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  1. Cooperman

    Uggh, Lug nuts

    Is this a lug nut wrench?....Maybe.
  2. Cooperman


    Threaded spaghetti hotdog bites. Simple, easy, and delicious. All you need is ketchup.
  3. Cooperman

    Just Food and Drink

    Yah, then wash it down with a High Life
  4. Cooperman

    Instant pot

    That is the same one I have, it’s only the two of us, so the 6 qt is perfect. If you have a large family you might want the 8 qt
  5. Cooperman


    It’s working now!
  6. Cooperman


    I’m using chrome on an iPad, and it’s not working fine?
  7. Cooperman

    Instant pot

    Who doesn’t enjoy a hot bowl of gruel out on the ice. I must have an older model, mine doesn’t have the ropes?
  8. Cooperman

    Instant pot

    I have one also, and love it. I have the 6 qt. There is so many recipes online for the instant pot and You Tube videos. It makes great easy peel hard boiled eggs in 5 min. My refried beans that would take 9 hrs in the slow cooker take 45 min. It cooks rice perfectly in minutes. This thing replaced my steamer, rice cooker, and crockpot. This is what I made for the Vikings game last Sunday, it was delicious.
  9. Cooperman

    Another speaker question

    I have a 4 channel car stereo, that I installed in my wheelhouse. I only hooked up 2 speakers, the 2 fronts. I’m not much of a music person, more for news/ weather. The problem is it sounds like dump, no bass, all treble. Is that because I don’t have the other 2 speaker connected? Can all the speakers be the same kind or does a different type speaker need to be connected to the other channels. don’t have much stereo knowledge, so any help would be appreciated.
  10. Cooperman

    New Ice House Frame

    Looking good Linster, keep us updated
  11. Cooperman

    Fish House Build

    Bum, nice looking house how did you fasten down the rubber floor? Adhesive, staples? Is it ripple free? thanks
  12. Rundrave, have you tried frying breaded or battered fish? And if so, how did it turn out thanks
  13. Cooperman

    Dumping Cable for Streaming

    I believe with Sling Blue, you can stream to 3 devices.
  14. Cooperman

    Dumping Cable for Streaming

    Del, I have an Amazon video app on my tv, and I can also cast it through my Roku
  15. Cooperman

    Dumping Cable for Streaming

    I have antenna (free) once you by the antenna, Amazon Prime (Chrome-cast) $99.00 per year. and SlingTV, $20.00 a month. That’s all I need.