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  1. cranks that work well with a steel leader non rapala

    I think it is south bend that makes the invisi-leader. this is the only one I use but use it on large cranks and it works great.
  2. Some of those birds still making their way down the river. When ever they show up they decoy easily and we wack'em. goose count this week in the pit at 18. Jerky operation in full swing! With 6 guys hunting they get smart real fast and you have to be there at the right time. Birds still tough to pattern all the time but some days we get it right.
  3. With any luck at all the season will at least carry through the thanksgiving weekend. What a dissapointment to have so many fat greenies around and just have to whatch them go round and round. I did email Steve Cordts about this seasons dates.I think if hunters let them know that they would like the season through the thanksgiving weekend they are willing to listen. Who knows even make some adjustments. From deer hunting to right now is the best time to harvest these birds in my area. I'm not into swatting bugs and hunting tiny teal in sept. Like many of you I wait for this time.
  4. Ended the season on a low note, had to watch 2000-3000 mallards go round and round about a mile north of our field and was able to squeak out a half dozen a day for three days. Was fun to see them just would have liked to get a few more. Once the big swarm starts it's tough to pull them away. Let the late season goose hunting begin!
  5. Pounded some drakes yesterday, two had double curl one had triple curl. and yes, red legs. Imagine that.
  6. Took a couple of newbie kids hunting yesterday afternoon. We got started late cuz by 2:30 we had hundereds of mallards whizzing by over head. Spot I had would only work with a south wind and we had it. We ended up with 5 mallards and smiles all around. Still tons of mallards with a few divers showing up in my area.
  7. Still thousands of mallards from Sartell to elk river and into the cities. With things opening back up it will get weird for a bit and then It's gonna get good for the last weekend of hunting. If you like watching birds just scouting out there you will see lots of mallards at about 3:00 and then the geese come. Good luck finding ground to hunt most of it is locked up, it really sucks that way.
  8. Remember how late the winter was for many of these birds. Everyone I talk to says how many late colored birds there are. There was a 2-3 week delay in the nesting that is showing up in many places.
  9. Was deer hunting near Whitefish and saw very few divers which is crazy for this time of year with only two volleys of shots out there. It should have been loaded. Came back home and big numbers of mallards and geese moved in. All the ponds should freeze up and push them to the river. about 3000 geese and 15-1600 mallards in the elk River to big lake area. It's gonna be good till the end. Just wish I had a couple more fields to hunt instead of burning mine off.
  10. Thanks for the report Canopy, looking forward to all those birds moving south a bit. some divers showing up with mallards and lots of geese. Ponds are freezing up fast in the northwest counties out from the cities. I will be deer hunting mornings and duck hunting mid day as birds arrive and need a place to sit. Reports to follow.
  11. Did a diver hunt on Whitefish last Saturday and it was slim. We are a week or so early, only got three the one morning. Still waiting like everyone for the freeze up on the boarder. Saw a few geese and some mallards but no new birds coming yet.
  12. Same report I got. If you got ground down by DL I would head that way. Don't get any further east than Michigan.
  13. Crank trolling: hits vs. hookups

    With leadcore and 15ft of #10 fluorocarbon and a fast tip downrigger rod you hooking problems will disappear. I hook 95% of fish that hit, but slow it up to 2.0 or 2.2
  14. Lead core shad rap question

    My success rate with lead core really jumped when I calculated being 4 ft above any target fish I saw. Many times these open rangers do not want it in their faces. They like the underneath attack mode, and I have had fish follow lures and Then give the line a yank or do a crazy Ivan and wham they hit.
  15. It's funny how they react sometimes but what I think is going on is this. Small bunches of ducks are looking to hook up with larger flocks and larger flocks already have a field in mind, that's why the remotes are so effective. If I see a large flock of mallards (over 15) and they turn on us way out 1/2 mile or so as soon as they make the turn and head our way OFF go the MOJOs. Don't worry they see you and your goose decoys in the field. Then they do the roundy on you two or three time before they commit. It's a gas. Now if you don't have remotes in the state where absolutely nothing is allowed ie MN, run out and turn them off. we used to keep them close but that can screw things up to. When they are still way out movement doesn't bother them most of the time, it's weird.