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  1. I am looking into purchasing a used Lowrance LCX 16 CI. My question to you guys is if the unit itself is older than the Lakemaster chip that I want to put in it, is it going to work? The unit is probably older than 2004, and the chip is I believe 06-07. If it won't, what do I need to do? Let me know what you guys think! Thanks.
  2. Where to fish with 35+ winds

    There wasn't a breath of wind on Lake Bemidji today. The water was like glass, but the fishing wasn't good. It was a great day to be on the water in late November!
  3. White Muskies???

    I think she had her costume on...
  4. New Michigan State Record Muskie

    I agree muskieboy. It use to be that if you didn't have a picture of a fish that you caught, no one would believe it (this still happens). Now, when a legit picture and official weight are taken, it is still being criticized. What more do some of you folks want?
  5. muskies in bemiji area

    there aren't any muskies in the bemidji area...they're all gone
  6. planer boards

    I recently purchased a couple planer boards for the fall (walleye boards for muskies). However, I gave them a try and they didn't work as I thought they would have. I ran my lure out 50', attached my board and then ran out another 80-100' of line. The board pretty much ran right along side the boat. How do I get my board/lure farther away from the boat? Will adjusting the weight on the board fix my problem? Any insight is welcomed
  7. Frank Schneider Tournament Results

    there must not have been any fish caught
  8. Best stringer to use for a Muskie?

    This seems to work most of the time..unless you get the anchor rope wrapped around the prop while trolling at a clipping speed of 5 mph. Bigger fish don't enjoy this, especially if they are tangled in the prop as well.
  9. Muskie Photo Gallery

    congrats on your first bmp. I'd take a fish of that size, ANYDAY!!
  10. Daiwa Saltist

    I had my 40HA spool full, took a bit of line off last night, and through it again tonight. It didn't seem to burn big blades any easier for me. However, the blades were scootin' right along, it was still a lot of work on my end to get them to go. Maybe it's something I need to get use to...
  11. That Lake?

    Even though I haven't fished it for a couple years, I would have to say Lake Alexander.
  12. Daiwa Saltist

    Hey guys. With your saltists are you completely filling your spool with line? I have the 40HA and filled the spool and I don't think it burns the bait like it is capable of doing. Just thought I would ask before I cut off a bunch of line. If so, how much line would you recommend on the spool? Thanks.
  13. Hot/Sunny Days

    That's about the only thing I haven't thrown at them. Good one Vi
  14. Hot/Sunny Days

    Goblue, do you think the fish on the outside weedline will be more willing to feed?
  15. Hot/Sunny Days

    Was curious of how you guys approach muskies during hot/sunny conditions. Also, I have been seeing some fish up in the shallows, but they don't seem interested in anything. Any suggestions? Thanks guys.