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  1. Norway Maple tree damage, need opinions

    You can almost anticipate where it is going to split down the trunk.... It is a whopper of a maple. Sad to see its condition. The limb on the right. Probably going to be costly to bring it down.
  2. Norway Maple tree damage, need opinions

    Cheetah - does that tree have a v of limbs above the scar? If so, that makes the tree even more suspect to end-of-life, as that would make this area of the trunk super weak.
  3. How do you get rid of a mole?

    I have found that applying an insecticide on the lawn works great. The moles are there feeding on larvae/insects in and under the lawn. Do away with the larvae/insects and the moles move onto to the neighbor's yard.
  4. Strawberries

    ...or you wing one that ends up on their front step. Duh.
  5. Atv - Snow Tires or Chains

    Consider putting a plow on that ATV and use it to knock off the tops of larger drifts as you drive, just enough to keep you going, and not getting hung up. Ice chains make an ATV surprisingly un-stoppable.
  6. Favorite Vacation Place

    BD2 - great input provided here by others. You need a goal, supporting strategies, and tactics. Write these out for yourself. Here is my story. I've got a 6 hour drive. So you do not just go to the cabin to cut the grass on Saturday. Like others stated, you have to make the stay worth the drive time. I usually travel the afternoon on Thursdays and return on Mondays, so three potential days of fishing. Fishing was my key goal. Someday, someday I will be able to stay an entire week. Over the years, I fished many of the larger lakes in MN, knowing that I would find a home lake someday as my strategy. When that happened, I went on a journey to find a home resort, cabin area, or housing area - this took 8 years. When that happened, it was to find the right lot, place, etc... this step took 4 years - yes I was patient. I love where I am at. Always, nearly always get the fish I am looking for. It is a challenge, somedays are skunkers; somedays are too breezy; somedays are too wet. I have great neighbors who are mostly from west-central MN up to Grand Forks type folks, very nice. When we setup, my neighbors both came to me and asked if it would be OK if they mowed my lawn since our front yards connected with one and our back yards connected with the other and they both have riding mowers that do good with "long runs." Yippie!!! So I end up controlling the weeds and applying very light fertilizer, and buying them each CENEX gift cards each year. So on goals - some folks want a fancy place, some want a large lot, some want water sports, some want fishing, some want specific species, some want a short drive, some want to be by their home neighbors. Every goal has a sacrifice too. Like as short drive might be costly and full of jet skis. Good luck with your endeavor!!!
  7. Unattended Lines?

    acz - Great story told there. I fish LOTW a lot and see this all the time. They come out of no where and are on you in a flash. At least they worked with you on canceling the ticket. They have pointed out and questioned me about unattended lines when outside my portable and give me "this is not legal" verbal warning. I had a ticket for failure to have the license number on my portable back when that was law. When I got back to shore, I noticed the license number was on the other side of the house. Called them and they tore up the ticket. I also failed to have a current license, i.e. out fishing March 1st last year. He told me to pull up my lines and not fish until I had a valid license. Called the wife at home and within fifteen minutes, i was back fishing with a photo of my new license. Thanks for sharing your story. The COs deal with a lot of people out there and I believe they are not perfect and are doing a pretty good job overall.
  8. Humminbird Ice 55 problem

    That was my first hunch. I would also check the ducer connection to make sure it is clean, dry, and tight. I run Vexilars and have had similar issues. Took the unit to the shop where they worked the cord coming out of the ducer, pulling outward and from side-to-side. They indicated that the sealant used often gets distorted and needs to be aligned - something about the positioning of the diodes. This may not be technically correct, but it works.
  9. Is there a home test for a regulator?

    Sounds like an orifice issue or frozen water (condensate) in the line, since there is enough pressure to get started, but not enough volume to maintain operation. After checking the orifices, one on the leading side of the regulator and one in the heater. Then with the house heated up, i.e. in heated garage or this spring, disconnect the line on both ends and blow out with compressed air.
  10. Engel orFrabill Aqua Life

    I have three Aqua Life units - used them when I had a wheel house since they were battery powered and had a 12 volt auxiliary cable. Pros - they kept the bait just fine. Cons - They are top heavy and tip over easily if not well secured; the air pump and battery compartment are fragile, prone to failure, had a couple replaced under warranty. Now with a cabin and deploying on sleds with portables, I use the three units to keep bait in the shed, powered by aquarium air pumps. Occasionally, I will take one out on the lake full of 8" suckers for pike fishing since they have more room than my 1.5 gal Frabill insulated bait buckets. I never heard of Engel before.
  11. First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    next wife tryouts
  12. Locking your fish house?

    The COs can be on you in an unexpected instant. I have experienced and seen this happen many times. Always be ready for them to knock on the door at anytime, without warning.
  13. Gbh - Late Season

    Great question. Yes - In the morning it would come over the tree tops across the street/hwy, loop around over the pond, then around the front of the house, loop around back, and eventually land. When disturbed, it could easily lift off, fly. I was a little concerned that it was still around. It sure seemed to be picking and plucking its feathers a lot. Maybe a juvenile, a late bloomer?
  14. Gbh - Late Season

    We have had this Great Blue Heron hanging around our yard, mostly around the dock area to feed since it was not froze over. Last spotted on Sunday afternoon. I am sure it has pushed on with the snow, wind, and drop in temps.
  15. Solar Heat Ice Fishing Shack

    A damper could be placed inline with the supply air duct to either mix outdoor air or recirculated return air, this is air going into the panel. Modulate that damper with an actuator that is controlled by a simple temp sensor and modulating control, i.e. 0-10v signal.