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  1. Why? Depthfinders?So Expesive?

    They also have adapters that have two ports on them. The HDMI adapters has an HDMI slot, and a power slot, to my knowledge. Having to keep the unit plugged in all the time would admittedly be a hassle, but that's no different from the GPS/Sonar that's currently sitting on your boat's dashboard (or not, since it's winter). Honestly, at this point it's a matter of software. Converting a transducer to be able to be powered via a USB hub likely wouldn't be very difficult at all, configuring the device to interact with the transducer, well, you'll have to know what you're doing to get that working, but again, it is by no means impossible.
  2. Lake map app for IPhone

    Not aware of a Lakemaster one, but there's a Navionics app out there that I use.
  3. Why? Depthfinders?So Expesive?

    Check out the case I mentioned, and do some research on what an OtterBox is. I addressed both of those issues. Even still, like I said, just because someone hasn't made a case/tablet that is specifically designed for fishing, doesn't mean it's not a possibility. The best argument I've seen is that "I've had my fish finder for X years and in that time I've had X amount of phones go bad." But you're kidding yourself if you think that's not partially your own fault. Also, I actually have had the iPad out on the boat quite a few times this past fall, although not necessarily for fishing reasons, and it has stood up just fine. Lastly, sonar's aren't complicated units. You can make your own sonar using a DIY Arduino kit pretty easily.
  4. Why? Depthfinders?So Expesive?

    Okay, here: OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case Sorry, but saying it's not a viable option just because someone hasn't made a laptop that is designed for fisherman isn't exactly fair. I've already been actively using the Navionics app on my DroidX as well as on my iPad for ice fishing this year and haven't a single complaint. Actually, I tried using my Uncle's Garmin on Mille Lacs today and found myself switching back to my phone as soon as I walked outside because of the glare on the screen of the Garmin. I'd rather use my phone. It can be done, the only things missing are a transducer, and some code to go with it. edit: Heck, that case + an otterbox for an iPad and you've got yourself a pretty durable unit.
  5. Why? Depthfinders?So Expesive?

    This is what I do. I just got a new Humminbird 385ci and didn't want to fork out another 100$+ for the map chip, so I instead purchased the Navionics app for my phone (10$), and use the Humminbird solely as a sonar. And with the money saved, I picked up an extra phone battery that I keep in the portable at all times, just in case anything happens (I also have a charger in there). After a day out on Mille Lacs and getting some good use out of it (And plenty of hours on Tonka this year with it), I've got absolutely no complaints.
  6. Not a fan of the Strike Lites in general. Great concept, but I've yet to see one that didn't have an issue that you had to "put up with" so you could have the lighter weight, quieter auger. The one we have is on it's 3rd drill and FOURTH handle (The older model had crappy plastic handles). Instead of dealing with that pain in the rear, we just brought our ~15 year old Strikemaster Magnum III to a repair shop, he did some magic, and it works infinitely better than the StrikeLite. Sorry Strikemaster, but I think Jiffy gets my money next time..
  7. Ice fishing reels

    After having a blast catching a pike through the ice on the Frabill straightline reel, I wouldn't advise against looking into a fly reel for ice fishing. Having the fish take a dive and spin the handle right out of your grip is exhilarating.
  8. Some definitely do. I've seen a couple guys sitting next to the huge hole there car just went through doing some fishing all the while emergency personnel are pulling the car out. Like you said, there really isn't much else you can do, and I'd assume the emergency crew doesn't exactly ask for your help..
  9. I've never been a big fan of jigging spoons until this year, but I've had some great luck so far. Any advice on baiting them? Generally I've just used minnow heads, euro's and wax worms. Leeches maybe?
  10. Another ID

    Might've just been me getting my names messed up. I've caught plenty of fish like that off my dock for years and generally any sunny with a big open mouth instead of those tiny things gills usually have we'd just say 'rock bass, throw 'er back.'
  11. Another ID

    Looks like a rock bass/bluegill to me.
  12. If you could only have one...

    Now, one way I see it is my Lowrance GPS has a Ice Ducer for only another 60 or so bucks, so I feel like that would be a great first investment. Although, being 19 and just starting up my own collection of fishing gear, the very first thing I bought was a flasher. Which I just upgraded to a Humminbird Ice35 actually, and I LOVE it. (Granted, I had access to an Auger and a Gps ) But I'll be honest, if I didn't have anything to start with, Auger would have to be my first choice. With a ton of holes you can at least move around tip ups pretty easily until you can find a couple hot ones, but if all you have is 1-2 holes that aren't producing fish but you're too tired to drill more? Then you're screwed. Forgot about being able to see fish through the ice with a flasher as I've never done this, but if it's a effective way of scouting without drilling, then I'd probably choose the flasher.
  13. Things caught ice fishing other than fish?

    I've caught my own rod, after a fish pulled it out of the rod holder and down the hole. I was able to see it from inside the house, so a good 20 minutes of jigging and I was able to tie into it! Similarly, I (kind of) caught my rod again, the fish took a rod out of the rod holder, down the hole, and then tangled up with two other lines in the house. Reeled up one of them to find the pesky northern, as well as two lines leading down the hole. Pulled one and found out it was the rod that had just fallen in! That was a relief. Lastly, on Mille Lacs we caught the most intelligent crayfish I've ever seen. The thing (we think) pulled down a couple bobbers, then finally was able to pull down another and we set the hook, catching it by the claw. Once we pulled it up, the thing literally had a collection of about 4 chartreuse hooks in the one claw, and our chartreuse hook in the other claw. He had a whole collection going
  14. ice house pics!

    My father designed the layout, but to be honest I feel like he's made the best use of space I've seen in almost any ice house. The holes aren't really to scale so they make everything look tiny, but you get the jist of it.