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  1. Hot Water!!

    I'll bet you had to use gloves and a mask turning those into powder! Wow pain!
  2. Smaller brisket smoke method

    Rundrave, next time do exactly like you did but leave the foiled brisket on the grill or oven and use your meat thermometer as a probe to see if it is done by touch and not by the reading. You can poke through the foil into the meat when you think it's about done, if you feel any resistance when inserting it isn't ready to pull off yet. When you reach the point of tenderness, like sticking it into room temp butter, then it is time to put in a cooler like you did. If you are going to cook another small flat maybe try fat side down and bacon on top. Mmmm bacon.
  3. Smaller brisket smoke method

    I agree. web s i t e sausageheavenoutdoors
  4. Tv blanks out

    My TV was 3 years old, I was a bit surprised. I was power cycling to get it going till it just wouldn't come up anymore. I expected a bad board but was pleasantly surprised to find the bad connection. It could be as easy as to reseat the bd connections, They oxidize over time building resistance. Sliding them out and in helps to scrape that stuff and make a more solid connection. If you can see your comcast video with a flashlight to the screen you can rule out comcast. The backlight isn't working. There are LED's around the screen powered by the LED driver bd which derives it's power from the power supply. Pretty much the same if it is LCD.
  5. Tv blanks out

    Go to the menu screen if you can and you can use a flashlight and shine it into the screen and look close to see if you can see any video. If you can then the backlight LED's quit working and your video bd is good. If you cannot see anything the video bd may not working or possibly it isn't receiving power from the power supply. I had a bad solder joint on the connection between the LED driver and power supply. The whole connector wiggled through the bd from bad soldering. I touched up the solder joints with a soldering pencil and it has not blanked out since. My TV is a Vizio 55. Most likely you can find parts on hsolist. Good info on how to fix HD TV's on youtube.
  6. Kingsford for smoking?

    The problem with trying to smoke in a gas grill is that you cannot control the oxygen levels with dampers. These items tend to just get hotter until they are fully on fire. If you have grease build up in the Gasser, you have now just earned a timeout as the grill goes to the state of inferno with no control. Putting them in a pouch with holes helps with oxygen levels, but if you want to smome it's best to have the right cooker. The minion method works if you can control oxygen, and I do use it in my Weber smoker, otherwise it will be a blazing fire. I gave away my gassers years ago. If you light a chimney of charcoal for a charcoal cooker like the Weber kettle then go in and get your meat prepared, generally the charcoal is close to being ready by the time you get back out. Then you can use chunks of seasoned wood for flavor.
  7. Pickled beets

    I've never tried it but maybe a guy could peel the beets, cold smoke for a couple hours in a disposable aluminum pan. Then crank up the heat and cover with foil to cook tender. Maybe they would bleed out without skins? Any juices could go right into the mix. I have plenty of beets to experiment with, I'm going to have to try it now. Smomed pickled beets mmmm!
  8. Pickled beets

    You can also cook them on the grill at 400 degrees for 45 minutes or so until they are tender. I cook them in disposable aluminum pans and use tin foil for a cover offset from the fire. Pretty much baking them, I don't like to heat up my house so I do it all outdoors. Mmmm pickled beets!
  9. hot pepper recipes?

    I store them in canning jars, airtight and in the basement pantry. It's cool and dark in there. I grind them before I use them.
  10. Time for a smoke

    How did it turn out? Looks good!
  11. Mrs p

    Wow I'm surprised to hear that. I haven't bought suet cakes in about ten years now. Chickadee, nuthatch, jays and woodpeckers make it disappear here.
  12. Mrs p

    If you get a deer this year save the fat for the birds. One year I had two cakes out then shot a deer and put the fat out and they quit eating the cakes and ate only the venison fat. They also love fat trimmings off of a brisket. Hey now!
  13. Time for a smoke

    The peppers are ripening up, here's todays harvest. This little smoker has been busy lately! I'll start dehydrating this batch tomorrow morning.
  14. See ya chippie

    Porch party hawks? Looks like you had happy hour with them!
  15. Time for a smoke

    No beverage while cooking? What? It all looks very tasty! I picked up a case of turkey legs and ended up cooking some up on the Weber kettle yesterday. Nice fall apart cuisine!