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  1. Black Hills Spruce are doing very well with the clay and other competing trees in our yard. The Colorado Blues are doing OK with the soil, but they sure like space, air, and non-compete areas of full day sun.
  2. From my experience, the primary killer of spruce trees is constantly wet ground. They need to be in well drained soil. Amend the soil if necessary or even plant into a hill to keep their feet dry.
  3. A family that yaks together - sticks together.
  4. Anything gas operated consumes ambient air. Without some sort of outside air supply or free outdoor air, you are relying upon some leaks in the building envelope, without it, you will develop a negative indoor air pressure that will impact combustion and exhaust. Can be very dangerous. There is probably building code for this. In my house, this is a 4" flex duct with an outdoor air hood (and bird screen) and it lays on the floor between the gas fired furnace and gas water heater.
  5. Its like he is keeping it around like a dying plant..... LOL
  6. Sounds like you have a project and a plan. You are not too far from Rapid Marine in Ham Lake. They have done work for me many times and I'd recommend them to anyone.
  7. Maybe a rotten stump void that has become home to a critter....?
  8. Little nut cracker.
  9. Local salvage yard?
  10. Dark and dried plant leaf tips usually is a symptom of over watering.
  11. Thanks for the input. I will try again, this time with my pliers next to the fill spout or something like that to see if that "activates the magnet.
  12. ....or the softness is due to trapped moisture on the interior rotting out due to poor ventilation in the summer and has nothing to do with the roof. Always a possibility.
  13. I've got a Dowco cover that is over ten years old. I use it all the time when trailering. I have no noticeable damage due to the cover as it ties down nicely and the flapping prone spots have tighteners that take-up the loose canvas material. And i have chains with the ice/hard-snow studs. These increase traction by a lot. I stopped using them since they tear up the sidewalk and driveway when plowing snow. I do not use my wheeler for pulling a house, yet.
  14. Recently I am seeing more, or I just started noticing diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) pumps at truck stops and some convenience stations. I am on my second DuraMax and have been using the bottled DEF. So I tried a DEF pump the other day and it took 15 minutes to get 3 gallons. The lady at the cash register told us that there is a magnet on the pump nozzle, as a safety, that needs a metal fill spout in the truck to activate. So two questions: 1) Is there a magnet in the pump nozzle? 2) How to make this work with my DuraMax with a plastic fill spout? Thanks, Hoey
  15. European vehicles have little or no drink holders because driving there is a serious matter with no allowance for distractions. So if you need coffee or a soda, you stop at an imbiss, purchase, consume, and then get back on the road.