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  1. Another speaker question

    I used to have the same kind of setup, it uses quite a bit of battery to run it. Especially when liquor is added and the volume goes up. I now use a portable radio and AA batteries. Works good enough. This year I have one of my kids old Ipod loaded up with music and one of those bluetooth rechargable speakers. Good for places without much radio station choices.
  2. Time for a smoke

    I like to use the tray, keep the vents wide open so it'll keep burning. The pellets are normally in a tray over the top of the burner, but the burner doesn't run all the time when the insulated cooker is up to temp.
  3. Time for a smoke

    The birds look good. I put a water pan under mine with onion, carrots, celery and the neck and giblets and the ends of the wings. Made some tasty gravy. For an electric I have the Masterbuilt made for Cabelas with 6 racks and solid door. I use it mainly for jerky and sticks. I'm going to build a offset smoker next spring. I found a 175 gallon upright propane tank that should work well.
  4. I'd like your opinion

    Yea good for scratchin' and what not!
  5. Mounting Fish House License on Shack

    I tape it to the inside of the window per game warden's recommendation when I was on Red a few years ago.
  6. Venison Bacon

    Thanks! I need to use up a couple roast from last year.
  7. Venison Bacon

    Anyone knowing RH1 knows about the pop's brine that he liked for making buckboard and canadian bacon. Has anyone here tried a venison roast in the brine for 10 - 14 days? Pork shoulders tasted like ham and the pork loin like bacon. Both were very tasty and I think I am going to try a roast. Smoke to 145 - 150 internal, slice across the grain and maybe fry up in bacon grease.
  8. Whole Smoked Chicken

    You could brown up the parts on the stove and then put them into the smoker to add the flavor, It should crisp up. I like the Weber kettle for crispy chicken.
  9. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Here's one I just built a little while back. I put sunflower seed in it. The front tray is for suet.
  10. What do you use for portable chairs?

    When portable fishing I like this chair, the metal bar from the front leg to the back leg helps to keep you from sinking in the snow if you have no floor. The table is handy.
  11. Hot Water!!

    I'll bet you had to use gloves and a mask turning those into powder! Wow pain!
  12. Smaller brisket smoke method

    Rundrave, next time do exactly like you did but leave the foiled brisket on the grill or oven and use your meat thermometer as a probe to see if it is done by touch and not by the reading. You can poke through the foil into the meat when you think it's about done, if you feel any resistance when inserting it isn't ready to pull off yet. When you reach the point of tenderness, like sticking it into room temp butter, then it is time to put in a cooler like you did. If you are going to cook another small flat maybe try fat side down and bacon on top. Mmmm bacon.
  13. Smaller brisket smoke method

    I agree. web s i t e sausageheavenoutdoors
  14. Tv blanks out

    My TV was 3 years old, I was a bit surprised. I was power cycling to get it going till it just wouldn't come up anymore. I expected a bad board but was pleasantly surprised to find the bad connection. It could be as easy as to reseat the bd connections, They oxidize over time building resistance. Sliding them out and in helps to scrape that stuff and make a more solid connection. If you can see your comcast video with a flashlight to the screen you can rule out comcast. The backlight isn't working. There are LED's around the screen powered by the LED driver bd which derives it's power from the power supply. Pretty much the same if it is LCD.
  15. Tv blanks out

    Go to the menu screen if you can and you can use a flashlight and shine it into the screen and look close to see if you can see any video. If you can then the backlight LED's quit working and your video bd is good. If you cannot see anything the video bd may not working or possibly it isn't receiving power from the power supply. I had a bad solder joint on the connection between the LED driver and power supply. The whole connector wiggled through the bd from bad soldering. I touched up the solder joints with a soldering pencil and it has not blanked out since. My TV is a Vizio 55. Most likely you can find parts on hsolist. Good info on how to fix HD TV's on youtube.