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  1. teresa

    Appeldoorns GTG Countdown

    Hi all, sorry I haven't been too active with the posting, but thought I'd chime in. I'm bringing the pop up so will have some electricity. I'll have a toaster and coffee pot outside on a "community table"...all are welcome to brew and toast. I'll also plan to bring the fixins for french toast and sausage one morning. I too have a small gas grill that we can use and a card table for I am also going to make up a dozen ham/cz that will be ready to grill whenever. They seem to hit the spot whenever. I tend to bring too much food, too many cloths and not enough sun screen. Some day I'll learn. I too am so anxious for this weekend! Oh....I have the filet knife too, cuz this time, we're going to catch some keepers!
  2. are already in good hands if your wife is handling details. My bit of prepared to spend a lot of money, and don't sweat it, the memories will be well worth it. sunscreen is also a must!
  3. teresa

    Ready for some snow?

    not a thing down south here....just a bit of rain and wet roads.
  4. Thanks ULT....good advise. I tried hitting it with a hammer...and then a bigger hammer...but that didn't make the car start. I jumped the puppy and it started, and stupid me, instead of driving it right to the shop, I turned it off to see if it would start again, and of click click...nothing. Not too proud to say what a blonde moment I had there (sorry lisa).
  5. teresa

    What is on your wish list?

    David Cook
  6. teresa

    What is on your wish list?

    I wish for.... World peace, the end of hunger, a cure for AIDS, no more suffering in the world. And....a vexilar
  7. teresa

    What is on your wish list?

    Barb...what about David? Have you changed your heart?
  8. Hey Charley, I'm with you! Generalizing like that is what makes us hateful people. Now, we both know stupid people, men and women....but of course none of them fish.
  9. I'm biting now too. I'm feeling bad for Brian. I think you asked a good question, and a few have given some insightful answers. I think others may have snapped back in response to the thread of growing misperceptions. Brian and men like him are intelligent enough to ask the help and advise of a women. We as women, certainly should encourage open and even is sometimes clumsy, dialog between the diparate genders. We are united here by our passion for fishing. Brian, when I need to seek advise about something I have little experience with, I seek out an expert, regardless of gender to chat with. Some women are more comfortable than others asking advice of a man for fear of seeming uninformed. We are fighting hard for respect in a man's world, as men are in a women's world. I wonder how the response would have gone if a woman asked the same question in a men's forum? I bet, much differently. I need a new starter in my Pontiac? Can anyone give me some advice? I know nothing about starters. (hope I didn't offend anyone)
  10. teresa

    URL 2/20-21

    Hey Chaff...sorry to have missed you. We did do much better once we got out a ways. We went home happy and my son reaped the rewards with fish dinner Monday night. The perch were as tasty as the walleye. You don't realize how much you have drank until you go to pack up and only find 2 beers....darn, we sure had fun. Pat and his son in law stopped by after their happy hour on Friday night, and I think they were having some fun of their own. I love the guy.....and he was nice enough to move the wheel house back out to help us out. We may join him again in March when he calls to tellus the crappie bite is on. Not a single crappie this trip.....and we used to just kill them a few years ago. But....the better news, no eelpout either. Did you happen to visit the festival on your way through?
  11. teresa

    Piggy Perchin - roll call

    I am sooooo jealous not to be able to make this one......arghhhh. Make a toast with punch for me!
  12. teresa

    URL 2/20-21

    me girls cracked me up!
  13. teresa

    URL 2/20-21

    and Brian, so the house is full, but thinking maybe another 4some up there would be a fun way to FARKLE
  14. teresa

    URL 2/20-21

    yes....shelly is always a good so is RED
  15. Just thought I'd throw an invite out there to see if anyone is interested in meeting up on URL? I've got a 4some and a sleeper from Club Red for the weekend. His sleepers are smaller and not as fancy as Paul's but, I'm only interested in fishing, not frills. I'm taking punch and well.....ok, just punch.