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  1. That's some good info, Thanks.
  2. That's from the Trailer Park Boys. A hideous beast.
  3. I like to cook mine in the smoker till the bark from the rub is set up enough that it doesn't scrape off with your fingernail easily. Then I use a foil pan with apple juice and covered tightly. I use a meat thermometer to check when it's ready. When you insert it and it glides in like you are sticking it in a stick of room temperature butter it is done. That can be from 195 to 205 depending on the shoulder. If there is any resistance it needs to cook longer.
  4. I heard my first oriole yesterday here in Albertville.
  5. You could also j-hook the end of the duct and have no bucket.
  6. I have taken whole chickens and ribs back to Sam's with no problem. I called and told them it stunk, they said bring the receipt and leave the stinky meat in the garbage. One would think Costco would do the same to be competitive.
  7. Is that a recent photo Del? I was in the woods yesterday and found nothing north of Elk River. I did find this though. Bear?
  8. Looking nice!
  9. Those look perfect! Nice Job!
  10. Here are the red tailed grey squirrels.
  11. You hit the nail on the head Del. Plus he terrorized the gray squirrels at every chance, they would see him coming and they would scurry away.
  12. Thanks for the info eyeguy. We don't have any fox squirrels around here but we had one red running around last summer till the neighbor shot it last fall.
  13. Smurfy if it works when it wants to and maybe it may turn on by itself it is probably the wiper control board. It is a small bd mounted to the firewall mounted in a black plastic casing. They are around $25.
  14. Ever heard of reds and grays mating? I have two grey squirrels with reddish tails that come to the backyard.
  15. My wife and I like to float down the Crow from Rockford to the Mississippi. Hardly anyone on the river except Bald Eagles. Found some nice chicken of the woods mushrooms last summer.