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  1. Grainbelt


    I stopped at Lowes yesterday and got restocked at 9.88 per 18.6 lb double pack. No limit indicated.
  2. Grainbelt


    I see Home Depot advertising for Memorial day but no Kingsford double bag on sale. Has anyone seen any on sale anywhere? I am down to my last bag and need to stock up, Memorial weekend is usually the time to do it.
  3. Grainbelt

    Time for a smoke

    Right on!
  4. I was out north of Elk River Monday and found nothing. Really dry out.
  5. Grainbelt

    Spring Is Upon Us

    I noticed the same thing, I thought it was because I was out in the garden all day which is by my feeders.
  6. Grainbelt

    Spring Is Upon Us

    A sign of spring for me is when the mallards return. They hang out in the yard till mid june then off to the nest.
  7. Grainbelt

    Spring Is Upon Us

    I put out an oriole feeder yesterday.
  8. The ramps were about an inch tall yesterday just north of elk river.
  9. Grainbelt

    Got my Birds!

    Looks good Leech, good item to break in that shiny smoker! I am going to put the spatchcock on a bird today and cook it with charcoal.
  10. Grainbelt

    Hitch lock won't open. Any ideas?

    You could try to heat it up a bit with a propane torch if the above is a no go and see if that persuades it.
  11. Grainbelt

    Cooking Elk

    You could coat it with your favorite cooking oil and sprinkle your favorite rub then let set for an hour. Then fire up a weber charcoal or a smoker and cook indirect at 275 - 300 degrees until an internal temp of 120 - 125 degrees then pull it. Use a small chunk of wood, it's easy to oversmoke red meat. Use a digital thermometer if you can, dials are unreliable and that is a great piece of meat!
  12. Grainbelt

    Just Food and Drink

    That looks good too Smurf, you have been eating well this winter!
  13. Grainbelt

    Wood fence post fill?

    It looks like you can get it at Home Depot, $12 per post hole. Good for a 4x4 in 3ft hole 8" wide.
  14. I was knee deep in snow when I was in the woods this weekend just north of Elk River.
  15. You got to keep em separated.