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  1. Looking for someone to go muskie fishing with.

    Not legal to target muskies through the ice. Not ethical to do it saying your pike fishing. It is an addiction nothing you can do about it once you start hunting them. Just takes time on the water to learn once you have the proper landing and release tools. Unless you have a friend or know somebody in the lakes area that muskie fishes. Your best bet may be to hire a guide
  2. 05 800 Skidoo

    Thoughts and anything to be worried about with this motor. It is the HO.
  3. Trolling Motor Storage

    My Terrova has always been stored outside with the I Pilot no issues after 5 years...Only thing I remove is the HDS units. One of those get set up for ice...
  4. 115 merc issue

    Never thought about timing. Carbs were not cleaned at rebuild but will be after seasons over. Gas lines are all good and same size as before rebuild. Sometimes may got 3 or 4 miles without bogging then roll over a few wakes and it bogs. Has me baffled
  5. 115 merc issue

    New pump and fixed loose fitting still not the problem... guess it goes to the shop this winter
  6. New Tires for ATV

    I bought my set on the bay with e. 400 for a set of Sedona mud tires. 27x14
  7. Name that Lure?

    No problem. James is a great guy and runs a top notch company
  8. Name that Lure?

    Look on Tackle Industries site looks like one of his globes
  9. Subaru outback

    Wife has a 2013 and so far no problems. Honestly in bad weather would rather drive it than my Sierra 1500. We looked for used but most either had 200k on them and low mile ones were sold before we found them. I would own one if it would pull my boat lol. I think our gas average since day one is in the mid 20 range. Mainly in town driving.
  10. 115 merc issue

    Ok while waiting for my partner to get the trailer this morning I popped the hood. Found gas leaking from accelerator pump and a fitting loose for something. Tightened loose fitting now to find a pump. Maybe finally found the problem. Not sure why the mechanic that did the rebuild never figured it out he had it back 3 times to fix it before I gave up on him. Maybe why he don't do my work anymore....
  11. 115 merc issue

    Just got back from there. Have checked wires tried a different bulb and connector. Thinking it could me the male end on the motor or possibly I missed a bad spot in the fuel lines when I redid the floor.
  12. 115 merc issue

    I used to run wide open from Spring Bay to the dam before rebuild. Now lucky to get to Stailies or however it's spelled.
  13. 115 merc issue

    2+2. Hole shots fine. Has done it since the rebuild. I have ran both 17 and 18 pitch 3 blade stainless. The 17 before rebuild ran great at about 43 mph tach wasn't working then. Now no matter what prop I run barely hits 40mph and around 5200 with the 18p. Hole shot with either prop is good....
  14. 115 merc issue

    My 1991 115 has a problem mostly at WOT. Will run great most times on flat water but will bog if hitting a wake or in windy conditions. Does not hold prime if not run for a couple days. For the life of me can find the problem. Has been a problem since being rebuilt a couple years ago. Tan great before that. Any ideas?
  15. What do they do with all the fish?

    In Iowa there is no possession limit on gills, crappies, yellow or white bass. So you can have all you want in the freezer as long as you are not breaking the daily limit regulation. All other species do have a set possession limit....