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  1. Daylillys

    Just keep them mowed down, they will eventually die off.
  2. Saying goodbye

    My condolences. It would be a shocker to me to find a guest that has passed. You seem to be handling this well. My family will pray for you and your friends this evening. May the Peace of the Lord be with you always!!!
  3. Baby Reds

    They do that too. I was referring to the reds neutering the grays. They run/sneak up behind to bite their testicles in attempt to castrate them.
  4. Baby Reds

    A free pass to help control the grays?
  5. I believe the crawlers are not natural forage and using them as bait emulates large larvae.
  6. Propane Patio Heater/Firepit

    Reb - Thank you for the quick reply. That is why I was askin. Hoey
  7. I am looking at purchasing a propane powered patio heater/fire-pit. The stores want $25 for 5lbs of lava rock or the glass beads/balls and it looks like i will need two of those. Do you know of any reason why regular landscaping type river rock would not work? Will it explode, melt, etc, or cause other issues?
  8. Goodbye AP!

    If I was a lip reader, AP was talking to Coach Peyton about his rear-end...... during the game.
  9. Atv to utv

    The CanAm's are pretty nice too. One fishing friend has a SxS and my financial adviser has a two up. Both talk about them a lot.
  10. Cat Fishing!

    Recovered one in the ice.
  11. Winterizing temporary well setup

    Use a small, self priming electric pump, connected to a 20 ft piece of clear vinyl tubing down the vertical pipe and pump the pipe dry to 15 ft. Just thinking out loud here.....
  12. Winterizing temporary well setup

    Maybe drain the tank?
  13. Guide Daze

    Len - This was a very nice article. I enjoyed your writing style. Take care.
  14. Jackrabbit Mystery

    I have a place near Lake of the Woods and we always have some running around. They like to get in the headlights and run in the winter.