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  1. I have a Minnkota 12V bow mount trolling motor but need a foot pedal as mine isn't reliable and they discontinued the product. The connection of the cord is a little over an inch and oval in shape. Thank you!
  2. portable ice shack storage

    MJ & maj, exactly what i was looking for. thx for the info, now to find it and order.
  3. portable ice shack storage

    i saw a post on here from 2008 but the pictures or video had already been deleted. sounds like there are plenty of people with the same idea and have completed it so i think its just a matter of time before someone replies with some good info.
  4. portable ice shack storage

    i'm looking to store my portable ice house in the rafters of my garage. was wondering if any of you had completed projects similar to this and if you had pictures of them. i have a base idea but would like to see any other finished project for more ideas. thanx much
  5. Short Strike > Stinger?

    hey fuzz, check out the latest In-fisherman issue of Walleye In-sider magazine, july-august-september issue. has a great article about your question and the way he goes about things.
  6. Short Strike > Stinger?

    i would be careful of the words 'always' and 'never' because we all know one method may be prefered over the other from one day to the next. try both, bale closed/bale open, and see which is working best at that particular time. if they're not all over your leetch when you get a bite, u may need to leave it in front of them for a bit longer by letting out more line. if they're hammering the rig, you can leave ur bale closed. let the fish tell you what they want and adapt accordingly. my $.02
  7. Short Strike > Stinger?

    i forgot to add that it may also be smaller fish just nibbling on the ends of the bait. sometimes with real leetches i can see the difference between teeth marks and scuff marks, the latter i attribute to panfish
  8. Short Strike > Stinger?

    i've had this happen to me a lot more within the last month using the same tactics. i usually fish with the bale open and my finger on the fishing line. when i feel the bite i let a lot of line out to prevent fish from taking the end portion of the leetch/crawler. when i let a lot of line out, the leetch/crawler stays in their mouth or right in front of them for a longer time, as long as i keep letting line out. if they're real touchy, i'll let more line out than normal to give them time to put the whole leetch/crawler into their mouth. bottom line is to leave the food in front of their face for a longer time, especially in dirty water. also, try using real leetches and see if they hit it better, they may realize its not the real thing and let it go.
  9. go to presentation

    i posted the lake in the brainerd area, lake some helpful hints but i was just trying to get general info, i.e. depths, minnows v. leeches, crankbaits, speeds, etc.
  10. go to presentation

    i rented a cabin on a lake for the girlfriend and i and we only have 1 day to find some walleyes....the particular lake we are going to is very clear, aparently able to see close to 18 feet down. given the current weather situation, fairly cold for this time of year, and the clarity of the lake i was wondering what some of you would do to find walleyes....more specifically, your go to presentation for a lake you have never been to and the limited amount of time to find fish i should have posted this earlier but didn't think about it....looking forward to some of the responses...thanks for any tips
  11. size of structure

    When it comes to the spot on the spot for me it's the longest, steepest break to the deepest water near the structure. fish holding in deep water use this to come up on the structure. fishgutz---what do you mean or, more precisely, what is ur definition of structure when used in that sentence. the only reason i ask is that i hear pro fisherman, or otherwise, talk about certain things but they don't exactly define what they mean when they use particular words. i ask this not being critical but more so i understand what it is that you mean