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Cody Lubeley

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  1. Cody Lubeley

    Jig Fishing Rivers

    So far this spring I have spent a lot of time fishing on multiple different river systems and one of the most consistent patterns I have found has been pitching jigs. This bite has been so solid I figured it would be worth making a post about and sharing my results from a few recent outings. When pitching jigs into current the number one most important thing I have found is dialing in on the right size jig. Having too light of a jig keeps you out of the strike zone while having too heavy of a jig creates a somewhat unnatural presentation in the current. What you are looking for when trying to find the right jig weight is for that jig to float off the bottom and drift in the current for as long as possible, while still being able to feel contact with the bottom. I have found if you can get that jig to float off the bottom for 4-6 seconds before contacting the bottom again you should be about perfect on jig weight. What this does is present the bait in front of a walleyes mouth about as natural as possible as it floats with the current the same way a wounded bait fish would. The second most important thing I have found is how to work the rod while pitching. For all of my jig pitching I prefer to use a 6'9" Limit Creek Smoothie as it is ideal for any jig pitching scenario whether it be low current and light jigs or fast current and heavy jigs, this rod is built to be the all around perfect jig fishing rod! When pitching jigs in current it is extremely important to not over work the jig. By this I mean popping the rod up and dropping it down. This creates slack in the line which #1 causes the jig to fall much quicker reducing your time in the strike zone and #2 can result in missed strikes if you are not constantly watching the line looking for a hit. A simple lift of the rod to get the jig off the bottom, a crank on the reel to get the slack in and a hold is all that has been needed to trigger my bites lately. This is where jig size becomes extremely important because if you are too heavy your jig will fall right back to the bottom or too light your jig will float above the strike zone. The perfect sized jig head will naturally drift with the current until BAM FISH ON! This presentation has become my absolute favorite for spring time fishing on rivers and I highly suggest giving it a try if you haven't already! Here are a few pictures of fish my boat has seen within the past couple weeks using this presentation.
  2. Where can I find the results of this tournament?
  3. Cody Lubeley

    Left Handed Bait Casting/Line Counting Reel

    ok cool ill start checkin some of those out
  4. Im having trouble finding a line counting reed for trollin cranks with the reel on the left side. everyone sold at the gander mountatin around my house is set for right handers. Does anyone know where i can find one with the reel on the left side? Thanks
  5. Cody Lubeley

    Greenback Monster...15.3 pounds!

    Nice fish i can only dream about catching an eye like that
  6. Cody Lubeley

    Metro Fishing Contests?

    There is usually one held on Carls lake every year too.
  7. Cody Lubeley

    Frabill Predator vs. Otter Lodge

    I'll have to try that out tomorrow While loading up on my way to the croix sounds a lot easier than the way I've been loading it in there haha Thanks
  8. Cody Lubeley

    Frabill Predator vs. Otter Lodge

    I agree I've used mine about 7-8 times this year and i can't get it in the back of my truck without help from one of my friends. Also it is the perfect portable if you have an ATV or Sled to pull it with otherwise it can be tough to drag out onto the lake. Once you've got it set up and your fishing I'd have to say its one of the nicest houses to be in and setting it up is a breeze...Once you get to your fishing hole
  9. Cody Lubeley

    Night Fishing

    you don't exactly NEED glow jigs but they are a plus. And no northern don't usually tend to feed after dark but last year at about one in the morning my buddys and i had a couple rattle reels down with suckers for walleyes and we got a 28" northern. Man was that weird, but i guess it can happen I wouldnt go out targeting pike after dark though
  10. Cody Lubeley

    Hard Water Walleyes!

    the two eyes i caught on saturday night were out of carls and people in my group got two others friday night but nothing worth any size, there out there though Good luck
  11. Cody Lubeley

    Hard Water Walleyes!

    So far i've only iced two eyes this year both being about 8-10 inches in the metro fishing in about 12 FOW. Both took on the bobber genz worm set up fishing for crappies
  12. Cody Lubeley

    Any Northern Ducks?

    i hunted up there over all of MEA and saw lots of ducks out there mixed in with the coots there was also about 500 geese roosting on the lake too not sure how many there is now though
  13. During the week since i don't have Many options of places to hunt in the cities i tend to spend most of my school evenings out in the rice lake area and tonight was the first night i have seen divers in the area and there was definatly i lot more flocks of mallards and geese around so I'd say the front definatly pushed some ducks down hopefully there is still a lot more to come
  14. Cody Lubeley

    Diver spread question

    I'm the same way with the honkers but i don't think it really matter where there at if the geese want in they will usually commit
  15. Wait so you could really shoot 8 ducks in a day if two of them were hooded mergs?