leak?

    So your saying let it leak no big deal? At what point should a person be conerned about how much is being leaked or from where it might be leaking? This is still a real strong/clean car. I just changed the plugs and all were clean so I have to imagine the car will last me a while longer.
  5. 2007 Impala Oil Leak?

    I forgot to mention this is the 3.5l engine
  6. I had a severe oil leak comming from the Oil Filter housing gasket. So while taking half the front end apart to get to one bolt to replace the gasket....I took the opportunity to replace the Original Struts and brake calipers etc. Almost 186XXXmiles on her, she needed some new legs. Anyway I have another oil Leak......uhg...... Much smaller maybe only 1-2 oz over night. Instead of the half qt a day. Looks like it might be the Oil pan Gasket. This Job is above my paygrade so I am looking to have it done for me. I was already told it could be something else like a rear seal or ..... What am I getting into I was told 5hr job for the pan gasket plus parts... How much worse could this get? Should I just deal with the smaller leak until it gets worse? Thank you
  7. 2003 Silverado Z71 146,xxx 2007 Impala 185,xxx
  8. 2004 Arctic Cat 650

    Well I bought the machine but I think the carbs may be out of sync. Is anyone running this machine? It starts fine and idels great. it takes off like a raped ape to about 26mph and then stahls kinda gets jerky let off the gass and it's fine until I hit the mid 20's same thing can not get it over 30mph....... Any thoughts. I plan on pulling plugs and carbs. anything else I should be looking at?
  9. 2004 Arctic Cat 650

    I have an oportunity to buy a 2004 Arctic Cat 650 great shape with about 1800 miles.I have looked on the list and people seem to want more than they paid for them new. Anyone willing to give a solid ballpark range for this machine. Also anything these are know for issue related I can look for?
  10. In Floor Heat and wood floors?

    deerminator, do you user infloor heat for you total heat source?
  11. In Floor Heat and wood floors?

    Nobody05 Thank you for the links, I did check a bunch of videos out. I have calls and e-mails into about 5 companies looking for quotes. A week later I am still waiting on all of them to reply. I don't get it builders are the same are the trades that busy these days?
  12. In Floor Heat and wood floors?

    I have seen this what you talk about. I called the local rep and sent an e-mail with no responce maybe out of business who knows.
  13. I would like heated floors and I would like wood floors not LAM... I have been told by a few not to do it. for reasons of: Nail/Pex = Puncture holes Heat = cracking splitting of the wood. My question is Heat is Heat right whats the Diff? For heated floors you have your subfloor/pex/thinset.......Could you not do another layer of subfloor then your wood floor? Your ideas please
  14. WOW..... Relax and enjoy! Everything with moving parts is going to have it's share of issues. You got a good deal on a nice truck enjoy it PIMP it out have fun! I have a 03 LT Z71 loaded 140k no real issues. Most people are on line looking to solve a problem. The people not having problems don't think to post positive reviews becuase they are too bussy enjoying their toys.
  15. Framer Labor Rates?

    It is a small lot 7000sqf I think .16 of an acre, I was looking to add 12x20 so half the space. That is what others have told me I should expect. the lot already has septic and a well that I would not touch. I would be adding to the back side of the cabin away from the water. There is plenty of room in my opinion. I think I am going to get the land survey anyways so I might as well just try and see. I think I will kick myself down the road for not trying.