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  1. Morgan's first deer

    Way to Go Scoot and Morgan! Another great story!!!
  2. Vacation for the rut

    Taking tomorrow off... We will see what happens as this front pushes in. Hopefully it gets something on its feet.
  3. Tv moose

    I just read nicole from driven just shot a moose after 8 days in the bush. I looked up the outfitter... $22,000 hunt. I understand that they have sponsors, but man... I guess I'm never doing that hunt that they do yearly. any one else sick of hunting celebrities making the bucket list an impossible goal more and more each year.
  4. Vacation for the rut

    I am taking the 25-27th off and then the next week the 1st and 2nd. All day sits, so hopefully something walks by. Then gun with my niece for her first time out as she is now 10.
  5. Wy Antelop

    That is awesome Scoot! Way to go to you all! It sure looks like fun!
  6. Does anyone have any experience or feedback on a spot and stalk spring bear hunt? Looking for the 2019 spring, but want to talk to someone about doing it. Trying not to make it a $5000 adventure as well. Trying to do a rich man's trip without being a rich man. Any help is very appreciated.
  7. 2017 hso Turkey Quest Teams/Scores

    Way to go everyone for another fun year! Congrats to all who filled tags, and congrats to team 5! Way to put it all together.
  8. Team 4

    Powerstroke, you got a bird to submit, correct? I am heading to WI on Thursday for a few days to try and find a bird for supper. Good luck everyone.
  9. Team 4

    Day 2: The next morning, we set up in that same plot we started in, and got there to hear nothing going around were we were. I was still very much in the dumps after the morning the day before, but we sat down and tried to listen for anything close. The gobbles all seemed to be in a different location in the preserve, and one across the road that was on his property. After about 15 minutes, the gobbling stopped, except the one across the road. We decided to make a move, just like yesterday. We got back to the cabin, and grabbed the stuff. Not 50 yards away from the cabin gobblers lit up, in the same place we shot the day before, which is about 75 yards from the cabin. They were close, and getting closer. We put all our stuff down, got the blind out and ready, and climbed in. The birds gobbled hard at the calls, and kept getting closer. They got to his yard, and had a nice line right to the decoys. All this is happening right behind us, but not within sight. Listening as they come closer, what a rush! They hung out in his yard for a bit, and then meandered off away from us. We were perplexed, and I was bummed again! We got out looked at that perfect line to the decoys, only to see I parked right in the way, and they never saw the decoys, and had a heck of an obstacle to get around. We moved the blind into the pines where they had traveled through and set up shop to wait. My buddy, being tagged out went back to the cabin (all 40 yards away) and went to sleep. About an hour and a half later, gobbles started getting closer, then further, then closer. All of a sudden I saw a red head coming across the food plot in my direction. He got the the edge of the pines and went into full strut. 2 steps, strut, 3 steps strut. He did the dance all the way to 20 yards. I was ready the whole time, and tried to decide to shoot, or wait. He had one last branch to clear before he was open at 20 yards, and he turned and walked off. I was baffled. I could have shot him, but thought I had time, and wanted to wait for a good shot. So, he was gone, he left me hanging for whatever reason, and I was done. I packed my stuff up and went back to the cabin after 20 minutes of trying to coax him back. We went and did some deer stand stuff, cut some trees, and scouted his place for the fall. After that we came back and were on the couch to nap, dozing off, when GOBBLE. It sounded so close we both jumped. Out the window, 20 yards away was 2 nice gobblers in his yard, just hanging out. I kicked myself for not being out there. We just watched them mill around as my bow sat outside, and my buddy sat tagged out. They left, and I was beat, bummed, and spent. I took a nap. When I got up 20 minutes later I went outside and heard gobbling but I was done. I had decided earlier to be done for the day so I could enjoy the scenery and just hang out at the cabin. As I stood there I saw a hen across the pond in front of the cabin. She came to the edge, and flew across, landing fully in the water. I thought then " You can't kill them from the couch," and went and got my stuff on. I had a few hours to set up shop in the blind and see what happens before it got dark, so I got my stuff and headed out. As I was leaving, my buddy said there were gobblers across the fence were we had been setting up, so walk slow and careful. I was on my way, and there in 5 minutes. I had to turn the blind and set up decoys, but was settled in before 5, but barely. There was gobbles across the fence for sure, and so I called and got an immediate answer. After a couple minutes I called and got an answer, but further away. I was bummed, yet again. These birds had me and weren't coming in. After a few more distant gobbles I cut my box call as loud as I could and a bird lit up in a different direction, and then again, and closer. He kept gobbling here and there, and I just listened with my bow ready. All of a sudden I could see him through some trees. I saw his head pop up, and then he went behind some trees. After a minute or two a gobble rang out across the fence again, and it sounded like he was gone. I set my bow down and got ready to call gain, when all of a sudden he popped out from behind the tree and started paralleling the plot. He got to a trail in the woods, stepped in the food plot and started pecking the ground. After a few snacks or whatever, he picked his head up, strutted, and started walking towards the decoys. As he closed the distance, I got my bow, and started to draw. (Side note: I forgot my gloves at the cabin so I was bare white handed through all of this.) So I drew down and he pegged me for a split second. He caught up mid step and then went back to coming in. As I raised my front hand to aim, the bird was at the jake decoy. He saw my hand come up and turned and started putting away. I put the pin on this back and let loose. The arrow went in right above the tail and he flopped, and ran about 15 yards and tipped over. I was ecstatic. That was intense, fast, and so cool! My buddy came over after I texted I got one, and we took some pictures. The bird is in the submission thread for size, but it was a unreal 2 days of turkey hunting. I decided this will be my first, and only turkey with a bow for a while. It is a challenge yes, one I am glad I accomplished. I got this bird 6 years to the day I got my first bird. That being said, bow hunting them is ridiculously hard. To move on anything is a difficult task. I got luck and had a great guide and a great place to do it at, but it was tough. With my life, with three kids, a family, a job, and constant business I am hanging the bow for turkeys for a while. It is just as fun with a gun to me, and I like to eat turkey, not tag. No complaints here from this guy either if that is what it sounds like, just a learned observation. Ah well, it was a great time, and I hope to do it again soon. It is also really nice to be part of the team that actually contributes for once! Thanks and good luck!
  10. Team 4

