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bobber guy

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  1. bobber guy

    nose jammer

    just wondering if anyone has used nose jammer and what you guys think compared to any other scent block/cover thanks
  2. bobber guy

    motor mounst

    hey guys i need some help replacing motor mounts on a 1974 9.9 evinrude. i dont want to take it in. iam looking for a HSOforum or something that will show me how to do this. thanks for the help
  3. bobber guy

    swimmers tail

    just wondering if anyone has ever heard of swimmers tail. my dogs tail was hurting him and he had been swimming alot and i was told it was swimmers tail i never heard of it i was hoping someone could fill me in. thanks
  4. bobber guy

    buying new bow

    im looking for a new bow and need some help on what to thinking about bowtech sniper. any one no anything about this bow or have any other suggestions. thanks alot.
  5. bobber guy

    shock collars

    just wondering on what kind of collar i should get for my dog and why. i will be hunting upland birds, waterfowl, and geese in the fields. thanks for the info.
  6. bobber guy

    dog puking

    well a coulpe days after i put the post he stopped. he eats grass and i was told that could cause it.
  7. bobber guy

    dog eating #2

    my dog has been eating the girl friends cats #2. i am just wondering if anyone else had this problem. what can i do to stop this. i heard i could change the food and he will stop.any help would be great. thanks.
  8. bobber guy

    dog puking

    i just got a new dog about three weeks ago he is now three months old.lab and golden retriever mix. almost ever morning he pukes or he acts like he is gonna until i give him attention. is this normal or should i see a vet. thanks.
  9. does anyone no about a walleye tourny that is gonna be held on leech lake this summer. if so can you let me no where to find some info. thanks
  10. bobber guy


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  11. this is my first year turkey hunting and got drawn for the first season and i have been told it will be easy since the birds will be dumb. is that true. so if you guys could help my out with what i need and if there are certain ways to hunt them is it like deer hunting. any help would be great.