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  1. Winterizing temporary well setup

    Use a small, self priming electric pump, connected to a 20 ft piece of clear vinyl tubing down the vertical pipe and pump the pipe dry to 15 ft. Just thinking out loud here.....
  2. Winterizing temporary well setup

    Maybe drain the tank?
  3. Guide Daze

    Len - This was a very nice article. I enjoyed your writing style. Take care.
  4. Jackrabbit Mystery

    I have a place near Lake of the Woods and we always have some running around. They like to get in the headlights and run in the winter.
  5. Slug Season

    PF - Sorry to let you down. I see you are a slug expert!!!!
  6. Slug Season

    With all the moist and cool weather, the slugs are having a feast on our garden plants. My wife asked me to look over some plants that the insects were destroying. Upon inspection, this is what we found - slugs. The vegetables treated with slug bait were fine. It was the flowers, asters, marigolds, pole beans, etc. that were untreated and weakened by some hail were experiencing a slow death. Check this photo out of the slugs. These were white like extra large maggots. They are all treated and coming back strong.
  7. Spruce Trees

    Black Hills Spruce are doing very well with the clay and other competing trees in our yard. The Colorado Blues are doing OK with the soil, but they sure like space, air, and non-compete areas of full day sun.
  8. Spruce Trees

    From my experience, the primary killer of spruce trees is constantly wet ground. They need to be in well drained soil. Amend the soil if necessary or even plant into a hill to keep their feet dry.
  9. Got my gal a yak

    A family that yaks together - sticks together.
  10. Fresh air intake

    Anything gas operated consumes ambient air. Without some sort of outside air supply or free outdoor air, you are relying upon some leaks in the building envelope, without it, you will develop a negative indoor air pressure that will impact combustion and exhaust. Can be very dangerous. There is probably building code for this. In my house, this is a 4" flex duct with an outdoor air hood (and bird screen) and it lays on the floor between the gas fired furnace and gas water heater.
  11. Pork Belly Stinks

    Its like he is keeping it around like a dying plant..... LOL
  12. Sounds like you have a project and a plan. You are not too far from Rapid Marine in Ham Lake. They have done work for me many times and I'd recommend them to anyone.
  13. This is Baffling

    Maybe a rotten stump void that has become home to a critter....?
  14. Mr Red

    Little nut cracker.
  15. Windshield wiper motor

    Local salvage yard?