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  1. I figured this was the easiest place to ask you....I know in October you said on one forum the you got a Commando. What do you think of it right now? I have been trying to decide on getting one or not and have not found anyone except you who has gotten one. Up sides? Down sides? Thanks for any input!!
  2. Just get in touch with Stu. He will put you on those monsters. We have been up a couple times and each time we leave we want to go back even more. Like I said Stu will take care of you. Also check out some early episodes of the In-Fisherman Ice Fishing shows. Stu and Chip Leer can be seen fishing Lake Winnipeg and Chip lands some brutes on the Red. Absolutly first rate place Stu has up there. See you in March!!(and god willing once or twice before that!!!)
  3. Red River HAWG Update!

    I know all about it. We were up last year. This year we are fishing an extra day and 4 other people are tagging along after seeing our pics.
  4. Red River HAWG Update!

    These are all from the river?
  5. It's HAWG time!

    So where are the pics? I would love to see them. It is a world class fishery up there and the fish are beautiful.
  6. Canada trip

    Cats on the Red. Stu will take care of you and put you on fish.
  7. Red River (Lockport)

    Yes that was what they were suggesting. I am sure there are reasons for the things they do, but just looking at you in the picture and not seeing Cats be the go-to place just seemed odd. That is unless you have connections or ownership in the confrence center. Either way it has nothing to do with the bite so back to that...... I will be up sometime in March to hit the big lake but would like to come and hit the River hard for two days. You told me once about how fun it is to get those big eye's when they suspend in the deep river water. When does that bite usually occur? Is catching cats through the ice somethign you do or is that not an option? Thanks!
  8. Red River (Lockport)

    I was quite suprised to see in In-Fisherman that they had in there destination page a picture of you Stu, but recomended anohter place to stay. How has the fishing been?
  9. Red River (Lockport)

    Will do.....they will all swim to see another day!...Well unless I yank a 14lber out of there!!
  10. Red River (Lockport)

    You are right Stu and his operation are second to none. We have been up there a couple times and he has treated us right and put us on fish. The lake is outstanding on the ice. We do not have much of a choice when we can go so I think we are going anyways. All I need is the chance at a big fish to keep me interested. Thanks for the help.
  11. Red River (Lockport)

    Would we be better hitting the lake if we head up that way you think?
  12. Still thinking of heading up to Lockport maybe this upcoming week. Anyone know if the walleyes are biting? Thanks in advance.
  13. Canadian Health Care

    I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. But when you are talking policy on a level that involves hundreds of milions of taxpayers, a few, or even a few thousand cases of people strugling does not change anything. You cannot IMO, force everyone to pay for a few. Moving towards a socailist society is a dangerous thing.
  14. Canadian Health Care

    Most everyone that wants it has it. There are a lot of people who choose to pay as they go, or just don't care if they have ins. or not. The numbers are not what they seem to be. plus anyone who walks into an emergency room gets care.
  15. Red River Ice

    That is where I am talking about. Anyone know if the greenies are running through that area yet?