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  1. Locator for kayak

    I like the new Helix series - the Humminbird Helix 5 SI goes for under $500. You can do a transducer exchange for the thru-hull (hole in kayak) version.
  2. Lake trout blanks

    I just ordered 5 of the Batson .385x.105x72 solidglass series to make into laker rods. That was the most suggested blank while doing searches for lake trout ice rods that I came across.
  3. Shipping a boat

    The older versions of the reata 186 and 210 previously had a hull that was more of a bass boat design. I believe they are all more of a multi-species designed hull now like the early reata 1850vs.
  4. Nokian tires

    I'm on my third set of the WR series for my car. I drive a lot and get good life and handling with them. A little expensive, but a better option than running two sets of tires IMO.
  5. Ripping DVD's to use on Tablet

    To decode and find the movie files, I use MakeMKV. I then use Handbrake to trans-code into MP4 format.
  6. Tablet suggestions?

    I recommend them. We have a Tab S and an older Tab pro, both are super devices.
  7. Peet boot dryer?

    My Peet boot dryer doesn't have a fan either and only puts out a bit of heat. If you let it run with your boots over the dryer, the inside of the boots should feel fairly toasty after a little while. If the boots aren't warming, the heater is likely shot.
  8. Best way to remove weeds and grass from a garden?

    One of my favorite methods to weed is to use a large propane torch; the Red Dragon brand are commonly available at places like Northern Tool, or Fleet Farm. If you're seeds haven't sprouted you can go fairly aggressively over the entire area, basically kill everything that is growing. If your seeds have sprouted, you can lay a segment of metal gutter, or something similar over the sprouts to protect them as you go. Oscillating stirrup style hoes are also pretty handy. They are also commonly called scuffle or hula hoes. Ammann and Glaser make good ones. A good sharp bladed hoe will clean up a garden quick. As far as mulch, I prefer oat straw. I have a trac vac grass collector that I use for collecting grass for border mulching, but I try not to put clippings into the cropping area.
  9. New Trolling Motor

    It's a solid motor except for the foot control IMO. I went through a foot control every year before getting the terrova. I've gone five years on the terrova and I'm only on my second pedal.
  10. Best new 25 hp outboard

    I researched this quite a bit. The thing that really jumped out at me was that the E-tec has a way bigger alternator capacity compared to the others.
  11. We hauled a blue 1-man kayak into the Windmill Marina on 5/3. It was mostly submerged and floating downstream near the marina. We left it on the dock. It looked like it had been in the water for only a short amount of time. It didn't have any name or registration on it.
  12. Anyone have any feedback on the quality of these ball bearing swivels? I'm looking to order a pile of welded ring swivels and these are by far the cheapest available. You can order a 50pk for about $30 from a number of places. thanks for your time.
  13. The purpose of this fact sheet The purpose of this factsheet is to provide the legal requirements related to the harvesting, sale, and purchase of wild mushrooms. Regulations on Wild Mushroom Sales The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has specific regulations for individuals who harvest and wish to sell wild mushrooms. To learn more about becoming an MDA approved source, or to inquire about an MDA license, call the MDA Dairy and Food Inspection Division at 651-201-6027. There are specific regulations in the Minnesota Food Code (Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4626) regarding wild mushrooms. The Minnesota Food Code requires that all food sold or served to the public must be obtained from an approved source. Minnesota Food Code Links to the many Minnesota Rules that pertain to food safety. Who may sell wild mushrooms? Qualified mushroom identification experts The Minnesota Food Code states that a food establishment may only purchase wild mushrooms from an approved source where each mushroom is individually inspected and found to be safe by a mushroom identification expert. The Minnesota Food Code defines a mushroom identification expert as someone whose knowledge of mushroom species has been “…verified and approved by the regulatory authority through the successful completion of a wild mushroom identification course provided by either an accredited college or university or a mycological society.” Individuals that harvest and sell mushrooms grown only on their own or rented land may not be required to be licensed, but must still comply with all other applicable rules and regulations, including documentation of training as a mushroom identification expert. According to Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4626, cultivated wild mushrooms species are considered to be from a safe source, if they are grown, harvested, and processed in a facility that is regulated by the food regulatory agency that has jurisdiction over the operation. Wild mushrooms, including those from independent harvesters, that are sold in packaged form by a regulated processing plant are also considered to be from a safe source. These plants are licensed by MDA, and they employ one or more recognized mushroom identification experts. Which Wild Mushrooms may be Sold by an Individual Harvester in Minnesota? Morels The morel mushroom is currently the only wild mushroom that may be sold directly to markets, restaurants, or consumers in Minnesota. No mushroom identification experts have been certified to sell any wild mushrooms except morel mushrooms at this time.
  14. Need a new reel

    For trolling cranks with braid, folks typically use a linecounter setup. IMO, it's way more useful to run a counter with braid than it is with leadcore. If you really need to cast, maybe upgrade to a newer ambassador and possibly run some metered braid?
  15. Breaker size for trolling motor

    MinnKota suggests a 60 amp is warranted for the 50# PD.