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  1. otis32

    Venison Burger question

    I do 20lbs Venison and 5lbs bacon ends along with 2-3 lbs of high temp cheese. Great burgers!!!
  2. otis32

    What wheeled fish to BUY???

    Thanks guys! I have 2 kids in hockey for 1 more year. So maybe will get out twice this year. But next year I plan on every other weekend. And stay overnight in it. Probably only 2 nights at a time. As far as camper we use ours now on maybe 2 out of town trips. Other wise it stays at the in-laws cabin on rainy lake all summer. I only have 1/2 ton pickup and don't want to go to big with fish house. 16- 18 seem to be fine for the 4 of us in our family. I want to spend the money now and get one that will last a while!
  3. otis32

    What wheeled fish to BUY???

    Hi guys this is probably talked about a lot , what in your option the best 16'(or around that size) fish house/camper house out there. Fish lake of the woods mostly. Live in International falls. Thanks for any advice!! Good luck out there !!
  4. I wish we could have portable stands on wma's up north here. I have two young kids and man it sucks sitting up and taking stands down every day!!!! We have a lot of land and not many hunters! Not like down south where it is the other way! My two cents! Good luck everyone!
  5. Just bought a 223. for varmint hunting . Would you paint it or use that tape stuff to make it white?? thanks
  6. otis32

    pointing labs

    Can you post or tell me how to post Red and yellow pointing labs for sale? thanks have a good year.
  7. Any body else sick of the timber wolves?????????????? Man they can sure ruin a hunt in a hurry! Had deer coming in 1st weekend, 2nd weekend brought the kids and all we seen were BIG PUPPY DOG tracks!! I would like to hear from people what they think? this topic has proably been discussed a million times!???
  8. Looking at getting into varmint hunting, does anybody have any info to share? thanks and good luck!
  9. otis32

    Deer Scent?

    Does anybody have any input on using deer scent?? I have been using it for yrs, but i was in the store the other day and was surprised on how many different brands and price range. Does it matter? thanks
  10. otis32

    come- here deer

    Talked to a C.O. today not a happy guy when asked that question! No it is not legal. good luck to everybody this year and stay safe!
  11. Can u use any of this attractant type stuff. A sales person told me it was all ok to use. I that it couldn't have any food in it??????????? what do u guys think??
  12. Hey guys, Been taking the kids out goose hunting, had good luck 1st day. Only had 6 shells out for decoys and 3 lay out blinds. 2 flocks came rt in. a lot of local birds. 2nd time out added 6 floaters to the spread and my robo duck. WHAT A MISTAKE!!More northern birds had moved down, and they were coming over in groups of 30 or more , they wouldn 't even give us a look! 3rd time added 8 bigfoots with 6 shells , took away duck and floaters. had 30 come in they came down a little but didn't come in. had 3 come by and 1 circled 3 times but couldn 't get my 9 yr old a shot. Ok question is do these birds get that smart that fast after being shot at on the same field. we live in i falls and there isn't a lot of farm land to hunt . I thought i had the best field around! What should we try?
  13. Has any body heard when the D.U. event is international falls? I heard it was Sept 22. We had a blast there last year! they had 20 guns and a bunch for the kids too.
  14. otis32

    Stands on WMA

    I see everybodys views or points. I just think up north where there is a lot more land and a lot less people it makes a lot more sense and SAFER WHEN YOU HAVE 2 YOUNG KIDS TO SET UP ALSO. Like I said draw a line east to west and we can do it up north and you guys can do what you want to do down south! Is there anybody up North here that disagrees???????????????????????????????
  15. I was just reading a Outdoor News paper, sounds like they might finally let people leave stands up on WMA!! I think this is a GREAT IDEA!!! I know a lot of pople don't. But it would make life a lot easier up north here!! I can see if it's a small piece of land where there might be trouble, but they should say if it"s a 80 ac. or bigger u can. Or draw a line from Thief River Falls north???? Just my 2 cents!! good luck and take a kid with u!!