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  1. Hey everyone, had the opportunity to get out with my new jiffy 4lite propane, an Ion, and the Clam Drill plate kit (drill plate/gear box/auger with 18v Dewalt). I was with 25 guys and I was the only one with augers. So it was the perfect time to try out all three and see what was preferred. In the end the ratings would be: Jiffy 5/5 Ion 4/5 Clam 4/5 The propane was faster and cut the lake like a hot knife on butter. The Ion and Clam were not as fast, but were still able to cut plenty of holes without any issues. The batteries on the clam did not last as long, but if I were to buy higher amp batteries that could be solved. The Ion was slower than the other two but was consistent and did cut a lot of holes.
  2. Lutsen area trail maps

    Clearview store in Lutsen, otherwise the Holiday store in Tofte should both have maps and information. There is also a snowmobile club up there as well.
  3. Poachers Caught is a great read.
  4. Heading up next weekend, wondering if im going to be able to catch anything?
  5. Holland Reports

    Hows it going Duff? A cart for your canoe helps a lot going up and down that hill. There still are some great sized pike in there, but they are hard to catch, some pretty good sized largies as well. I attended a meeting at the lake last aug. about an aerator on Holland, the DNR had acquired two and would have liked to get them out there for this winter, but the Parks had some issues with powering the aerators, and that was the last I have heard. The DNR used to put more than brood stock in there but eventually figured it would be best to put in brood stock until the aerator situation was figured out. It is one of the cleanest lakes in Dakota County, and it shows when you are out there. There are some potential great fishing lakes in that park, I wish more would be done with them. I know that the DNR would like to get in there and make some improvements, but the County lacks any real idea of what would be needed.
  6. Fishing Digital Photography

    I have used both the Canon D10 and Pentax Optio W60 (underwater cameras), for started underwater cameras both would be a great option. You do have to watch to make sure that the lens does not get scratched, but other than that its point and shoot. The cameras do great work on their own.
  7. Went fishin with Scudly

    Scudly, we should get together sometime, I would love to photograph some of your ventures! shoot me an email borg0196 at adamborgstahldotcom
  8. A couple Hayward area lakes

    Lost Land and Teal are pretty good, fished them the past couple of summers, some good sizes in those two. They are connected so if you don't do to well on one, you can easily move to the other.
  9. bassin in the float tube

    well done sir! you mind telling what camera you used?
  10. a few from last night

    if you don't mind me asking, what lens are you using for the wide angle shots?
  11. Valuable lessons

    try putting the iphone in with a cup a rice. the rice can help pull out the moisture inside the phone.
  12. Help please.

    Come down to the Lebanon Hills Visitor Center, in Eagan, there is a nesting pair right above the front door (on top of the light fixture). They usually arrive spring time for their first batch, and the past couple of years they later have another batch of young ones.
  13. Flower ID help please.

    I was going to go with the woodlily
  14. Help please.

    does the tail bob up and down?