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  1. Anybody Spit Roast Small Pigs?

    It sounds like you have this handled. Man that is going to be some good pork!
  2. Cure #1 question

    I keep my bag sealed and in the freezer.
  3. It's going to be a Hot Garden!

    I saw something like that in a movie, they should have tried ketchup and mustard to sooth the burn!
  4. Fall radishes

    I had looked up midsummer planting myself after the bunnies infiltrated my garden perimeter. The U of M said the average end to growing is 9/11 and to count back the days from then to allow maturity for what you are trying to plant.
  5. Don't tell my wife!

    You could probably consider yourself prepped to have a colonoscopy after eating any of those!
  6. I changed the chips and batteries out of my game cameras the other day. I tripped on a log in chest deep stinging vegetation getting swarmed by mosquitoes, deer flies and horse flies. Man I feel bad for the critters having to endure those bloodsuckers. Anyway the log was full of what I think was chicken of the woods. Not so much orange but yellowish white maybe because of being canopied by vegetation? I forgot to mention the wood ticks.
  7. Are You Hungry Now?

    Looks delicious! I am going to build this on the Weber Kettle tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I have half a pork loin rubbed up and waiting for the grill tonight, I hope I can find some corn on the cob to go with it today.
  8. hot pepper recipes?

    I had some dehydrated peppers that I didn't smoke, time to get er done. I'm not sure what kind the little peppers were but wow are they hot. Great on the morning egg sandwich! I have a little apple/hickory mix to flavor them with.
  9. Has anyone shot these shotgun loads? I see them on Midway for .28 - .32 per round. I like the price but the brass looks a little short, underpowered?
  10. Pork butt wont pull

    I recently got a case of shoulders at Sam's for my daughters grad party at 1.48 a pound. 10 shoulders in a case. Nice cheap way to feed a crowd.
  11. Smoker rack cleaning?

    Dishwasher for me if I don't get to them right away like thirdeye.
  12. New grass

    That's some good info, Thanks.
  13. Night Bird ID...

    That's from the Trailer Park Boys. A hideous beast.
  14. Pork butt wont pull

    I like to cook mine in the smoker till the bark from the rub is set up enough that it doesn't scrape off with your fingernail easily. Then I use a foil pan with apple juice and covered tightly. I use a meat thermometer to check when it's ready. When you insert it and it glides in like you are sticking it in a stick of room temperature butter it is done. That can be from 195 to 205 depending on the shoulder. If there is any resistance it needs to cook longer.
  15. First Oriole of the season!

    I heard my first oriole yesterday here in Albertville.