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  1. Is that a recent photo Del? I was in the woods yesterday and found nothing north of Elk River. I did find this though. Bear?
  2. Looking nice!
  3. Those look perfect! Nice Job!
  4. Here are the red tailed grey squirrels.
  5. You hit the nail on the head Del. Plus he terrorized the gray squirrels at every chance, they would see him coming and they would scurry away.
  6. Thanks for the info eyeguy. We don't have any fox squirrels around here but we had one red running around last summer till the neighbor shot it last fall.
  7. Smurfy if it works when it wants to and maybe it may turn on by itself it is probably the wiper control board. It is a small bd mounted to the firewall mounted in a black plastic casing. They are around $25.
  8. Ever heard of reds and grays mating? I have two grey squirrels with reddish tails that come to the backyard.
  9. My wife and I like to float down the Crow from Rockford to the Mississippi. Hardly anyone on the river except Bald Eagles. Found some nice chicken of the woods mushrooms last summer.
  10. The treated plywood floor of my fish house corroded and ate away my aluminum siding. It corroded the height of the board only. I would skim coat surfaces with cheap silicon (no added chemicals that may eat the aluminum) before mating treated wood to aluminum.
  11. Those look delicious, nice work!
  12. You live on the edge!
  13. Mmm! I smoked up some Pop's brine Canadian bacon with hickory this past weekend in a Masterbuilt 40 solid door. I'll say I was surprised that it kept the temp nicely in the cold and blowing air. I started out of the wind in the garage to dry it some then outside to smoke for 3 hrs and back into the garage to finish with the vents closed. I've got pork loin jerky Christmas presents to smoke and wrap in vacuum bags for today. I have thirdeye's dry brine Canadian Bacon for Sunday. That should be a good test for the smoker. Brrr
  14. Ken, I'm making my summer sausage next week. How did yours turn out?
  15. Well the teriyaki sticks are very good, I made them to Curlys recipe but with powdered milk (RH1) and more water to compensate. Then I made the pepper sticks but instead of water I used Grainbelt Nordeast, close to three bottles for a ten pound batch. I also added powdered milk, minced garlic from a jar and mustard seed. What a great flavor! These mixes are proving to be tasty. I'm smoking 3 loins of canadian bacon on Saturday. Come on ice!