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  1. Was out this weekend on the Whiting Flowage. Fished deeper holes/breaks. Small eyes and cats were biting. Lindy's with suckers were used. In talking with others, it seems like the last month has been slow.
  2. FOLLOW UP. Thanks for the responses. You guys will love this. I called and talked to the dealership and made an appointment to get this issue resolved. They gave me the run around about if it is not realated to the mirror they will have to charge. Anyway, I am driving the van the next day and I notice that the lock window is on. I can not believe that they did not check this. Apparently they went through all the fuses and wires and did not check the window lock. Passenger window works fine. Work was done today on the mirror and the service tech did not connect the wires correctly. Wires connected and mirror works.
  3. I am looking for some advice/suggestions/ideas, please. Had passenger side mirror fixed today at dealership. My wife picked up the vehicle and they told her the motor for mirror and passenger side window was not working. I know the motor on the old mirror was working the day before. I can not say for sure the side window was working. Is this coincidence or their fault. What should/can I do? Vehicle is 2008 Nissan Quest. Thanks for your time and responses. Riverfish
  4. Was out on WI river 5-20-14, between Love Creek and Rustys. Water temp was 51 warming to 55. Lots of small eyes. Mixed crappies. Fish caught on whistler jig or hair jig with minnow. Fish found around bottom changes or depth changes. Good Luck.
  5. The NFL is primarily a QB league. The Vikes are a great example of this. The above quote could be said for most if not all of the top NFL teams. Take Brady, P. Manning, Brees, Luck, or Wilson off their teams and see where they end. There just is not enough good starting QBs in the NFL.
  6. video

    Spielman reminds me of Matt Millen in Detroit. Detroit got rid of Millen and at least they are competitive now. Vikes need to get rid of Spielman. I said that when they promoted him from Player personal or what ever his title was. It is tough to coach when you have little talent and No QB. Ponder needs to be dropped from the MN roster. He can only look at one WR. If that WR is not open within 2 seconds, Ponder panics and runs the ball. Even as a GB fan I was embarrassed last night for MN. I am hoping MN trades Jennings back to us, Ponder does not use him.
  7. video

    Absolutely Awesome!!! Go Bison.
  8. video

    College football is finally here. Go Bison. I don't think they really have a shot of beating Kansas State, but it would be awesome if they did. We will be watching and doing a fantasy football draft. What a great sports day Friday will be. Go Bison or is it Bicon...
  9. I was just going to say that I catch quite few in the main channel off of spawning grounds this time of the year with a jig and minnow walleye fishing.
  10. How do these boats survive on $100,000 or less for the year? With crew wages, gas, tackle, insurance, dock fees, etc.... what is left for the captain? How can it be worth the time and effort? It just does not seem profitable to me.
  11. Out today on Biron Flowage between Galecke and Rusty's. Tons of small males, caught mostly on BB and SD hook. Bringing the kids out tomorrow to have fun with the small walleyes. Changed to dragging Thunderstick Jrs and did okay, biggest was 22 inches. Water temp 54 degrees.
  12. Of course if this would be a relevant route to pursue, you would be in favor also of having all vendors who associate with healthcare take similiar cut in their pay/reimbursement from the healthcare check book? Of course the vendors who are passionate and truly care about people will have no problem dropping their payment by (said %).
  13. Quote:Secondly, your comfortable coming in with a loved one who is having an MI and the hospital asks for cash up front or hit the door? Your comparing apples and oranges. Almost half of the United States is going to have some sort of cardiovascular issue in their lifetime.
  14. Swamptiger, Health insurance does not need to be a necessity, but than at that point you have to be willing to live with the consequences, loss of access to health care, unless you have the cash up front of course. Healthcare is not like other services. It is a much larger complex beast.