    A week late, but here it goes... Last Thursday night I headed North for my buddies cabin. He has been getting pictures of 7-8 toms (I can only say that as he has a picture where they are all there together) coming through his food plots in the afternoon. So optimism was very high. I got there at 10, long after the roost, and long before we could go out into the blind. He was just getting back from setting up a blind on his plot. We were set, and just had to sleep... Well forever later, I finally got up at 4:30 and got ready. Day 1: We set up on a food plot that was about 75 yards from a nature preserve that is off limits, but very nice to be by. Right away walking the 150 yards from his blind, the birds were gobbling, all of that group of Toms, as well as some jakes mixed in. All of the birds were across the fence and a good couple hundred yards away. As it got lighter we could tell that most of the birds flew down and moved off, but there was still one bird that was going in the tree, and was closer than the others were. The first picture is of the set up for the morning, with the snow on the ground and everything. The gobble, turned into gobbles as two birds got closer to us. We watched them materialize out of the trees and get to the edge of the food plot, right under the pine trees in the picture. They saw the decoys, but did not like something (I think the strutter) and meandered off past us on to the property we were on, followed by a couple hens. We sat for about an hour, with nothing but the two birds gobbled, and that was sparingly. We decided to grab the backpack blind and my decoys and go set up on the other side of his property. We left the blind up, and put the decoys away and slipped back to the cabin. We found another spot, on the edge of the Preserve, but had nothing going. After about an hour the birds that we saw earlier got really fired up, and it was game time. We were not in a good spot to make anything work, so we packed up shop and slipped down the property line to get around them and close the distance. We had to cross a 10 foot creek, and two steps across the long, I got to take a nice 27 degree morning dip in the thigh high creek with all my stuff, bow, bags, and stuff. Soaked up to my gills and back, we continued our trip to circle the now going crazy birds. We cut the distance to about 75 yards, thanks to a really well placed ridge. We set the decoys at 5 yards, and got settled in. I did a little pretty song on a diaphragm call and got a response instantly. One minute later, I could see two recd heads pop over the ridge, and start very cautiously coming towards us. They got to about 10 yards in the pine plantation, and went into full strut, gobbled, and closed the distance. They came into the jake decoy, and put on a little show as we both drew our bows. I had the poles in my way, so I maneuvered a little and shot. The bird, that was facing me and in full strut, jumped straight up and took off for the ridge. The other tom stopped at about 8 yards and my buddy flung an arrow. That bird flopped and took off for the ridge as well. I thought I saw his flop over, but not sure, and we definitely saw mine run off. The second picture shows the jake decoy and the spot the two toms came in. We waited an hour, and went back to the cabin so I could get changed and warm up, even though after that experience I was pretty warm, to say the least. We gave them the time and went back. Not very far over the ridge we found his bird dead. As for mine, we found tracks, a couple drops of blood, but no bird. After many, and I mean many replays in my brain, the arrow hit too far to the right and was not a fatal shot. We looked for about 2 hours, but had no luck in finding anything. I was devastated. We took care of his bird, took pictures, and went back for lunch and naps. His bird is the 3rd and 4th picture. That afternoon we sat where we started, and got to watch some good shows by hens and lots of deer. No gobbles that night at all.
  11. 2017 Turkey Quest Submission Thread

    Here is my submission. Turkey.pdf
  12. A plan came together

    Awesome, that sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats on a very nice bird.
  13. Team 4

    Good luck Cooter.
  14. Team 4

    Thanks guys. He was h act for sure, almost 23. Beard was right at 9 and spurs almost an inch. Pics and write up will come tomorrow if I have time.
  15. Team 4

    Got it done in mn. More to come when I get home.