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  1. I have a Minnkota 12V bow mount trolling motor but need a foot pedal as mine isn't reliable and they discontinued the product. The connection of the cord is a little over an inch and oval in shape. Thank you!
  2. auger repair

    Frank, i tried to email at address provided but it didn't go through. I haven't looked at it since i used it last, last February. however, i do know that the cord won't recoil. the last time i pulled the cord, it just stayed out and didn't go back into the housing. the cord itself isn't broken and i haven't taken anything apart to look inside of it. I bought new about 4-5 years ago, its a Strike Master but i don't remember the make off hand. i have to pick it up from where i left it so i'll get whatever more info for when you need it. you can post here, otherwise my email thx, Tony
  3. Getting out of a speeding ticket

    its funny how we try to get out of owning up to something we have done and try to avoid accepting responsibility for our actions. The original poster accepted that he was speeding and is willing to pay for his actions, why try to talk him out of it. we see people every day making false accusations or cluttering up our court systems because this very line of thinking, 'i didn't do anything wrong, its someone elses fault'. same thing with DWI's, people drink and drive everyday and try to find a way to get out paying for their actions. God forbid that drunk driver hit a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc, and seriously injure or kill them. i wonder if we would we still be giving that person advice on how to get out of being charged with that crime if they hit someone we knew or if they hit us personally. i venture to say we wouldn't. the suggestion about backing up the court system and wasting everyone's time with stupid subpeona for calibrations, training backrounds or whether or not the radar was tested is childish. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime and quit wasting everyone's time. our society needs to quit pointing fingers at everyone else and take the blame for what they do. its what we teach our children everyday but we don't lead by example. to the original poster, you are the reason cops DO drop the speed to under 10 mph under the speed limit. Fish on, you are the reason they don't. i'll get off my soapbox now. thx
  4. auger repair

    thanks for the you think its a small enough job to it by oneself or is it too involved-the recoil that is. if i could do it by myself i would like to buy the part, i'm assuming a big outdoor store would have them in stock or would i have to order the part from the manufacturer???
  5. auger repair

    anyone know of a store to bring my auger to have a the recoil fixed, the cord you pull to start it, and to have my blades sharpened. i live in bloomington so info on a store from mpls to south metro would be optimal. thanks for the info.
  6. Short Strike > Stinger?

    hey fuzz, check out the latest In-fisherman issue of Walleye In-sider magazine, july-august-september issue. has a great article about your question and the way he goes about things.
  7. Short Strike > Stinger?

    i would be careful of the words 'always' and 'never' because we all know one method may be prefered over the other from one day to the next. try both, bale closed/bale open, and see which is working best at that particular time. if they're not all over your leetch when you get a bite, u may need to leave it in front of them for a bit longer by letting out more line. if they're hammering the rig, you can leave ur bale closed. let the fish tell you what they want and adapt accordingly. my $.02
  8. Short Strike > Stinger?

    i forgot to add that it may also be smaller fish just nibbling on the ends of the bait. sometimes with real leetches i can see the difference between teeth marks and scuff marks, the latter i attribute to panfish
  9. Short Strike > Stinger?

    i've had this happen to me a lot more within the last month using the same tactics. i usually fish with the bale open and my finger on the fishing line. when i feel the bite i let a lot of line out to prevent fish from taking the end portion of the leetch/crawler. when i let a lot of line out, the leetch/crawler stays in their mouth or right in front of them for a longer time, as long as i keep letting line out. if they're real touchy, i'll let more line out than normal to give them time to put the whole leetch/crawler into their mouth. bottom line is to leave the food in front of their face for a longer time, especially in dirty water. also, try using real leetches and see if they hit it better, they may realize its not the real thing and let it go.
  10. go to presentation

    i posted the lake in the brainerd area, lake some helpful hints but i was just trying to get general info, i.e. depths, minnows v. leeches, crankbaits, speeds, etc.
  11. go to presentation

    i rented a cabin on a lake for the girlfriend and i and we only have 1 day to find some walleyes....the particular lake we are going to is very clear, aparently able to see close to 18 feet down. given the current weather situation, fairly cold for this time of year, and the clarity of the lake i was wondering what some of you would do to find walleyes....more specifically, your go to presentation for a lake you have never been to and the limited amount of time to find fish i should have posted this earlier but didn't think about it....looking forward to some of the responses...thanks for any tips
  12. battery type

    thanks for the info....i plan on replacing both batteries by next year as i bought the boat used two years ago and they were in the boat when i bought them. i was noticing the charging life of the batteries were getting shorter so i'm hoping they get through the year.
  13. battery type

    i just saw a battery that has caps to add water but said 'AGM' this a WET cell or AGM battery?
  14. battery type

    thanks for the info.....not to question you, but how do you know this? i'm not asking because i don't trust ur judgement. i ask because i'm one of those people who needs to know not only what, but why.... thanks again
  15. battery type

    i just bought a black and decker battery charger for my trolling motor batter and my engine starter battery. the trolling motor battery is a deep cycle and i believe the engine starter is too. in addition, both have water cells to add water too. on the battery charger, i must select from a charger mode of either WET, GEL or AGM for the battery i wish to charge. my question is this: Which battery charger mode, WET, GEL or AGM, do i select from for both my trolling motor battery and my engine starter battery???? as a side note, i wasn't able to locate WET, GEL or AGM on either of the two batteries however i have seen AGM labeled on some batteries in the stores. any advice would be great. thx